Nervous System 1

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  1. Brain, Spinal cord, nerves and specialized sensory organs (eyes and ears)
    Organs of the Nervous System contain:
  2. Central Nervous System (CNS)Peripheal Nervous System (PNS)
    Two main Divisions of the Nervous System are
  3. Central Nervous System
    Brain and spinal cord
  4. Peripheal Nervous System
    Nerves that connect the other body parts
  5. Autonomic Nervous System
    • A subdivision of the perphieal nervous system that regulates the body's automatic functions
    • (heart rate, stomach and intestine contractions and secretion by glands)
  6. Types of Cells
    Neurons and Glia
  7. Neurons
    Nerve cells
  8. Glia
    Specialized connective tissues
  9. Conduct impulses
  10. Supports Neurons
  11. Cell body, Dendrities and Axon
    Each Neuron consist of three parts :
  12. Direction in which they transmit impulses
    The three neurons are classified according to the...
  13. Sensory Neurons
    Transmit impulses to the spinal cord and brain farom all parts of the body
  14. Afferent neurons
    Sensor Neurons are also called
  15. Motor Neurons
    Transmit impulses from brain and spinal cord to only two types of  tissue muscle adn glandular epithelial tissue
  16. Efferent neurons
    Motor neurons are also called....
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