Guardians to know

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  1. Charon
    Takes souls accross the river of Ancheron
  2. Minos
    (Circle 2)
    A monster who stands at the front of an endless line of sinners, assigning them to their torments
  3. Cerberus
    (Circle 3)
    3 headed dog who guards the underworld
  4. Plutus
    (circle 4)
    • the guardian of the miserly and prodigal
    • (god of wealth)
  5. Phlegyas
    (circle 5)
     ferryman along the styx river
  6. The Furies
    (circle 6)
    • Magera, Tisiphone, Alecton
    • (half woman half serpent)
    • Guards the gate before Dis
  7. Harpies
    (circle 7.2)
    Foul creatires that are half woman half bird
  8. Minotaur
    (circle 7.1)
    Guards the egde of the 1st ring of the 7th circle
  9. Satan
    (Last Circle of Hell)
    • Frozen in ice and helps punish the sinners
    • (eats 3 souls forever)
  10. Cacus
    (circle 8)
    Guard of thebes with a dragon on his back
  11. Chiron
    (circle 7.1)
    • (the leader of the Centaurs)
    • guard the first ring of circle 7
  12. Nimrod
    (cirlce 8.3)
    A gainst who speaks gibberish, who helped build the Tower of Babel and brought the confusion of different languauges to the world
  13. Geryon
    ( 7th circle, 3rd ring, 3rd Zone)
    Monster who transports Dante and Virgil down to the 8th cirlce on his back
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