Nervous System 3

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  1. Synapse
    Place  where an impulse is transmitted from one neuron to another
  2. 17-18 inches long
    The Spinal cord is
  3. Spinal cord
    • Lies within the spinal cavity
    • Extends from occipital bone to first lumbar vertebra
  4. H shaped
    The ___ core consist of gray matter and columns of white matter from the outer portions
  5. Meninges
    The brain and spinal cord are covered with a tough, fluid containing a membrane called
  6. the bone
    The Meninges are surrounded by....
  7. Dura mater, Pia mater and Arachnoid
    3 layers of the spinal meninges
  8. Dura
    Tough outer layer
  9. Pia
    Innermost layer
  10. Arachnoid
    Between the dura and the pia mater
  11. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSP)
    Fluid fills the subrachnoid and arachoid in the brain and spinal cord

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Nervous System 3
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