Nervous System 2

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  1. Interneurons
    Conduct impulses from sensory neurons to motor neurons
  2. Central or Connecting Neurons
    Interneurons are also called
  3. Axon
    The ____ is surrounded by myelin (white fatty substance)
  4. Myelin
    The axon is surrounded by___
  5. Myelinated Fibers
    Fibers with myelin are called
  6. Unmyelinated fibers
    Fibers without myelin are called
  7. Neurilemma
    The outer cell membrane of a Schwann cell is called the
  8. Neurilemma
    Axons in the brain and spinal cord have no
  9. Neurilemma
    plays a essential role in the regeneration of cut or injured axons
  10. glia
    Means glue
  11. Glimo
    One of the most common types of brain tumors
  12. Bipolar neurons
    Are found in the eyes, nose adn ears
  13. Unipolar Neurons
    Found in ganglia outside of the CNS
  14. Multipolar Neurons
    Found in the brain and spinal cord
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