Passengers and Household Goods

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  1. What publication provides guidance and procedures for arranging official transportation of Air Force personnel for issuing and processing travel documents, and for tracking travel costs?
    AFI 24-101, Passenger Movement
  2. What publication prescribes policies and procedures and assigns responsibilities for DOD activities to perform traffic management functions?
    DOD 4500.9R, Part I, Passenger Movement
  3. What agency inputs and maintains AMC flights in the "system" (GATES)?
    AMC Passenger Reservation Center (PRC)
  4. CTO Services:
    • Provides official commercial travel reservations and ticketing
    • Routes all travelers in accordance with the DOD's order of precedence for travel
    • Collects and reports statistical data to HQ USTRANSCOM for forecasting needs
  5. The CTO may make official travel arrangements on AMC category B flights using GATES only if...
    the contract specifies
  6. DOD's Order of Precendence:
    1. AMC Category B or M
    2. Scheduled commercial GSA city pair
    3. Other CRAF carriers
    • 4. DOD approved non-CRAF US flag carriers
    • 5. Scheduled service on US flag carriers that are neither DOD approved or disapproved
    • 6. DOD approved foreign flag carriers
    • 7. Scheduled service on foreign flag carriers that are neither DOD approved or disapproved
  7. Ensure the CTO provides the least costly service to meet government requirements through a check of generally
    10 percent or more of the tickets issued each month
  8. Quality assurance of the Bank of America reconciliation process for centrally billed accounts is outline in
    AFI 24-101
  9. Ensure the US government is not charged for returned or unused tickets at the end of
    each 30-day ticketing period
  10. Basic steps of customer service counseling:
    1. Examine travel orders
    2. Determine entitlement
    3. Determine probable mode of travel
    • 4. Brief member on requirements (tickets etc.)
    • 5. Set up appointments for any additional briefings
  11. With Air Travel, you will find that the rate is higher, but when you consider savings of...
    productive time, per diem costs, cost of meals etc.
  12. You should use military aircraft whenever possible, and you must use them when...
    it is indicated in the travel orders.
  13. Travelers will never use bus transportation for overnight travel due to the lack of
    sleeping facilities
  14. Water travel class of travel is usually one of four principal classes:
    • 1. First class (stateroom)
    • 2. Second class (cabin)
    • 3. Third class (tourist)
    • 4. Fourth class (dormitory-type quarters)
  15. The TMF has several guides available for use when routing passengers:
    • Motor Coach Guide
    • Official Bus Guide
    • Official Airlines Guide
    • Federal Travel Directory
  16. The most expensive category of travel is
    Category Z - seat bought from the commercial carrier on their regularly scheduled flights
  17. Frequent flyer program benefits:
    members may keep points or miles, upgrades, or access to carrier clubs or facilities for personal use.
  18. First class air travel is only used when:
    • Authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force
    • It is the only class offered btwn duty stations
    • Travel in the CONUS is at night, offsetting savings in per diem
    • Travel is foreign military sales
  19. This is travel on commercial aircraft when the ticket is purchased individually using the government rates.
    Commercial Category Z
  20. A member returning from an overseas area must submit a request for circuitous travel at least (blank) days before the intended departure to the local TMF, through MPF.
    120 days
  21. What agency determines the rate favorable points where space-required travel is authorized, annotates the letter with cost comparison figures, and approves or disapproves the request?
  22. TMF provides the local MPF with the following information to place on the PCS travel orders:
    Normal route
    Approved circuitous route and mode
    • Points between which transportation is authorized at government expense
    • Constructive travel time by the normal direct route
    • Travel time in excess of the normal route is chargeable as ordinary leave
  23. For group travel, TMF must prepare an Application for Routing and forward it to SDDC at least (blank) hours prior to the proposed movement date.
    72 hours
  24. Who chooses how human remains will be shipped?
    Air Force commander of an overseas area where a death occurs
  25. Blanket TDY orders authorizes members to make frequent trips within a geographical limit and does not expire upon return but remains in effect until
    expiration by the time limit or automatic cancellation
  26. Invitational TDY orders are issued for the travel of exchange officers, NAF personnel, retired military personnel performing Air Force duties,
    guest speakers, and individuals who are not employees of the government.
  27. Dependents are authorized travel to the member's location. If they travel more than (blank) after the member's RNLTD, then the approving authority creates (blank)
    1 year, separate dependent orders
  28. What is the official guidance for IBA, CBA, and Unit cards?
    AFI 24-101
  29. The TMF and CTO will have reconciliation completed and certified within (blank) days after the invoice is date-stamped.
    10 calendar days
  30. The unit card is intended for use in certain group travel situations such as:
    • USAFA Football team
    • Bands
    • Presidential crews
    • Air Force Academy athletic team
  31. DD Form 730 is used for
    • Unused Meal Tickets
    • Unused GTRs
  32. Steps to make a reservation in GATES:
    • 1. View mission availability
    • 2. Input the passenger information
    • 3. Book the passenger reservation
    • 4. View tariff rates
    • 5. Generate a UCN
    • 6. Seat mapping
  33. This publication applies only to foreign service personnel (foreign military, foreign diplomats)
    JTR, Volume 3
  34. The publication prescribes policies and procedures and assigns responsibilities for DOD activities. Contents are about cargo movements issues and moving personal property through the DTS.
    DOD 4500.9R, Part II, Cargo Movement
  35. Published by SDDC,  these volumes provide information needed to consign personal property shipments to a particular installation and country.
    PPCIG Vol I, and II
  36. PCS Weight Allowance for:
    E-5 with dependents
    E-5 without dependents
    • 9000
    • 7000
  37. PCS Weight Allowance for:
    E-3 with dependents
    E-3 without dependents
    • 8000
    • 5000
  38. UB Weight Allowance for:
    17 y/o
    12 y/o
    • 800
    • 600
    • 350
    • 350
    • Equals 2100
  39. Single and unaccompanied members assigned OCONUS can ship normal UB by air or (blank) of their full JFTR by surface
    10 percent
  40. E-1 through E-4, with less than 2 years can ship UB
    700 lbs
  41. When shipping a POV, vehicles that are modified to be "low-riders" must have at least
    6 inches clearance from the ground to prevent damage to POV
  42. Modified vehicles must not have lift kits in excess of
    3 inches
  43. If your POV is oversized, the government will move that POV; however the member must pay all excess costs...
    up front.
  44. Motorcycles may be shipped as household goods if all hazardous materials are removed. This includes:
    • disconnecting the battery
    • draining the fuel and oil
  45. Personally performed move constructed cost includes:
    • Maximum packing
    • Baseline charge
    • Additional shipment charge
    • Additional transportation charge
  46. Storage after the first (blank) for up to (blank) may be authorized by the traffic management officer if, for reasons beyond the member's control, the member cannot take possession of the HHG.
    180 days; 270 days
  47. Dependents can sign the DD Form 1299 when the member is Army or Air Force personnel, and
    the dependent has travel authorization to or from overseas.
  48. The dependent may apply for shipment without the member's POA or LOA, provided the shipment is to
    the member's new duty station or the property is being placed in NTS.
  49. Dependents can also sign the DD Form 1299 when the member is Navy, CG, or Marine Corps when the following condition exist:
    The member is currently assigned to the overseas duty station
  50. For GBL correction notice-who makes the alterations or corrections without the issuing officer's authorization?
    The consignee, without the issuing officer's authorization
  51. Using the AF Form 9, what services would be authorized payment for local moves?
    Drayage to and from base housing is an example
  52. DD Form 1671 is prepared in 4 copies:
    • Copy 1 is submitted to HQ SDDC
    • Copy 2 is forwarded to the paying finance
    • Copy 3 is forwarded to origin TMF;CPF
    • Copy 4 is maintained in a reweigh file
  53. Constructive weight for household goods is:
    Constructive weight for UB is:
    Constructive weight for PBP&E is:
    • HHG - 7 lbs per cubic foot
    • UB - 11 lbs per cubic foot
    • PBP&E - 40 lbs per cubic foot
  54. What codes of service requires a DD Form 1384, TCMD?
    • Codes 5, J, T
    • because they move through military ports
  55. What 2 factors are used when computing charges for a domestic shipment?
    • 1. net weight
    • 2. mileage from origin to destination
  56. The free waiting time for a distance less than 200 miles is
    1 hour of free waiting time
  57. If household goods can be delivered to the residence, what 2 costs can be eliminated?
    • 1. cost of storage
    • 2. all associated handling charges
  58. If a carrier fails to trace a shipment, the destination TO may request what action from the origin TO?
    Immediate suspension
  59. Continued refusals of storage by the low-cost contractor could result in what action by the RSMO?
  60. All orders for services are issued by the using activity on DD Form 1164 and furnished to the contractor (blank) on which the services are to be performed?
    Prior to the date, the services are to be performed
  61. Service orders that affect the lot after the initial service order (partial or complete withdrawals) are known as
    Supplemental service orders
  62. The data taken to prepare the DD Form 1164 comes from 2 basic source documents:
    • 1. member's orders
    • 2. DD Form 1299
  63. The quarterly invoice for storage reflects what 3 costs?
    • Monthly storage rate
    • Initial quarter cost
    • Full quarter cost
  64. In the ECAF process, who updates the member's personal information?
    DFAS Denver
  65. Who initially notifies the member of excess costs?
  66. If the remission of the debt is not approved, then the member has what last option?
    BCMR-Board of Corrections of Military Records
  67. The government pays the reweigh fee for shipments weighing (blank) or less and the initial net scale weight minus the reweigh scale weight is less than (blank).
    5000 lbs; 100 lbs
  68. The TMF notifies the RSMO by telephone and requests that a pre-award survey of the carrier's facilities and equipment be scheduled. This request is followed up with how many days by a written request?
    10 working days
  69. If the problem with the facilities has not been corrected beyond 30 days of notification, what actions are taken?
    The letter of intent (LOI) is returned to the home office of the carrier
  70. Those agents of DOD-approved carriers who offer containerized service must maintain a mobile lifting device capable of handling a
    minimum of 4,000 lbs at 24-inch center
  71. In a carrier's office how many employees are required when more than three DOD-approved carriers are represented?
    4, 1-3 and one additional
  72. What is an example of a SDDC award?
    Excellence in traffic management of the year
  73. What are the 4 categories of Transportation Awards?
    • MAJCOM awards
    • SDDC awards
    • NDTA awards
    • Air Force awards
  74. Who is the contact for LRS CACRL issues?
    Equipment management element of the management and systems flight
  75. Who is in the best position to make budget forecasts?
    Cost center
  76. What is the first step in preparing a financial plan?
    Review a past history of cost expenditures
  77. What financial committee is composed of middle managers and RAs?
    Financial working group (FWG)
  78. The FMB (senior host commander) convenes at the call of the chairman at least
    once each fiscal quarter
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