Sins and Punishments

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  1. Circle 1: Virtuous Paganshad
    • to desire to be with God
    • (cant go to heaven)
  2. Circle 2: Lustful
    trapped in a whirlwind
  3. Circle 3: Gluttons
    Dirty rain and snow/ harsh weather
  4. Circle 4: Hoarders and Wasters
    Constantly pushed weights
  5. Circle 5: Wrathful and Sullen
    fought with one another; choked on mud
  6. Circle 6: Heretics
    buried in tombs on fire
  7. Circle 7, Part 1: Violent Against Each Other
    put in boiling blood
  8. Circle 7 Part 2: Violent Against Self
    turn into trees, wood of suicides
  9. Circle 7 Part 3: Violent Against Government/Nature/Art/God
    desert of burning sand
  10. Circle 8 Part 1: Panderers and Seducers
  11. Circle 8 Part 2: Flatterers
    submerged in excrement
  12. Circle 8 Part 3: Simoniacs
    upside down in baptismal fonts with their feet on fire
  13. Circle 8 Part 4: Fortune Tellers
    Heads on backwards
  14. Circle 8 Part 5: Grafters
    boiling pitch
  15. Circle 8 Part 6: Hypocrites
    wear heavy cloaks made of iron inside but golden on the outside)
  16. Circle 8 Part 7: Thieves
    pursued and bitten by snakes, and they morph into strange creatures
  17. Circle 8 Part 8: Deceivers
    concealed within flames
  18. Circle 8 Part 9: Discord
    (repeteadly cut and mutilated by a demon with a sword
  19. Circle 8 Part 10: Falsifiers
    disease and plague
  20. Circle 9 Part 1: Caina
    traitors of family (immersed in ice up to their face, they look down)
  21. Circle 9 part 2: Antenora
    traitors of country (immersed in ice up to their face, they look forward)
  22. Circle 9 Part 3: Tolomea
    traitors of guests (immersed in ice up to their face, they look up)
  23. Cirlce 9 Part 4: Giudecca
    traitors of benefactors (totally immersed in ice)
  24. Satan
    Brutus and Cassius are chown by the three mouths of Lucifer

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