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    • Cranium
    • Skull - head
  1. Maxilla
    Upper jaw
  2. Mandible
    Lower jaw
  3. Clavicle
    Collar bone
  4. Scapula
    Shoulder blade
  5. Sternum
    Middle chest bone
  6. Humerus
    Large upper arm bone
  7. Vertebra
  8. Ulna
    Arm bone
  9. Radius
    Arm bone that goes to thumb
  10. Sacrum
    Low back bone
  11. Coccyx
    Tail bone
  12. Ischium
    Lower butt looks like eye glasses
  13. Pubis
    Front lower bone
  14. Carpals
  15. Metacarpal
    Palm area if hand
  16. Phalanges
    Fingers and toes
  17. Femur
    Main leg bone. Largest bone in body.
  18. Patella
    Knee cap
  19. Tibia
  20. Fibula
    Smaller leg bone
  21. Tarsals
  22. Metatarsal
  23. Osteoclast
    Bone removing cells
  24. Osteoblast
    Bone forming cells
  25. Epiphysis
    The ends of developing bone.
  26. Diaphysis
    The shaft of a long bone.
  27. Condyle
    The round ball part of bone that makes a.joint hinge or articulate.
  28. Crest
    Ridge in bone
  29. Fissure
    Slit-like opening
  30. Foramen
    Opening in a bone for blood vessles, ligaments, and nerves.
  31. Fossa
    Shallow depression in or on bone
  32. Head
    Rounded end of bone
  33. Meatus
    Tube like passage
  34. Process
    Enlargement or protrusion of a bone
  35. Sinus
    Air cavity within certain bones
  36. Spine
    Pointed sharp slender process (protrusion if bone)
  37. Sulcus
    Groove, furrow, depression, or fissure
  38. Trochanter
    Either of the 2 bony projections below the neck of the femur.
  39. ACL
    Anterior cruciate ligament
  40. C1, C2, C3
    Cervical vertebra, first, second, third
  41. Ca
  42. CDH
    Congenital dislocation of hip
  43. CRP
    C-reactive protein blood test
  44. DJD
    Degenerative joint disease
  45. Fx
  46. L1, L2, L3
    1 2 3 lumbar vertebrae
  47. LAC
    Long arm cast
  48. LLC
    Long leg cast
  49. LLCC
    Long leg cylinder cast
  50. NSAIDs
    Nonsteroidal anti-inflamitory drug
  51. OA
  52. ORTHO
  53. RA
    Rheumatoid arthritis
  54. ROM
    Range of motion
  55. T1 T2 T 3
    Thoracic vertebrae
  56. TMJ
    Temporomandibular joint
  57. TNF
    Tumor necrosis factor
  58. Tx
  59. Joint
    Is an articulation, 2 bone connect and move.
  60. Diarthrotic joint
    Bends in different directions
  61. Acetabulum
    • Acetabul - hip socket
    • -um is structure or tissue
    • Cup-shaped socket where femur fits
  62. Acroarthritis
    • Acr/o is extremity
    • Arthr is joint
    • -itis is inflammation
    • Inflammation of the joints of the hand or foot
  63. Achondroplasia
    • A- is without
    • Chondr/o is cartilage
    • -plasia is formation
    • Defect in the formation of cartilage at the epiphyses of long bone
  64. Acromion
    • Acr is extremity
    • Omion is shoulder
    • Piont of the shoulder that articulates (moves) with the girls clavicle
  65. Ankylosis
    • Ankyl is stiffening or crooked
    • -osis is condition
    • Abnormal condition of stiffening of a joint

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