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  1. achieve
    "to succeed in reaching a particular goal
  2. I wonder if Mark will eventually achieve the career he is dreaming of.
  3. affordable
    not too expensive
  4. affordable prices
  5. ancient
    belonging to a period of history that is thousands of years in the past
  6. Socrates lived in ancient Athens.
  7. associated (with)
    "if one thing is associated with another
  8. The town council are trying to find solutions to the problemsassociated with rush hour traffic.
  9. attack
    to use violence to try to hit or kill sb
  10. attitude
    the way that you think and feel about sb/sth
  11. audience
    the group of people who have gathered to watch or listen to sth
  12. Many actors prefer live audiences to acting in front of a camera.
  13. average
  14. An average car costs much less than a Mercedes.
  15. aware (of)
  16. He wasn?t aware of the danger and almost got killed.
  17. background
    "the part of a picture
  18. a photo with the sunset in the background
  19. battle
    "a fight between armies
  20. box-office success
    a film that many people have been to see
  21. break up
    to separate into smaller pieces
  22. "(broke
  23. breakthrough
    an important development that may lead to an agreement or achievement
  24. a major breakthrough in medical research
  25. breathtaking
    "very exciting
  26. breathtaking views
  27. budget
    the money that is available to a person or an organisation in order to do sth
  28. "Our budget for our summer holidays is about 2
  29. cast
    all the people who act in a play or film
  30. "?Titanic? had an exceptional cast
  31. i Can be used either with a singular or plural verb.
  32. combination
    two or more things joined
  33. The accident was caused by a combination of dangerous driving and bad luck.
  34. comment
    expressing an opinion about sth
  35. The minister said he had no comment to make about the incident.
  36. concentration
    the ability to direct your attention towards one thing
  37. You have to use all your powers of concentration when you take a listening test.
  38. consist (of)
    "to be made up of
  39. "Your composition should consist of an introduction
  40. construct
    "to build a road
  41. The Rio Antorio suspension bridge was constructed in 2004.
  42. corridor
    a long narrow passage in a building
  43. create
    to make sth happen or exist
  44. The pupils created some beautiful paintings in their art class.
  45. crew
    a group of people with special skills working together
  46. a film crew
  47. demonstrate
    to show and explain how sth works or how to do sth
  48. Mr Ferris demonstrated how the computer program worked and explained several details.
  49. detail
    the small facts or features of sth
  50. "When they returned
  51. determined
    "having a strong desire to do sth
  52. John is determined to win the first prize in the next school chess competition.
  53. do (sth) for a living
    do to earn the money to pay your expenses
  54. What does John do for a living?
  55. documentary
    a film or TV programme giving facts about sth
  56. BBC documentaries on wildlife are very interesting and educational.
  57. "draw a conclusion (drew
  58. The authorities are carefully studying the accident in order todraw conclusions about road safety on highways.
  59. end up
    to find yourself in a place/situation that you do not want to be in
  60. He started stealing when he was only ten years old and at 15 he ended up in prison.
  61. epic
    "a long film or book that contains a lot of action
  62. epic-scale
  63. feature film
    "the main film you go to see at the cinema
  64. figure
    the shape of a person
  65. Can you see those two figures in the distance?
  66. find out
    "to get some information about sth/sb by asking
  67. "(found
  68. flat
    "a set of rooms for living in
  69. Do you live in a house or a flat?
  70. fool
    to trick sb into believing sth that is not true
  71. "Alice pretended she was sorry
  72. frequently
    very often
  73. "In the summer
  74. generate
    to produce or create sth
  75. This device burns any kind of paper and generates heat.
  76. generous
    ready to give or share things with other people
  77. get involved in (sth)
    to give a lot of time or attention to sb/sth
  78. "Fran had a lot of free time at the weekends
  79. get rid of
    to throw sth away
  80. gist
    the main or general meaning of a piece of writing
  81. guy
    (informal) a man
  82. At the end of the film the bad guy gets shot.
  83. handful (of)
    a small number of people or things
  84. "It will be a quiet gathering
  85. hey presto
    people sometimes say ?hey presto? when they have just done sth so quickly and easily that it seems to have been done by magic
  86. "The magician put the ribbons into the hat and
  87. highlight
    to emphasise
  88. hill
    "an area of land that is higher than the land around it
  89. image
    "a picture of sb/sth seen in a mirror
  90. Make sure the image is clear before you take a picture.
  91. imagination
    the ability to create pictures in your mind
  92. I never said I would give you any money ? it?s all in yourimagination!
  93. i Do not confuse imaginative (a person who has a lot of imagination) with imaginary (a person or thing that exists only in one?s imagination).
  94. impact (on)
    the powerful effect that sth has on sb/sth
  95. the impact of tourism on a country?s economy
  96. important
    of great value
  97. It?s important that students do not miss classes.
  98. impression
    an opinion
  99. What?s your impression of the new English teacher?
  100. in their own right
    because of their own merit or value
  101. inexpensive
    not costing a lot of money
  102. We stayed at a small inexpensive hotel.
  103. instantly
  104. Be careful ? this rat poison is so dangerous that it could kill you instantly!
  105. landscape
    everything you can see when you look across a large area of land
  106. logistic
    that is connected to the organisation necessary to make a complicated plan successful
  107. i Also logistical (adj)
  108. luxurious
    very comfortable and expensive
  109. a luxurious hotel
  110. manipulation
    connected with the ability to handle objects skilfully
  111. mark
    to be a sign that sth new is going to happen
  112. This speech may mark a change in government policy.
  113. match
    "to be equal
  114. matter
    to be important or have an important effect on sb/sth
  115. "It doesn?t matter if you?re late
  116. meanwhile
    in the period of time between two times or two events
  117. "I?ll pop to the shops for some groceries. Meanwhile
  118. multiply
    to increase or make sth increase very much in number or amount
  119. notice
    to see or hear sb/sth; to become aware of sb/sth
  120. Did you notice Megan?s new haircut?
  121. on the part of
    made or done by somebody
  122. It was a mistake on the part of our secretary.
  123. option
    sth that you can choose to have or do
  124. You have two options to choose from: French or Spanish.
  125. ordinary
  126. ordinary people like you and me
  127. outdo
    to do more or better than sb else
  128. "(outdid
  129. passionately
    in a way that shows strong feelings of enthusiasm for sth or belief in sth
  130. Josh is passionately involved in computer games ? he spends many hours in front of the screen.
  131. pick
    to choose
  132. Pick whichever colour you like best.
  133. plug (sth) into
    to connect a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity or to another piece of electrical equipment
  134. Your hairdryer won?t work ? you haven?t plugged it into the socket!
  135. position
    the way in which sb is sitting or standing
  136. "To do this exercise
  137. practically
  138. The theatre was practically empty.
  139. produce
    "to be in charge of preparing a film
  140. "The film didn?t cost much to produce
  141. promotion
    advertising used to increase the sales of a product
  142. publicity
    attention from the media
  143. There was a lot of publicity for the film ?The Lord of the Rings?.
  144. quality
    how good or bad sth is
  145. These shoes are expensive because the leather they are made of is really good quality.
  146. recognisable
    easy to identify
  147. Their house is easily recognisable ? it?s painted bright green.
  148. red tape
    official rules that seem more complicated than necessary and prevent things from being done quickly
  149. "When we decided to move our shop to a new location
  150. require
    to need
  151. Driving a car requires extreme concentration.
  152. revolution (in)
    "a great change in conditions
  153. The Internet brought about a revolution in communication.
  154. reward
    a thing that you are given because you have done sth good or worked hard
  155. a reward for good behaviour
  156. satisfying
    giving pleasure
  157. a satisfying job
  158. scene
    "a part of a film
  159. Action scenes in ?James Bond? movies are really spectacular.
  160. search (for)
    to look for
  161. shade
    "the dark areas in a picture
  162. i Shade can also mean a particular form of a colour
  163. shoot
    to make a film or photograph of sth
  164. "(shot
  165. skilled
    "having enough ability
  166. Skilled workers are hard to find these days.
  167. socialise (with)
    to go out with people and have fun
  168. soldier
    "a member of an army
  169. special effects
    "unusual or exciting pieces of action in films or TV programmes
  170. speed
    the rate at which sb/sth moves or travels
  171. The accident happened because the car was going at topspeed.
  172. speed up
    to make sth move or happen faster
  173. "If you are going to finish that job by the end of the day
  174. strange
    unusual or surprising
  175. That?s a very strange pen; where did you find it?
  176. suggest
    "to state sth indirectly
  177. "I?m sorry
  178. suitable
    right for a particular purpose
  179. take up
    to use time or space for an activity
  180. "(took
  181. time-consuming
    taking a lot of time
  182. "a time-consuming task
  183. tool
    a thing that helps you to do your job or to achieve sth
  184. "Language can be a very powerful tool
  185. traditional
    following older methods and ideas rather than modern or different ones
  186. traditional methods of teaching
  187. triumph
    "a great success
  188. Judy?s master?s degree was certainly a personal triumph.
  189. unwilling
    not wanting to do sth and refusing to do it
  190. I can?t explain why Luke?s so unwilling to help Miranda.
  191. variety
    a number of different types of the same thing
  192. Have you tried that new variety of ice cream called ?Red Fruits??
  193. visual effects
    "unusual or exciting pictures
  194. vivid
    "(of sb?s imagination) able to form pictures of ideas
  195. whole
  196. He spent the whole day writing.
  197. wire
    a piece of metal in the form of thin thread that is used to carry an electric current or signal
  198. work
    to have the result or effect you want
  199. My plan worked.
  200. a long way
    far away
  201. a night out
    an evening that you spend enjoying yourself away from home
  202. I prefer a night out at a dance club to going to the cinema.
  203. appropriate
  204. I don?t think it is appropriate to wear jeans to a funeral.
  205. be in the way
    to block or stop sb from moving or doing sth
  206. The traffic warden told us to move our car because it was in the way.
  207. break the bank
    spend more money than you can afford
  208. by the way
    phrase used for adding sth to the conversation
  209. complaint
    the act of stating reasons for not being satisfied with sth
  210. "On the whole
  211. excited
    feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm
  212. The children were excited about opening their presents.
  213. find your way
    to find the right route to a place
  214. "If you can?t find your way to my office
  215. get by
    to manage to live using the money you have
  216. "(got
  217. get my own way
    "to get or do what you want
  218. Young children become very upset when they can?t get their own way.
  219. give (sb) a ring
    to phone sb
  220. go out of my way
    to make a special effort to do sth
  221. Please don?t go out of your way to prepare something special for lunch; a quick snack will do.
  222. host family
    a family that has people staying at their house
  223. ignore
    to deliberately pay no attention to sth you know about
  224. Ignore the details and concentrate on the main ideas.
  225. let (sb) know
    "inform sb
  226. look forward to
    to be thinking with pleasure about sth that is going to happen
  227. The whole family was looking forward to our trip to Disneyland!
  228. make (sb) feel at home
    to make sb feel comfortable
  229. mention
    to write or speak about sth without giving much information
  230. Don?t even mention his name. I hate him!
  231. on my way
    during the journey
  232. "On your way home
  233. request
    to ask for sth in a polite way
  234. request a brochure from a travel agency
  235. sights
    interesting places in a town or city
  236. I?m looking forward to going to Rome and seeing all thesights.
  237. similar
    like sb/sth but not exactly the same
  238. We are good friends with Vicky mainly because we havesimilar interests.
  239. vegetarian
    a person who does not eat meat or fish
  240. wait around
    "to wait without doing very much
  241. The actors had to wait around for an hour before the director arrived.
  242. waste
    to use more of sth than necessary
  243. Don?t waste time watching TV all evening ? get on with your homework!
  244. apparently
    it seems to be
  245. atmosphere
    the feeling or mood that you have in a particular place or situation
  246. The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and personal service.
  247. attention
    "special care
  248. Newborn babies need all our attention.
  249. blanket
    a large woollen cover for a bed
  250. care
    the process of caring for sb/sth and providing what they need
  251. consider
    to think about sth carefully
  252. I?m considering giving up my job and going to live in the countryside.
  253. development
    a new event or stage that is likely to affect what happens in a continuing situation
  254. The article presents the latest developments in education.
  255. due (to)
    arranged or expected
  256. We are due to start our French lessons next week.
  257. exhausted
    very tired
  258. flatmate
    a person who shares a flat with someone else
  259. focus (on)
    to give attention to one particular thing or subject
  260. It?s Ken?s last year of studies so he should focus on his final exams.
  261. generation
    a stage in the development of a product
  262. give (sb) a lift
    to take sb to a place by car
  263. go to the trouble
    to try hard to help sb
  264. You don?t need to go to the trouble of making up a bed ? I?ll sleep on the sofa.
  265. hand in
    to give sth to sb in authority
  266. "When do we have to hand in our compositions
  267. hold
    to carry sth
  268. "(held
  269. hug
    to put your arms around sb and hold them tightly
  270. interact
    "to communicate with sb
  271. Games help children learn how to interact with each other.
  272. laptop
    a small computer that can work with a battery and be easily carried
  273. library
    "a building in which collections of books
  274. lie-in
    when you stay in bed longer than normal in the morning
  275. I thought I?d have a lie-in this morning as there?s no school today.
  276. manner
    the way that sth is done or happens
  277. move in
    to start to live in your new home
  278. We need to make some repairs to the house before we move in.
  279. move over
    to change your position in order to make room for sb
  280. Do you mind moving over a bit to make room for another chair at the table?
  281. nursery
    a place where small children are cared for while their parents are at work
  282. observe
    "to watch sb/sth carefully
  283. old-fashioned
  284. I love the good old-fashioned cooking of my grandmother.
  285. pet
    "an animal
  286. point out
    to make sth clear to sb
  287. He pointed out that it was Sunday and so the shops would all be closed.
  288. practice
    doing an activity regularly so that you can improve your skill
  289. "With some more practice
  290. prove
    to show that sth is true
  291. "I know Liam is responsible for the mistake
  292. prove to be
    be discovered that it is
  293. I?m sure this film will prove to be a great success.
  294. recommend
    to tell sb that sth is good and that they should try it
  295. Can you recommend me a good book to read?
  296. regard
    "to think of sth
  297. I don?t regard this problem as very serious.
  298. role
    "the function or position that sb has or is expected to have in an organization
  299. the role of the teacher in the classroom
  300. speech
    the ability to speak
  301. I seemed to have lost the power of speech.
  302. substitute (for)
    a person or thing that you use instead of the one you normally use
  303. Raw cane sugar is a healthier substitute for regular sugar.
  304. timing
    the act of choosing when sth happens
  305. Good timing is very important in the achievement of your goals.
  306. toddler
    a young child who has just learnt to walk
  307. tool
    a thing that helps you to do your job or to achieve sth
  308. research tools like questionnaires
  309. treat
    to behave in a particular way towards sb/sth
  310. You should always treat elderly people with respect.
  311. trip
    to catch your foot on sth and fall or almost fall
  312. Be careful not to trip over the children?s toys lying on the floor.
  313. upset
  314. adjust (to)
    to get used to a new situation
  315. advertisement
    "a notice
  316. "According to the advertisement
  317. i Also: advert (n) or ad (n)
  318. approach
    to come near
  319. As you approach the school you?ll see the forest.
  320. arch
    a curved structure
  321. at one stage
    sometime in the past
  322. author
  323. available
    sth that you can find or buy
  324. Photocopies are available free of charge in the school library.
  325. behave
    to do things in a particular way
  326. If you can?t behave yourselves then you will have to leave the classroom.
  327. bitter
    angry and unhappy
  328. John was very bitter when he lost his job after twenty-five years.
  329. booking
    an arrangement you make in advance to buy a ticket or travel somewhere
  330. I think I?ll make a booking for the Friday performance.
  331. border
    the line that divides one country from another country
  332. The robbers were over the border before the police could catch them.
  333. bread bin
    a container for bread
  334. can?t get your head around
    find sth difficult to understand
  335. I really can?t get my head around how she persuaded me to lend her such a big amount of money!
  336. celebrity
    a famous person
  337. charge
    the money that you pay for goods or a service
  338. There will be no charge for the delivery of the new fridge.
  339. command
    an order
  340. The lieutenant gave the command and his men started firing.
  341. company
    a business
  342. Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world.
  343. concerned (about)
    worried about sth
  344. I?m concerned that you?ve been missing a lot of classes lately and your marks have been going down too.
  345. courage
    the ability to do sth dangerous and not feel afraid
  346. Mary showed great courage in the face of danger.
  347. craft
    a boat or ship
  348. craftsman
    a skilled person who makes sth by hand
  349. customs
    the place at a port or airport where your luggage is checked
  350. declaration
    an official or formal statement
  351. delivery
    taking goods to the people who have ordered them
  352. a delivery van
  353. demand
    the need of customers for goods or services
  354. There is a huge demand for ice cream and soft drinks at the caf‚ during the summer months.
  355. destination
    the place you are travelling to
  356. doorway
    the opening where a door fits
  357. effect
  358. The teacher?s long absence had a negative effect on the students? progress.
  359. effortlessly
    needing little or no effort
  360. elegant
    "designed well
  361. employee
    a person who is paid to work for a company
  362. It is a huge company with hundreds of employees.
  363. enable
    to give sb a way of doing sth
  364. Internet Explorer enables you to surf the net.
  365. enquire
    to ask for information
  366. expectation
    a belief that sth will happen because it is likely
  367. The expectation is that our 100-metre champion will get a gold medal at the Olympics.
  368. extract
    a short passage from a book
  369. facilities
    services or equipment provided for a particular purpose
  370. leisure facilities
  371. fair enough
    used to say that an idea or suggestion seems reasonable
  372. "If you don?t like horror films
  373. feature
    "an important
  374. fill in
    to complete a form with information
  375. If you want to take part in the competition then fill in this form.
  376. flight of stairs
    a series of steps between two floors
  377. i We also say a flight of steps
  378. general public
    people in general
  379. get across
    to communicate sth and be understood
  380. "(got
  381. go through
    "to experience
  382. "(went
  383. handle
    to control a vehicle/machine/tool
  384. have (sth) to spare
    to have more than you need of sth
  385. honestly
    "used to emphasise that what you are saying is true
  386. "Honestly
  387. in the way of
    used to talk about the types of sth that are available
  388. In our village there isn?t much in the way of nightlife.
  389. i Used in questions and negative sentences.
  390. invest (in)
    to spend money on sth which you believe will make a profit
  391. keep to
    to continue doing or using sth and not want to change it
  392. Aunt Beth always visits us on my birthday; she has kept tothis habit since I was born.
  393. landing
    when an aeroplane touches the ground
  394. The experienced pilot made a very smooth landing.
  395. leaflet
    one or a few printed pages given free of charge to advertise or give information about sth
  396. long-haul flight
    a long-distance flight
  397. maid
    a female servant
  398. make it
    to be successful in your career
  399. I couldn?t believe my ears when they told me Tess had made it as a top model!
  400. mind
    "to be upset
  401. It?s OK; I don?t mind staying in tonight.
  402. minimise
    to reduce the effect of sth
  403. miss
    to fail to do or have sth
  404. "I wasn?t feeling very well
  405. misunderstood
    having qualities that people do not see or fully understand
  406. a misunderstood artist
  407. move house
    to change the place where you live
  408. "After ten years in the city
  409. nervous
  410. obstacle
    sth that makes it difficult for you to achieve sth
  411. The fact that he didn?t have a university degree was anobstacle to his career.
  412. official
    a person who is in a position of authority in a large organisation
  413. government officials
  414. on board
    on or in a ship/train/plane
  415. operator
    a person in charge of a telephone system
  416. Call 4355 and the operator will put you through to the person you want to talk to.
  417. originally
    "at the beginning
  418. "This building was originally a school
  419. outstanding
  420. parcel
    something that is wrapped in paper so that it can be sent by mail or given as a present
  421. passenger
    "a person who is travelling in a car
  422. perfectly
  423. You know perfectly well we simply cannot afford to buy a new car this year.
  424. pleasure
    a feeling of being happy
  425. "I read books for pleasure
  426. previous
    happening before the event you are talking about
  427. The previous owner of the car was a careful driver so it is in very good condition.
  428. property
    land and buildings
  429. "This property
  430. provide
    "to give sth
  431. The company Phone Away provides much cheaper Internet access than the other phone companies.
  432. put forward
    to suggest an idea
  433. All the staff were asked to put forward ideas for saving money.
  434. quarters
    "rooms that are provided for soldiers
  435. query
    "to ask a question/questions
  436. questionnaire
    a written list of questions that people answer so that you can get information about their opinion
  437. railing
    a fence made of metal bars
  438. recover
    to get well again after an illness
  439. It took me a week to recover from the flu.
  440. reference number
    a number that shows where sb can find a piece of information
  441. rental
    arrangement to rent sth
  442. resident
    person who lives in a particular place
  443. roll
    a small round loaf of bread for one person
  444. routine
    the normal order and way in which you regularly do things
  445. "If you make exercise part of your daily routine
  446. run to schedule
    happen according to an official timetable
  447. senior worker
    a worker higher in rank or status than others
  448. series
    "a number of
  449. a series of articles in the newspaper
  450. servant
    "a person who cleans
  451. signature
    your name as you usually write it at the end of a letter
  452. You must put your signature and the date in the box at the bottom of the form.
  453. soak
    to leave sth in a liquid for some time to get wet
  454. space
    empty area or area available for use
  455. It took us a long time to find a parking space.
  456. stand up for
    to say sth to show that you support sth/sb
  457. "(stood
  458. standard
    "a level of quality
  459. starve
    to suffer or die because of lack of food
  460. The puppies were starving when we found them but we?ve given them plenty to eat and they seem much better now.
  461. step
    "a surface where you put your foot when you go up to a different level of a structure
  462. suit
    to be convenient or useful
  463. Does two o?clock suit you for the meeting?
  464. survey
    an investigation of the behaviour or opinions of a group of people
  465. take into consideration
    to think about sth when you make a decision
  466. take it easy
    be cool and not get upset or stressed
  467. take its toll (on)
    to cause a lot of damage
  468. The heavy rain took its toll on Berlin ? a lot of buildings were flooded and there was chaos in the streets.
  469. take part in
    to participate in
  470. How many Greek athletes took part in the 2004 Olympics?
  471. terminal
    a set of buildings at an airport
  472. "We?re leaving from Heathrow Airport
  473. the dizzy heights of fame
    an important position
  474. the nerve
    the courage to do sth
  475. I just didn?t have the nerve to ask for a pay rise.
  476. undo
    to open sth that is fastened or tied with buttons or a zip
  477. "(undid
  478. unpack
    to take things out of a suitcase
  479. unwind
    "to stop worrying
  480. "(unwound
  481. valuable
    worth a lot of money
  482. work out
    "to calculate
  483. I can?t work out the answer to this question.
  484. candidate
    a person taking an exam
  485. Nearly half the FCE candidates worldwide are Greeks.
  486. environmental
    "connected with the natural conditions in which people
  487. The documentary highlighted some important environmentalissues.
  488. examiner
    a person who writes or asks the questions in an exam
  489. expand (on)
    "to add details
  490. improve
    to become better than before
  491. Kevin?s Spanish improved significantly once he got the job in Madrid.
  492. last
    to continue for a particular period of time
  493. The film lasts about two hours.
  494. neighbourhood
    a district or an area of a town
  495. surf the internet
    to use the internet
  496. I was surfing the internet looking for information on Indian music.
  497. take a deep breath
    to take a lot of air in through your mouth and nose
  498. At the top of the mountain I took a deep breath.
  499. unsuitable
    not right for a particular purpose
  500. a great deal
  501. air (of)
    feeling or impression that is given by sb/sth
  502. "Despite being an amateur
  503. alien
  504. an alien culture
  505. appear
    to be written or mentioned somewhere
  506. The author?s name appears on the cover of the book.
  507. aspire
    "to have a strong desire to become sth
  508. At the moment Cindy is working as a secretary but sheaspires to greater things ? she hopes that one day she?ll be the manager of the company.
  509. bilingual
    speaking two languages very well
  510. bother
    "to annoy
  511. canteen
    "a place in a school
  512. claim
    "to say that sth is true
  513. Brian claims that his great grandfather was a prince.
  514. coexistence
    the state of being together in the same place at the same time
  515. to live in a peaceful coexistence with your neighbours
  516. complexity
    being difficult to understand
  517. concede
    to admit that sth is true
  518. crash course
    "a short course of lessons
  519. creep into
    to begin to happen
  520. "(crept
  521. custom
    an accepted way of behaving or of doing things in a society
  522. dawn on
    to begin to realise sth for the first time
  523. It suddenly dawned on me that the reason nobody had phoned me on my birthday was that I had switched my mobile phone off.
  524. develop
    "to gradually grow or become bigger
  525. The small seaside town quickly developed into a major port.
  526. docks
    the part of the port where goods are loaded onto ships
  527. drift
    to move along slowly in water or air
  528. Ben switched off the engine and the boat drifted slowly down the river.
  529. expect
    to think or believe that sth will happen
  530. We are expecting very cold weather next weekend.
  531. fade
    to become less bright
  532. These curtains have been at the windows all summer and the sunlight has faded them.
  533. farmyard
    an area that is surrounded by farm buildings
  534. fashion
    "a popular way of behaving
  535. Those days the fashion was to invite the whole village to your children?s weddings.
  536. fit
    to be the right shape or size
  537. These jeans fit me perfectly; they?re exactly what I needed.
  538. gain
    to get sth
  539. After all the rich food I ate at Christmas I gained three kilos!
  540. gas pedal(NAmE)
    the pedal you press to control the speed of a vehicle; BrE =accelerator
  541. genuine
  542. Genuine CDs are a lot more expensive than the cheap copies you can buy on the street.
  543. glance
    to look quickly at sth
  544. Martha glanced at her watch and told me the time.
  545. gleaming
  546. The children stared at the gleaming sports car.
  547. hastily
  548. When he heard about the accident he hastily put on his coat and rushed out of the house.
  549. hint
    sth that suggests what will happen
  550. "I?ll give you a hint as to what your present is ? it?s small
  551. hitch
    a small problem
  552. home-brewed cider
    an alcoholic drink made of apples that is made at home
  553. immerse
    to involve yourself completely in sth
  554. iron
    "to make clothes
  555. meticulously
    "very carefully
  556. minor
    not serious or important
  557. a minor problem
  558. misbehaving
    behaving badly
  559. never mind
    used to suggest that sth is not important so one shouldn?t worry or be upset
  560. "?I can?t come to the cinema tonight.? ?Never mind
  561. newsroom
    the room at a newspaper office where news is received and prepared for printing
  562. not all it is cracked up to be
    not as good as people think or expected
  563. obscurity
    the state in which sb/sth has been forgotten
  564. He spent most of his life working in obscurity.
  565. occupy
    to take up a lot of space or time
  566. My father?s huge desk occupies nearly the whole room.
  567. ordeal
    very difficult experience
  568. pathos
    the power of description which produces feelings of sadness or pity
  569. patisserie
    (from French) a shop that sells cakes
  570. peaceful
  571. picturesque
  572. a picturesque village
  573. polish
    to make shiny
  574. press
    "to iron
  575. progressively
    steadily and continuously
  576. The music got progressively louder as we neared the disco.
  577. properly
    in a way that is correct or appropriate
  578. "There?s something wrong with the coffee-maker
  579. proximity
    being near sb or sth
  580. purchase
    sth which you have bought
  581. Mrs Melton put her purchases into her bag and left the shop.
  582. quayside
    "a platform where boats come in to load
  583. realise
    to manage to do sth important
  584. Amy would do anything to realise her dream of becoming a pop star.
  585. reasonable
  586. After all the hard work I?ve done over the last two years I think it?s reasonable to ask for a pay rise.
  587. relief
    the feeling of happiness that you have when sth unpleasant stops or does not happen
  588. News of the children?s safety came as a great relief.
  589. remain
    to be left
  590. A lot of food remained at the end of the party.
  591. remove
    to take sth/sb away from a place
  592. It took days to remove the trees that had fallen across the streets during the hurricane.
  593. replacement
    sth or sb who takes the place of sth or sb else
  594. "We need a replacement for MIke
  595. resemble
    to look or be like sb
  596. Of course they resemble each other ? they?re twins!
  597. roar
    "to make a very loud
  598. The lions roared as they ran into the circus ring.
  599. roast
    cooked in an oven or over a fire
  600. roast beef
  601. rural
    connected with the countryside
  602. (sb?s) mind boggles
    "sth is so unbelievable that you find it hard to believe
  603. sheepishly
    in a very embarrassed way
  604. shout
    to speak loudly or angrily to sb
  605. Please don?t shout; just tell me what?s wrong.
  606. shrink
    to become smaller
  607. "(shrank
  608. sigh
    an act or the sound of taking and then letting out a long deep breath
  609. "?I don?t have much time
  610. stare
    to look at sb or sth for a long time
  611. When I told Jason that he had won the lottery he just staredat me in amazement.
  612. steam away from
    to move away from a place on a boat
  613. subtract
    (in Mathematics) to take a number away
  614. What do you get if you subtract 15 from 33?
  615. suffice
    to be enough for sth
  616. One example will suffice to explain the meaning of this word.
  617. superiority
    "being better
  618. "The superiority of this computer is clear ? it?s faster
  619. suspicion
    "a feeling sth is wrong
  620. I have a suspicion that she isn?t telling the truth.
  621. tactfully
    in a careful way so that nobody gets annoyed or upset
  622. take after
    to look like an older person in your family
  623. "(took
  624. take away
    "to remove
  625. "(took
  626. take in
    to understand what you see or hear
  627. "(took
  628. take over
    to gain control of a company
  629. "(took
  630. take up
    to use time or space for an activity
  631. "(took
  632. tap
    a light hit
  633. the point of no return
    "the time when you must continue with what you have decided to do
  634. tractor
    "a powerful motor vehicle with two large and two smaller wheels
  635. turn into
    "to transform
  636. At the end of the story the frog turns into a handsome prince.
  637. unfamiliar
    that you do not know or recognise
  638. "At first I felt very uncomfortable with all those unfamiliarfaces around me
  639. very
    used to emphasise that you are talking about a particular thing or person and not about another
  640. That?s the very thing I need.
  641. wellies
    long rubber boots that you wear to walk through water or mud
  642. work experience
    "a period of time that a young person
  643. a rough idea
    a general idea
  644. accommodation
    "a place to live
  645. Accommodation in a five-star hotel is very expensive.
  646. accompany
    to go somewhere with sb
  647. How many teachers will accompany the students on their trip?
  648. allow
    to let sb do sth
  649. You are not allowed to use a calculator during the test.
  650. as far as (sth) is concerned
    as regards
  651. "As far as cooking is concerned
  652. attend
    "to be present somewhere
  653. besides this
    apart from this
  654. coach
    a comfortable bus for long journeys
  655. competition
    an event in which people compete with each other to find out who is the best at sth
  656. conference
    a large official meeting
  657. congratulate (on)
    tell sb that you are pleased because he/she has achieved sth
  658. I congratulated Helen on passing her driving test.
  659. contribution
    money given to an organization to help pay for sth
  660. convinced
    completely sure about sth
  661. Ken seemed convinced his brother would come first in the competition.
  662. deadline
    date before which sth must be finished
  663. The deadline for handing in our compositions is this Friday.
  664. delegate
    a person elected to represent a group of people
  665. delighted
    very pleased
  666. encourage
    to give support or confidence to sb
  667. entitle
    to give a book a title
  668. entry
  669. event
    a planned public or social occasion
  670. a fund-raising event
  671. expenses paid
    "without having to pay yourself
  672. finance
    to give the money to pay for sth
  673. The new motorway will be financed by the government.
  674. get benefit (from)
    to get an advantage from sth
  675. grateful
    showing thanks to sb
  676. head teacher
    a teacher who is in charge of a school
  677. in addition
    used when you want to mention another person or thing after sth else
  678. "In addition to popcorn
  679. indication
    a sign that shows that sth is happening
  680. input material
    information given
  681. join
    to become a member of sth
  682. My dad joined the army in 1990.
  683. judge
    to form an opinion about sb or sth
  684. "Judging by what she said
  685. panel
    a group of experts who give their advice
  686. participate (in)
    to take part in an activity
  687. All students are invited to participate in the school play.
  688. prize
    sth given to sb who is a winner
  689. The first prize is a three-day break in London!
  690. rush
    to make sth move faster
  691. (sth) takes it out of you
    (sth) tires you a lot
  692. take advantage of
    to use well
  693. Take advantage of the sales and buy your new computer now!
  694. take care of
    "to look after
  695. take place
    to happen
  696. The school song contest will take place on November 6th.
  697. take shape
    to develop well
  698. takes time
    "cannot be done quickly
  699. "(took
  700. transactional letter
    a letter that requires action on the part of the recipient
  701. venue
    the place where an event takes place
  702. academic
    a person who teaches or does research at a university
  703. according to
    "as stated
  704. "According to Nick
  705. Arabic
    the language spoken by millions of people in North Africa and the Middle East
  706. conduct
    to organise and do sth
  707. Scientists are conducting research into the effects of television on young children.
  708. context
    the words that come just before and after a word or phrase and help you to understand its meaning
  709. count
    an act of counting to find the total number of sth
  710. count
    to be important
  711. Megan?s friendship counts a lot to me.
  712. culture
    "the customs and beliefs
  713. endangered
    that may soon no longer exist
  714. Our organisation helps endangered animals by protecting them from being hunted.
  715. fact
    a thing that is true rather than something that has been invented
  716. field trip
    "a journey made by a group of people
  717. half term
    a short holiday in the middle of each term
  718. Hindi
    the language spoken by millions of people in India
  719. imply
    to suggest that sth is true
  720. investigate
    to find out information and facts about a subject or problem by study or research
  721. The police are investigating the burglary at the City Hall.
  722. keep a record of
    to keep a written account of sth
  723. "(kept
  724. likely (to)
    probable or expected
  725. make sense
    to have a meaning that you can easily understand
  726. This phrase doesn?t make sense; what do you think it means?
  727. native speaker
    a person who speaks a language as their first language
  728. range
    to include a variety of things
  729. Metalex manufacture products ranging from buckets to cars.
  730. recently
    not long ago
  731. Have you seen Liam recently?
  732. regularly
    at regular intervals or times
  733. research
    a careful study of a subject
  734. scientific
    connected with science
  735. a scientific discovery
  736. shortage
    situation when there isn?t enough of sth that is needed
  737. There are water shortages on the island in the summer.
  738. slim chance
    a small possibility of sth happening
  739. storehouse
    building where things are stored
  740. survival
    "continuing to live despite danger
  741. the globe
    the world
  742. timetable
    a list showing the times at which particular events will happen
  743. Check the timetable and see when the first train to Bristol leaves tomorrow morning.
  744. transfer
    to move from one place to another
  745. transmit
    to pass sth from one person to another
  746. I will try not to transmit my fear of heights to my son.
  747. absolutely
    without any doubt
  748. aim
    the purpose of doing sth
  749. Our main aim is to help students with their future careers.
  750. appealing
  751. at the end of the day
    used to introduce the most important fact after everything has been considered
  752. attraction
    an interesting place to visit
  753. burst into tears
    to suddenly start crying a lot
  754. Jill burst into tears when she heard that her cat had died.
  755. carry out
    to do and complete a task
  756. In our Chemistry class we often carry out experiments in our lab.
  757. community
    a group of people who share a common interest
  758. consideration
    something that must be thought about when you are planning or deciding sth
  759. environmental considerations
  760. creature
    a living thing
  761. We should respect all living creatures.
  762. delicate
    easily damaged or broken
  763. "Our eyes are very delicate
  764. downside
  765. The downside of working from home is that you can get lonely with no colleagues to talk to.
  766. employment
    work done to earn money
  767. fund
    "to provide money for sth
  768. The museum is privately funded.
  769. grab
    to take sth in a hurry or violently
  770. in the hope of
    because you want sth to happen
  771. Susan did a crash course in French in the hope of getting that job in Paris.
  772. incredible
    "impossible to believe
  773. industry
    "the people and activities involved in producing a particular thing
  774. knock-on
    causing other events to happen one after another in a series
  775. let go
    to allow sb/sth to be free
  776. The little girl was scared and wouldn?t let go of my hand.
  777. limit
    to stop sth from increasing
  778. marine
    connected with the sea
  779. measures
    official actions done to achieve sth
  780. The headmistress took measures to reduce bullying in school.
  781. outshine
    to be more impressive than sb/sth
  782. "(outshone
  783. paraphrase
    to express sth in different words
  784. pencil in
    to make a note of sth that might need to be changed
  785. Our teacher asked us to pencil in the trip to Paris in our diaries.
  786. point of view
    a particular way of considering or judging a situation
  787. "From a passenger?s point of view
  788. proportions
    "measurement of sth
  789. raise money
    "to collect money
  790. respect
    to be careful about sth
  791. Young people should respect the elderly.
  792. sideline
    sth you do apart from your normal job in order to earn extra money
  793. source
    the place where sth comes from
  794. The school library is a source of information for both students and teachers
  795. tour operator
    a person or company that organises tours
  796. turn out (to be)
    to prove to be
  797. The job turned out to be more interesting that I had thought.
  798. volunteer
    a person who does a job without being paid for it
  799. wildlife
  800. briefly
    in a few words
  801. media
    the main ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment
  802. outdoor
  803. an outdoor swimming pool
  804. i Only used before a noun.
  805. refer to
    "to send or use sth for help
  806. "If you get lost
  807. response
    an answer to sth
  808. "I sent three letters to Diana
  809. the long turn
    this is the name of the task you will need to perform in the Speaking exam ? you have to speak for one minute about two photos that the examiner will show you
  810. achievement
    "a thing that sb has done successfully
  811. Winning the tournament was an extraordinary achievementfor such a young athlete.
  812. acrobatics
    difficult acts or movements with the body
  813. admission
    money that you pay to go into a building or to an event
  814. adopt
    to take a child into your family as your own child
  815. "As they couldn?t have any children of their own
  816. agent
    a person who is used by a government to find out secret information about other countries or governments
  817. James Bond is supposed to be a secret agent for the British government.
  818. celebration
    a special event that people organise in order to show that a day or an event is important
  819. chase
    "to run
  820. circus
    "a group of entertainers
  821. close up
    very near
  822. coaster
    a ride at a fairground that goes up and down very steep slopes and that people ride on for fun and excitement
  823. i Also: roller coaster.
  824. complex
    a group of buildings of a similar type together in one place
  825. conservation
    the protection of the natural environment
  826. corps
    a group of people involved in a particular job or activity
  827. "When Jason joined the diplomatic corps
  828. cover
    to provide enough money for sth
  829. Two hundred euros should cover your travel expenses.
  830. dine
    to eat dinner
  831. discovery
    an act or the process of finding sb/sth not known before
  832. dismiss
    to officially remove sb from their job
  833. He was dismissed because he was always late for work.
  834. disturbance
    a situation in which people behave violently in a public place
  835. donation
    something that is given to a person or an organisation such as a charity
  836. We are grateful for even the smallest donations to our charity.
  837. dress up
    to put on special clothes to pretend to be sb/sth different
  838. The girls love to dress up as princesses.
  839. embark on
    to start to do sth new or difficult
  840. "Before you embark on home repairs
  841. encounter
    a sudden or unexpected meeting
  842. This chapter describes the encounter of young Lizzy and a fox in the woods.
  843. entertainment
  844. The cinema is my favourite entertainment.
  845. entire
    used to emphasise that the whole of sth is involved
  846. The entire island was destroyed by the earthquake.
  847. exotic
    exciting and unusual because it is connected with foreign countries
  848. brightly coloured exotic flowers
  849. far and wide
  850. "We?ve searched for our cat far and wide
  851. festivities
    the activities that are organised to celebrate a special event
  852. New Year?s festivities
  853. floorless
    without a floor
  854. foundation
    an organisation that is established to provide money for a particular purpose
  855. fun-loving
    liking to enjoy themselves
  856. get through
    to manage to do or complete sth
  857. "(got
  858. gourmet
    of high quality and often expensive
  859. i Only before a noun.
  860. headquarters
    a place from which an organisation is controlled
  861. Most companies prefer to have their headquarters in the city centre.
  862. height
    the measurement of how tall a person or thing is
  863. high-tech ride
    a large machine of the latest technology at an amusement park
  864. hit
    a thing that is very popular
  865. a hit musical
  866. huge
    extremely large
  867. The film was a huge success; it sold millions of tickets.
  868. impressive
    making you feel admiration
  869. in the open air
    happening outside rather than inside a building
  870. "In the summer
  871. inhabit
    to live in a particular place
  872. The summer house has not been inhabited for more than a year.
  873. jaw-dropping
    very surprising; impressive; making you feel respect and admiration
  874. kick (sb) out of
    to make sb leave or go away
  875. They were kicked out of the pub because they were drunk and started to cause trouble.
  876. kick myself
    to be annoyed with myself because I have done sth stupid
  877. She?ll kick herself when she realises she could have won the competition.
  878. kick off
    to start
  879. We?d better kick off with the meeting at nine ? or is it too early?
  880. kick up a fuss
    to complain loudly about sth
  881. Did you have to kick up a fuss about such a silly mistake?
  882. kid
  883. "When I was a kid
  884. killer whale
    a small black and white whale that eats meat
  885. launch
    "the action of sending a spacecraft
  886. leading
    most important or most successful
  887. My brother has just been offered the leading role in a new TV series!
  888. i Only before a noun.
  889. line-up
    a set of items or events arranged to follow one another
  890. There is a very interesting line-up of documentaries on TV this week.
  891. located
    "if sth is located in a particular place
  892. The bedrooms are located on the first floor.
  893. i Not used before a noun.
  894. manage
    "to succeed in doing sth
  895. masses (of)
    a large number or amount of sth
  896. massive
    "very large
  897. a massive rock
  898. nail-biting
    making you feel very excited or anxious because you do not know what is going to happen
  899. i Usually before a noun.
  900. numerous
    existing in large numbers
  901. opportunity
    a chance; a time when it is possible to achieve sth
  902. Their offer was such a good opportunity that we decided not to miss it.
  903. perform
    "to entertain an audience by playing a piece of music
  904. perform in front of a live audience
  905. pet
    to move your hand gently over an animal or a child in a kind and loving way
  906. protest
    "to say or do sth to show that you disagree with or disapprove of sth
  907. Students took to the streets to protest against the decision.
  908. queue
    a line of people waiting for sth or to do sth
  909. "When I saw the huge queue at the bank
  910. rescue
    the act of saving sb/sth from a dangerous or difficult situation
  911. "As soon as the man heard the boy scream
  912. restriction (on)
  913. Most highways have a speed restriction.
  914. reveal
    to make sth known to sb
  915. "When the scandal was revealed by the press
  916. sea lion
    a large seal that is found on the shores of the Pacific Ocean
  917. secret
    something that is known about by only a few people and not told to others
  918. A good friend should keep your secrets and not tell anyone else.
  919. session
    a period of time that is spent doing a particular activity
  920. a session with his personal trainer
  921. shelter
    a safe place for sb
  922. shuttle
    a spacecraft designed to be used for travelling between the earth and a space station
  923. simulator
    a piece of equipment that artificially creates a particular set of conditions so that sb may experience sth that seems real
  924. sloth
    a South American animal that lives in trees and moves very slowly
  925. spin
    to turn or make sth turn round and round quickly
  926. Some ice skaters can spin incredibly fast on the ice.
  927. star
    the best of a group
  928. "The star prize of the competition is a trip to London
  929. i Usually before a noun.
  930. steel
    a strong hard metal that is made of a mixture of iron and carbon
  931. stingray
    a kind of flat sea fish with a long tail
  932. storey
    a level of a building
  933. the lower storey of the house
  934. straight through
    from one end or side of sth to the other
  935. tend (to be)
    to be likely
  936. "Our village is up in the mountains
  937. terrifying
    extremely frightening
  938. the sky?s the limit
    there is no limit to what sb can achieve
  939. theme park
    "a large park where people go to enjoy themselves
  940. townspeople
    people who live in a particular town
  941. The townspeople were offered free day-passes to the resort.
  942. trainee
    a person who is being taught how to do a particular job
  943. trek
    a long hard walk
  944. I don?t think going back on foot is a good idea; it?s a longtrek back home.
  945. trick
    a clever action that sb performs as a way of entertaining people
  946. The magician?s last trick was unbelievable!
  947. ultimate
    "most extreme
  948. This five-star resort and spa guarantees the ultimate holiday for relaxation.
  949. unique
    very special or unusual
  950. Don?t miss this unique opportunity to meet the film star in person!
  951. uplifting
    making you feel happier or more hopeful
  952. vacation
    American English for ?holiday?
  953. i Vacation also means: one of the periods of time when schools are closed.
  954. vehicle
    sth that transports people from one place to another
  955. warn
    "to tell sb about sth
  956. wet
    "covered with or containing liquid
  957. whether
    used to express a doubt or choice between two possibilities
  958. wildlife refuge
    a place that provides shelter or protection for wild animals
  959. announcement
    a spoken or written statement that informs people about sth
  960. Pete and Josie?s announcement of their wedding took us by surprise.
  961. approachable
    "friendly and easy to talk to
  962. awful
    "very bad
  963. background music
    the music used in a film
  964. charming
    "very pleasant
  965. despite
    even though
  966. They decided to make the trip despite my warnings about the storm that was approaching.
  967. drop out
    to leave school or university without finishing your studies
  968. "Diane?s parents begged her not to drop out of university in her final year
  969. even though
    in spite of what has happened
  970. "Even though she was so horrible to me
  971. film set
    a place where a movie is filmed
  972. go blank
    to have no pictures
  973. "(went
  974. in order that
    so that sth can happen
  975. The company opened new offices in Paris in order that they can promote European sales.
  976. in spite of
    even though
  977. "In spite of the danger
  978. introduce
    to tell two or more people who have not met before what each other?s names are
  979. May I introduce your new English teacher? She?s from New York.
  980. issue
    one of a regular series of magazines or newspapers
  981. moreover
    in addition
  982. "You have made serious mistakes in your work Mr Hadley.Moreover
  983. nevertheless
    in spite of sth you have mentioned
  984. "I trust him but nevertheless
  985. new release
    a film that has just been made available to the public
  986. physical
    "with the body
  987. publish
    "to print a letter
  988. reputation
    the opinion people have about sb
  989. Stella has a reputation for being dishonest so don?t leave your purse lying around.
  990. screen
    "the flat surface at the front of a television or computer
  991. soap opera
    "a story about the lives of a group of people
  992. stunt
    dangerous act in a film
  993. terrific
  994. i Don?t confuse it with terrifying which means frightening.
  995. trailer
    "a series of short scenes from a film
  996. trilogy
    a group of three books or films that have the same subject
  997. turn my attention to
    start being involved in
  998. "When I became bored with waterskiing
  999. amateur
    not a professional
  1000. autograph
    a famous person?s signature
  1001. band
    a small group of musicians who play popular music together
  1002. be out of tune
    to not be singing or playing the correct musical notes to sound pleasant
  1003. bench
    "a long seat for two or more people
  1004. compose
    to write music
  1005. curious
    wanting to know more about sth
  1006. I?m curious to find out what Philip?s ?exciting news? is.
  1007. disaster
    "very bad accident
  1008. fan
    a person who admires sb/sth very much
  1009. i Also: fanatic (n)
  1010. fortunate
    having or bringing an advantage
  1011. found
    "to start sth
  1012. "(founded
  1013. hand (sb sth)
    to pass or give sth to sb
  1014. The airport official handed us our passport and told us to go to gate 32.
  1015. hold a concert
    to organise a concert
  1016. "(held
  1017. howl
    to make a long loud sound
  1018. in my view
    in my opinion
  1019. "In my view
  1020. in public
    "when other people
  1021. inspire
    to give sb the desire or enthusiasm to do sth well
  1022. Great athletes often inspire children to get involved in sport.
  1023. interrupt
    to do sth that stops sb else from what they were doing or saying
  1024. lay the table
    "to arrange knives
  1025. "(laid
  1026. master
    to learn or understand sth completely
  1027. master a foreign language
  1028. member
    a person or an animal that belongs to a particular group
  1029. Janine is a very close friend; she?s practically a member of the family.
  1030. musical instrument
    an object used for producing musical sounds
  1031. mystery
    sth that is difficult to understand or to explain
  1032. newsflash
    a short item of important news that is broadcast on radio or television
  1033. occurrence
    sth that happens
  1034. packed (with)
    containing a lot of a particular thing
  1035. My handbag was so packed with things that it took ages to find my mobile phone.
  1036. put on
    "to produce or present a play
  1037. "(put
  1038. rehearse
    to practise a play or a piece of music
  1039. "The band rehearsed for six hours
  1040. relation
    relative; a person who is in the same family as sb else
  1041. review
    "a report in which sb gives their opinion of a book
  1042. The new play must be good; it has received excellent reviews.
  1043. sensibly
    in a way that shows good judgement
  1044. "As Liam wasn?t feeling well
  1045. support
    encouragement that you give to sb because you want them to be successful
  1046. "When I lost my job
  1047. suspect
    "to have an idea that sth is probably true or likely to happen
  1048. there?s no stopping us
    nothing can prevent us from achieving what we want to achieve
  1049. tolerate
    to allow or accept sth that you don?t agree with
  1050. Our teacher is very strict and won?t tolerate anyone talking in class.
  1051. unkind
    unpleasant; slightly cruel
  1052. Karen?s unkind comments really upset my sister.
  1053. annoyed
    slightly angry
  1054. at least
    not less than
  1055. She must be at least 40.
  1056. biting (wind)
    (of a wind) very cold and unpleasant
  1057. can?t bear
    to be unable to accept something unpleasant
  1058. can?t help
    impossible to prevent or avoid sth
  1059. I can?t help eating chocolate! I just love it!
  1060. can?t stand
    to dislike
  1061. "I can?t stand cold weather
  1062. crowded
    having a lot of people or too many people
  1063. cup final
    the last match in a series of matches in a competition
  1064. delay
    to not do sth until a later time or to make sth happen at a later time
  1065. display
    "an act of showing sth happening
  1066. an amazing display of acrobatics
  1067. dreadful
  1068. feel like
    to want to do sth
  1069. fireworks
    "a display of small devices containing powder
  1070. get hold of
    manage to find
  1071. How on earth did you get hold of Madonna?s autograph?
  1072. keen (on)
    interested in
  1073. My sister is keen on jazz.
  1074. mad about
    liking sth/sb very much
  1075. My son is mad about football; he never misses a match.
  1076. make a fuss
    to pay a lot of attention to sb
  1077. make it to
    to be able to be present at a place
  1078. muddy
    full of or covered in wet earth that is soft and sticky
  1079. my idea of
    my impression of what sth is like
  1080. Going to a football match is not my idea of fun; I find it incredibly boring.
  1081. object (to)
    "to disagree with
  1082. Most local people object to the new highway.
  1083. postpone
    to arrange for an event to take place at a later time
  1084. "Judith came down with the flu
  1085. pretend
    to behave in a way that makes other people believe sth that is not true
  1086. "I pretended to like Mum?s roast chicken
  1087. second-rate
    not very good or impressive
  1088. A hundred euros per night is too much money for such asecond-rate hotel.
  1089. stumble over my lines
    to make mistakes and stop while speaking in a play or film
  1090. treat
    "sth pleasant that you give to
  1091. Going to the zoo is a special treat for me and my brother.
  1092. collaborative
    involving the work of many people
  1093. a collaborative effort
  1094. invite
    to ask sb formally to do sth
  1095. "At the end of the presentation
  1096. reach a decision
    to arrive at finally making a decision
  1097. It?s quite difficult to reach a decision when many people take part in a discussion.
  1098. task
    a piece of work that sb has to do
  1099. time
    to measure how long it takes for sth to happen
  1100. turn-take
    to speak when it is your time to do so
  1101. as is commonly the case
    in the way that sth usually happens
  1102. be better off
    to be happier or more satisfied
  1103. I think we?ll be better off if we take a taxi. It?s too late to walk back home.
  1104. be bound to
    to be certain to happen
  1105. He?s bound to tell you about his new car ? he never talks about anything else.
  1106. bone
    any of the hard parts that form the skeleton of the body of a human or an animal
  1107. breeches
    short trousers fastened blow the knee
  1108. riding breeches
  1109. cadge
    to ask sb for sth because you can?t pay for it yourself
  1110. cadge a lift
  1111. calculate
    to find the answer
  1112. "I?ve calculated that we need another 2
  1113. cart
    a vehicle with two or four wheels pulled by a horse
  1114. chimney
    a large pipe for passing smoke from a fire into the open air
  1115. connection
    a point where two things are connected
  1116. conviction
    "strong opinion
  1117. Maria goes to church every Sunday and has deep religiousconvictions.
  1118. crossroads
    a place where two roads meet and cross each other
  1119. disappointment
    sadness because you haven?t succeeded
  1120. divide
    to separate
  1121. They divided the birthday cake into 15 pieces.
  1122. drop
    to let fall by accident
  1123. Oh no! I?ve dropped the vase and broken it!
  1124. earthenware
    made of hard-baked clay
  1125. an earthenware pot
  1126. earthly
    connected with life on earth
  1127. errand
    a short journey to buy/get/do sth for sb
  1128. extract
    "a short passage from a book
  1129. for
  1130. "We should all demonstrate against war
  1131. fortune
    a lot of money
  1132. "When his uncle died
  1133. frost
    thin layer of white ice that appears when temperature reaches freezing point
  1134. glove
    a covering for the hand with separate parts for each finger and the thumb
  1135. go through
    to examine sth carefully in order to find sth
  1136. "(went
  1137. halt
    to stop
  1138. happen (to be)
    to do or be sth by chance
  1139. Come round for a cup of coffee next time you happen to bein town.
  1140. have in common
    have similar characteristics
  1141. "My sister and I have a lot in common; we both like books
  1142. hide
    to put or keep sb/sth in a place where they/it cannot be seen or found
  1143. "(hid
  1144. hole
    a hollow space in sth solid or in the surface of sth
  1145. The bomb blew a huge hole in the ground.
  1146. in the form of
    "the particular way sth is
  1147. Help in the form of money will be very welcome.
  1148. keepsake
    a small object sb gives you so that you can remember them
  1149. lead
    to connect one place to another
  1150. "(led
  1151. medal
    a flat piece of metal that is given to the winner of a competition or to sb who has been brave
  1152. miss (sth)
    to notice that sb or sth is not where they should be
  1153. We?re missing about five pieces for this puzzle ? it?s so annoying.
  1154. motto
    a short sentence that expresses the beliefs of a person or an institution
  1155. "?Knowledge
  1156. out of reach
    at a distance so that sth cannot be reached
  1157. Jenny put the cake tin out of reach on a high shelf so the children wouldn?t be able to get it.
  1158. outbuilding
    "a building
  1159. pipe
    a tube through which liquids or gases can flow
  1160. a water pipe
  1161. pond
    "small area of water
  1162. a fish pond
  1163. possession
    sth that you own
  1164. My little sister?s most treasured possession is her teddy bear.
  1165. poulterer
    "a person who sells chickens
  1166. poverty
    the state of being poor
  1167. A lot of people in third world countries live in poverty.
  1168. puddle
    a small amount of water that has collected in one place
  1169. rather
    used to mean ?fairly? or ?to some degree?
  1170. It was a rather difficult question.
  1171. recover
    to find sth which was missing
  1172. sharply
    suddenly and by a large amount
  1173. The road fell sharply away to the sea below.
  1174. shortly
    a short time (ago/in the future)
  1175. Your friend left shortly before you arrived.
  1176. skate
    to move on special shoes over ice
  1177. slope
    "if the ground slopes
  1178. stable-yard
    an area around or near a stable (where horses are kept)
  1179. stow away
    to put sth in a safe place
  1180. He stowed his penknife away in a pocket of his backpack.
  1181. stranger (to)
    a person who is in a place that they have not been in before
  1182. stream
    small river
  1183. take (sb?s) fancy
    to attract or please sb
  1184. The shiny Christmas decorations took the baby?s fancy.
  1185. thaw
    when ice turns back into water
  1186. the case
    the true situation
  1187. "Ken told me Lyn might be in trouble. If that?s the case
  1188. throw
    to send sth from your hand through the air by moving your hand or arm quickly
  1189. "(threw
  1190. transparency
    the quality of being able to be seen through; sth like ice or glass
  1191. treasured
  1192. a treasured memory
  1193. valley
    an area of low land between hills or mountains
  1194. vase
    "a container made of glass
  1195. wash (away)
    (of water) to carry sth in a particular direction
  1196. Most of the leaves in our garden were washed away by the heavy rain.
  1197. characteristic
    very typical of
  1198. contraction
    a shorter form of a word
  1199. ?Won?t? is a contraction of ?will not?.
  1200. dish
    a type of food that is prepared in a particular way
  1201. Moussaka is a traditional Greek dish.
  1202. exchange
    an arrangement when two people or groups from different countries visit each other?s homes
  1203. explore
    to travel around a country or place in order to learn about it
  1204. figure
  1205. nearby
    not far away
  1206. outskirts
    the parts of a town or city that are furthest from the centre
  1207. It takes me a long time to get to the centre because I live on the outskirts of the city.
  1208. port
    "a place where ships load and unload goods
  1209. recommendation
    a suggestion about the best thing to do
  1210. river cruise
    a journey on a river visiting or looking at different places
  1211. suitable
    right or appropriate for a particular purpose or occasion
  1212. This programme is not suitable for children.
  1213. surrounding
    that is near or around sth
  1214. Oxford and the surrounding area.
  1215. arrangement
    a plan or preparation that you make so that sth can happen
  1216. make arrangements for the weekend
  1217. cloud
    "a grey or white mass made of very small drops of water
  1218. The sun went behind a cloud.
  1219. determination
    the quality that makes you continue trying to do sth even when it is difficult
  1220. I admired her determination to get it right.
  1221. dramatically
    suddenly and very much
  1222. The price of gas has increased dramatically in the last two months.
  1223. firm
  1224. forecast
    a statement about what will happen in the future based on information that is available now
  1225. sales forecasts
  1226. green space
    "an area with trees and/or flowers
  1227. intend
    "to have a plan
  1228. We finished later than we intended.
  1229. intention
    what sb plans to do
  1230. I have no intention of going to her party ? I hate her!
  1231. offer
    an act of saying that you are willing to do sth for sb or give sth to sb
  1232. Thank you for your kind offer to help.
  1233. population
    all the people who live in a particular area
  1234. What?s the population of Greece? About eleven million people.
  1235. prediction
    statement about what you think will happen in the future
  1236. promise
    "to tell sb that you will definitely do sth or not do sth
  1237. Promise not to tell anyone!
  1238. resources
    sth that is available to use
  1239. the washing-up
    "the act of washing plates
  1240. tidy up
    to clean and put things in a room in their proper place
  1241. "Mum doesn?t mind if I bring friends over to play
  1242. affect
    to influence
  1243. bright
    giving reason to believe that good things will happen; likely to be successful
  1244. This young musician has a bright future.
  1245. bring about
    "to cause
  1246. "(brought
  1247. by means of
    with the help of sth
  1248. Most young people nowadays communicate by means ofcomputers or mobile phones.
  1249. communicate
    "to exchange information
  1250. commute
    to travel regularly between your place of work and your home
  1251. Thousands of people commute into London every day to work.
  1252. conventional
    following what is traditional or the way sth has been done for a long time
  1253. I?d rather cook my dinner in a conventional oven than in a microwave oven.
  1254. i Usually before a noun.
  1255. damage
    to harm or spoil sth/sb
  1256. Smoking seriously damages your health.
  1257. enormous
    extremely large
  1258. There was an enormous black dog behind the front gate.
  1259. eventually
    in the end
  1260. exceptional
    unusually good
  1261. Marian is an exceptional artist; you really ought to see her dance!
  1262. fancy
    to want sth
  1263. Do you fancy going out tonight?
  1264. fit in (with)
    "to live
  1265. I don?t know how well Fay will fit in with her new classmates.
  1266. flexible
    able to change to suit new conditions or situations
  1267. flexible working hours
  1268. fuel
    any material that we burn to produce heat or power
  1269. generation
    all people born at the same time
  1270. My grandmother?s generation lived through some very hard times including war and poverty.
  1271. giant
    very large
  1272. household
    all the people living together in a house
  1273. Most households these days have at least one car.
  1274. influence
    the effect that sb/sth has on the way a person thinks or behaves or on the way that sth works or develops
  1275. What exactly is the influence of TV on children?
  1276. juggle
    to try to deal with two or more activities at the same time so that you can fit all of them into your life
  1277. leisure
    free time
  1278. leisure activities
  1279. meaningful
    serious and important
  1280. a meaningful discussion
  1281. pattern
    the regular way in which sth happens or is done
  1282. the changing patterns of weather
  1283. plant
    to place sth firmly in a particular place
  1284. "As soon as we reached the top
  1285. premises
    the building and the area around it that a company uses
  1286. pressure
  1287. environmental pressures
  1288. retire
    to stop working because you have reached a certain age
  1289. revolutionary
    involving a great or complete change
  1290. revolutionary advances in science
  1291. rewarding
    worth doing
  1292. a rewarding job
  1293. run out of
    to finish all of sth
  1294. "(ran
  1295. suit
    to be convenient or useful to sb
  1296. Choose a computer to suit your needs.
  1297. supply
    amount of sth that is available
  1298. "When the village was cut of by snow
  1299. the rat race
    "the way of life of people living and working in a large city
  1300. throw away
    to get rid of sth that you no longer want
  1301. "(threw
  1302. to an extent
  1303. use up
    to use all of sth so that there is none left
  1304. It?s no wonder you?ve used up all the hot water! You?ve been in the bath for ages!
  1305. virtual
    made to appear to exist by the use of computer software
  1306. vision
    "a picture in your imagination
  1307. a vision of a world without war
  1308. wasteful
    using more of sth than is necessary
  1309. It?s important to teach younger generations not to bewasteful of energy resources.
  1310. barrier
    an object like a fence that prevents people from moving forward from one place to another
  1311. The crowd had to stand behind barriers.
  1312. experience
    the things that have happened to you that influence the way you think and behave
  1313. "In my experience
  1314. heatwave
    a period of unusually hot weather
  1315. A lot of elderly people died in France during the heatwave of 2003.
  1316. performance
    how well or badly you do sth
  1317. The head teacher congratulated me on my performance in class!
  1318. reaction
    sth that you do because sth else has happened
  1319. What was Paul?s reaction when you told him the good news?
  1320. relate to
    to have a connection with sth
  1321. I think this photograph here is related to the subject of the text.
  1322. repeatedly
  1323. I have repeatedly asked you not to disturb me when I?m working!
  1324. scarf
    a piece of cloth that is worn around the neck
  1325. supporter
    a person who supports a particular sports team
  1326. I?m a Manchester United supporter.
  1327. annual
    happening or done once every year
  1328. an annual meeting
  1329. aquatic
    living in or near water
  1330. bear in mind
    to remember or consider sth
  1331. "If you want to come back by train
  1332. bob up and down
    to move quickly up and down
  1333. Can you see that red thing bobbing up and down in the water? That?s our ball ? we dropped it into the lake by mistake.
  1334. bond
    a strong connection between people
  1335. catamaran
    a fast sailing boat with two hulls
  1336. chum
    a friend
  1337. comical
    funny or amusing because of being strange or unusual
  1338. current
    the movement of water in the sea or a river
  1339. It?s too dangerous to swim here as strong currents could sweep you out to sea.
  1340. deck
    the top outside floor of a ship
  1341. We sat on deck and enjoyed the fresh air.
  1342. deposit
    to put sth somewhere
  1343. edge
    the place where the surface ends
  1344. Don?t put your glass on the edge of the table ? you will knock it off.
  1345. emotional
    connected with people?s feelings
  1346. a child?s emotional and intellectual development
  1347. episode
    an event in sb's life that is important or interesting in some way
  1348. equivalent
    "sth which is equal in amount
  1349. That American jeep costs the equivalent of my yearly salary!
  1350. far afield
    "far away from home
  1351. farm
    a place where particular fish or animals are bred
  1352. fate
  1353. fetch
    to go where sth is and bring it back
  1354. Will you fetch me a drink from the fridge?
  1355. form
    to make sth start to exist and develop
  1356. I formed many close friendships at college.
  1357. furiously
    with a lot of energy or anger
  1358. get the hang of
    to learn how to do sth
  1359. Cross-country skiing seems difficult at first but you?ll soonget the hang of it.
  1360. gradually
  1361. habitat
    the place where a particular kind of plant or animal lives
  1362. improbably
    in a way that seems strange because it is not what you would expect
  1363. "The job offer was improbably good
  1364. in sympathy
    happening because sth else has happened
  1365. Share prices slipped in sympathy with the German market.
  1366. initiative
    a new plan for dealing with a problem
  1367. The headmistress has introduced a new initiative aimed at reducing the number of pupils who fail their final exams.
  1368. into the wild
    to their natural environment
  1369. leisurely
    done without hurrying
  1370. We like to have a leisurely breakfast on Sundays.
  1371. licence
  1372. The newspaper men were given licence to photograph all the rooms in the royal palace.
  1373. lottery
    a way of winning a prize or money if the ticket numbers you have bought are chosen by chance
  1374. make my way
    move towards
  1375. "Feeling thirsty
  1376. misnomer
    a name that is not accurate
  1377. mushroom
    a fungus with a round flat head and short stem
  1378. a field mushroom
  1379. nasty
    very bad and unpleasant
  1380. The nasty smell was coming from a huge rubbish heap on the pavement.
  1381. occasion
    a particular time when sth happens
  1382. We only eat out on special occasions like a birthday.
  1383. paddle
    to swim with short movements of your hands or flippers
  1384. "The dog paddled out into the river
  1385. palpitate
    "to beat rapidly in an irregular way
  1386. The bird?s heart was palpitating wildly as I held it in my hand.
  1387. partner
    a person sb lives with as a wife/husband but to whom he/she is not married
  1388. passage
    "the action of going across
  1389. the ship?s passage through the canal
  1390. play footsie
    to touch sb?s feet with your feet in a playful way
  1391. privilege
    a special right
  1392. process
    a series of actions that you do for a particular purpose
  1393. The process of buying a house can actually take as long as three months.
  1394. put off
    to discourage sb from doing sth
  1395. "(put
  1396. reef
    a long line of rocks near the surface of the water
  1397. release
    to set free
  1398. "It is not a good idea to release animals who have only lived in zoos into their natural habitat
  1399. ridiculously
    in a very silly way
  1400. roam
    to walk around without a definite direction
  1401. "Jenny roamed the streets for hours
  1402. scarce
    "if sth is scarce
  1403. scarce resources
  1404. scarcely
    almost not
  1405. The fog was so thick that Tom could scarcely see half a metre in front of him.
  1406. scuba dive
    to swim underwater using special breathing equipment as a sport
  1407. seal
    a sea mammal with short fur that eats fish
  1408. set up
    to create sth or start it
  1409. "(set
  1410. shallow
    not deep
  1411. skyscraper
    an extremely tall building
  1412. solid
  1413. sponsor
    to pay for the cost of an event
  1414. A lot of international companies sponsor the Olympic Games.
  1415. state
    "the mental
  1416. "After the accident
  1417. stick
    a thin piece of wood that has fallen or been broken from a tree
  1418. sting
    (of an insect or plant) to touch your skin or make a very small hole in it so that you feel a sharp pain
  1419. "(stung
  1420. sweep by
    to move with a lot of force
  1421. "(swept
  1422. tag
    to fasten a small piece of paper or plastic to sth to identify it
  1423. The zoologist tagged two foxes in order to study their hunting and breeding patterns.
  1424. take (sth) at face value
    "to believe that sth is what it appears to be
  1425. "Taken at face value
  1426. tempt
    to try to persuade sb to do sth
  1427. "I should really finish my work
  1428. tendency
    an expected way of behaving
  1429. Paula has a tendency to be late so don?t be surprised if she doesn?t turn up on time.
  1430. the worse for wear
    in a poor condition after doing sth difficult
  1431. traffic jam
    "a lot of vehicles in the streets that move very slowly
  1432. turtle
    "a large reptile with a hard round shell
  1433. vital
  1434. Reading is of vital importance if you want to widen your vocabulary.
  1435. waist-deep
    up to the middle of your body
  1436. youngster
    a young person or a child
  1437. Youngsters aged five to 11 get a 50% reduction.
  1438. deal with
    "to solve a problem
  1439. "As a head teacher
  1440. dependable
    that you can depend on
  1441. It?s a small car but it?s very dependable.
  1442. desert
    to go away from a place
  1443. A lot of people deserted their villages in the 1950s in France.
  1444. drawback
    a disadvantage
  1445. The main drawback to living in the countryside is the lack of a decent social life.
  1446. face
    to have to deal with a difficult situation
  1447. I am faced with a difficult decision. Should I study in the US or Britain?
  1448. feel free
    used to tell sb that they are allowed to do sth
  1449. Please feel free to come and see me any time you wish.
  1450. feel strange
    to not feel comfortable in a situation
  1451. It felt strange not knowing anyone in the room.
  1452. feel up to
    to feel physically capable of doing sth
  1453. I don?t really feel up to walking around the gardens. I?ll wait here for you.
  1454. hesitate
    to feel uncertain or nervous about doing sth
  1455. He hesitated for a moment before knocking on the door and entering.
  1456. isolated
    "not connected with others
  1457. an isolated village in the mountains
  1458. last but not least
    not less important than others
  1459. lonely
    unhappy because you have no friends or people to talk to
  1460. "At first she felt quite lonely
  1461. i Do not confuse lonely with alone which means: without other people or other people?s help.
  1462. mainland
    "the main area of land of a country
  1463. make out
    to claim; to say that sth is true when it may not be
  1464. Do you think the Marshals are as rich as they make out to be?
  1465. neutral
    deliberately not expressing any strong feeling
  1466. on the other hand
    used to show a contrasting opinion
  1467. pollution
    "the process of making air
  1468. Air pollution is a major problem in cities.
  1469. reliable
    "that can be trusted
  1470. a reliable friend
  1471. search
    "an attempt to find sth/sb
  1472. The search for the little girl goes on.
  1473. sum up
    to state the main points of sth in a short way
  1474. "At the end of his speech
  1475. 05 USE OF ENGLISH (Student's Book pp50?51)
  1476. ancestor
    a person in your family who lived a long time ago
  1477. Our ancestors came to the village about 200 years ago.
  1478. anthropologist
    "a person who studies the human race
  1479. canoe
    a light narrow boat which you move along in the water with a paddle
  1480. century
    a period of 100 years
  1481. challenge
    a new or difficult task that tests sb?s ability and skill
  1482. an exciting challenge
  1483. climate
    the regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular place
  1484. the threat of global climate change
  1485. colonise
    to take control of an area or a country that is not your own and send people from your own country to live there
  1486. Spain colonised many parts of South America.
  1487. completion
    the state of being finished and complete
  1488. Students are given a certificate for satisfactory completion of the course.
  1489. continent
    "one of the large land masses of the earth such as Europe
  1490. crop
    "a plant that is grown in large quantities
  1491. Coffee is a crop that doesn?t grow in cold climates.
  1492. daring
    brave; willing to do dangerous or unusual things
  1493. debate
    an argument or discussion expressing different opinions
  1494. a heated debate about taxes
  1495. decade
    "a period of ten years
  1496. distinctly
  1497. I distinctly heard May say she?s never been abroad.
  1498. enter
    to come or go into sth
  1499. Knock before you enter.
  1500. excite
    to make sb feel a particular emotion
  1501. The news about new taxes excited criticism from taxpayers.
  1502. expedition
    a journey for a special purpose usually to discover sth
  1503. fern
    a plant with large delicate leaves and no flowers that grows in wet areas
  1504. fjord
    a long narrow strip of sea between high cliffs
  1505. geology
    the origin and history of the rocks and soil of a particular area
  1506. glacier
    a large mass of ice that moves very slowly down a valley
  1507. growth
    "(of people
  1508. Remove dead leaves to encourage growth.
  1509. hurt
    to cause physical pain to sb/yourself
  1510. "(hurt
  1511. incredibly
    in a way that is very difficult to believe
  1512. "Incredibly
  1513. land
    to arrive somewhere in a plane or a boat
  1514. The astronauts will be landing on the moon in three hours from now.
  1515. landmass
    "a large area of land
  1516. majestic
    impressive because of size or beauty
  1517. a majestic castle
  1518. Maori
    a member of a race of people who were the original people living in New Zealand
  1519. migration
    "the movement of large numbers of people
  1520. mining
    the process of getting coal and other minerals from under the ground
  1521. Diamond mining is a major industry in South Africa.
  1522. over
  1523. By the time we arrived the meeting was over.
  1524. party
    a group of people who are doing sth together such as travelling or visiting somewhere
  1525. The school is taking a party of 40 children to Russia.
  1526. peak
    the pointed top of a mountain
  1527. permanent
    lasting for a long time
  1528. a permanent job
  1529. Polynesian
    "sb from Polynesia
  1530. prevent
    to stop sb from doing sth
  1531. purpose
  1532. The purpose of this course is to teach students the basic principles of Chemistry.
  1533. remarkable
    unusual or surprising in a way that causes people to take notice
  1534. Lucy has made remarkable progress in the spring term.
  1535. remote
    far away from where people live
  1536. rest
    to relax or do nothing after a period of activity or illness
  1537. ring
    to telephone sb/sth
  1538. separate
    not joined to anything
  1539. settler
    a person who goes to live in a new country or region
  1540. sign of (sth)
    "an event
  1541. There is no sign of John anywhere.
  1542. snow-capped
    (of mountains and hills) covered with snow on top
  1543. i Literary use.
  1544. stretch
    to spread over an area of land
  1545. Fields and hills stretched out as far as we could see.
  1546. survive
    to continue to live or exist
  1547. "Of the six people injured in the crash
  1548. tear
    to damage by pulling something apart
  1549. "(tore
  1550. territory
    land that is under the control of a particular country or ruler
  1551. volcano
    "a mountain with a large opening at the top through which gases and lava are forced out into the air
  1552. "Mount Etna is a volcano in Sicily
  1553. voyage
    "a long journey
  1554. windy
    "(of weather
  1555. a windy day
  1556. a touch of class
    an elegant quality
  1557. accurate
  1558. an accurate watch
  1559. centigrade
  1560. charter flight
    cheap flight offered by a travel agency
  1561. coarse
  1562. cope (with)
    to manage a difficult situation successfully
  1563. I don?t think I can cope with studying for my exams as well as working in the shop.
  1564. crowd
    "ordinary people
  1565. depart
    "usually to leave a place; here
  1566. do (sth) standing on my head
    to be able to do sth very easily and without having to think too much
  1567. My daughter can program her iPod standing on her head.
  1568. download
    to move data to a smaller computer system from a larger one
  1569. entrant
    a person who is taking part in a competition
  1570. equipment
    the things that are needed for a particular activity
  1571. i Used with a singular verb.
  1572. follow in (sb?s) footsteps
    to do the same thing as someone else did in the past
  1573. function
    what a machine does
  1574. gentle
    "not strong
  1575. ingredient
    one of the things from which sth is made
  1576. Our skin cream contains only natural ingredients.
  1577. miserable
    "bad in quality
  1578. not have a clue
    to know nothing about sth or about how to do sth
  1579. I don?t have a clue how to fix the washing machine; we have to call a technician.
  1580. occasionally
    sometimes but not often
  1581. odd
    "not regular
  1582. Brian isn?t really a smoker. He has the odd cigarette at a party or at the pub.
  1583. off-piste
    away from the tracks of firm snow that have been prepared for skiing on
  1584. (how) on earth
    used to emphasise the question you are asking when you are surprised or angry or cannot think of an obvious answer
  1585. What on earth are you doing?
  1586. outlook
    the probable future
  1587. overcast
    covered with clouds
  1588. own
    "to have sth that belongs to you
  1589. Do you own your house or do you rent it?
  1590. particularly
  1591. Picasso was a particularly gifted artist.
  1592. perfectionist
    a person who likes to do things perfectly
  1593. point
    the main or most important idea
  1594. Do you see my point?
  1595. pretty
  1596. She?s pretty upset about what you said; I think you should apologise.
  1597. protective
    intended to make sure that sth is not harmed or damaged
  1598. range
    a set of products of a particular type
  1599. recipe
    a set of instructions that tells you how to cook sth and the items of food you need for it
  1600. Grandma?s recipe for fish soup is the best I?ve ever tasted.
  1601. be recognised
    thought of as very good or important by people in general
  1602. Madonna is now recognised as one of the best pop artists of all time.
  1603. run
    to organise sth
  1604. "(ran
  1605. safety
    the state of being protected from danger or harm
  1606. "For your own safety
  1607. scattered
    spread all over a place
  1608. seize
    to grab
  1609. The thief seized her bag and ran off down the road.
  1610. sheer
    "used to emphasise the size
  1611. We were impressed by the sheer size of the cathedral.
  1612. short-term
    lasting a short time
  1613. short-term memory
  1614. shower
    a short period of rain
  1615. soar
    to rise very quickly
  1616. Prices soared when war broke out in the country.
  1617. stand out
    to cause sth to be noticed
  1618. "(stood
  1619. surroundings
    everything around a place
  1620. the charts
    "a list
  1621. timepiece
    a clock or watch
  1622. unaccompanied
    when a person goes somewhere without having anyone else with them
  1623. value for money
    worth the money it costs
  1624. volume
    the amount of sth
  1625. wheel
    one of the circular objects under a car or bus that turns when it moves
  1626. would rather
    would prefer to
  1627. Would you rather walk or take the bus?
  1628. actually
    used to correct sb in a polite way
  1629. "Actually
  1630. congestion
    the state of being full of vehicles
  1631. traffic congestion
  1632. die out
    to stop existing
  1633. This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.
  1634. rubbish
    things that you throw away because you no longer want or need them
  1635. "Can you please take out the rubbish
  1636. i Used only with a singular verb.
  1637. species
    a group into which animals or plants are divided
  1638. i Plural: species.
  1639. admire
    to respect sb for what they are
  1640. Young children often admire pilots and astronauts.
  1641. application
    a formal request for a job or a place at college
  1642. aspect
    a particular part or feature of a situation or a problem
  1643. Air pollution is an unpleasant aspect of city life.
  1644. background
    "type of family
  1645. bathe
    "to wash sth with water
  1646. charity
    an organisation that collects money to help others
  1647. coach
    to train sb to play a sport
  1648. come across
    to find unexpectedly
  1649. "(came
  1650. commitment
    a thing that you have promised or have to do
  1651. "Unfortunately Liam won?t be able to join us
  1652. constructive
    having a useful and helpful effect rather than being negative or with no purpose
  1653. "I really don?t mind criticism
  1654. deprived
    without all the things that are necessary for people to live a happy and comfortable life
  1655. The foundation aims at helping deprived children in the area to get proper education.
  1656. disabled
    unable to use a part of your body
  1657. disadvantaged
    "not having the things
  1658. disadvantaged social groups
  1659. eager
    very interested and excited about sth that you want to do
  1660. Most students in our class seem eager to help the teacher with the school play.
  1661. expenses
    money that you spend while you are working that your employer will pay back to you later
  1662. You can claim back your travel expenses.
  1663. further
    to help sth to develop or be successful
  1664. "This job might not be very interesting
  1665. further afield
    far away from home; to or in places that are not near
  1666. "After the first couple of days in the camp
  1667. handler
    "a person who trains and controls animals
  1668. introduction
    a person's first experience of sth
  1669. laid-back
    calm and relaxed
  1670. lay
    to put in a particular position
  1671. "(laid
  1672. leap
    to jump high or a long way
  1673. "(leapt
  1674. lie
    "1) (lay
  1675. The cat was lying near the fireplace.
  1676. "2) (lied
  1677. look back (on)
    to think about what happened in the past
  1678. "When you look back on your youth
  1679. look into
    to examine sth
  1680. The company is now looking into the possibility of selling their products abroad.
  1681. look out
    to be careful
  1682. Look out! There?s a car coming!
  1683. look through
    to examine or read sth quickly
  1684. "Just a minute
  1685. look up
    to look for information in a dictionary or reference book
  1686. "Kate
  1687. look up to
    to admire or respect sb
  1688. I?ve always looked up to my Science teacher; she?s an amazing person.
  1689. low
    weak or depressed
  1690. They were in low spirits.
  1691. organisational
    of making arrangements or preparations for sth
  1692. "Before we embark on the project
  1693. i Only before a noun.
  1694. orphanage
    a home for children whose parents are dead
  1695. reluctantly
    hesitating before you do sth because you don?t really want to do it
  1696. "James reluctantly agreed to lend her the money
  1697. self-confidence
    confidence in yourself and your abilities
  1698. His success in the competition certainly boosted his self-confidence.
  1699. self-esteem
    a feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities
  1700. take on
    to agree to be responsible for sb/sth
  1701. Next month I?m taking on the family restaurant so that my parents can go on holiday.
  1702. the chance of a lifetime
    "a wonderful opportunity
  1703. "When she was offered the job
  1704. vastly
    very much
  1705. vet
    a person who has been trained in treating animals which are ill or injured
  1706. voluntary
    done by people who choose to do it without being paid
  1707. I do some voluntary work at the local hospital.
  1708. when it comes to
    when it is a question of sth
  1709. "When it comes to Maths
  1710. bookworm
    a person who likes reading books a lot
  1711. character
    "a person in a book
  1712. The young boy plays a minor character in the film.
  1713. cliff
    a high and very steep rock
  1714. collapse
    to fail suddenly and completely
  1715. "When the company collapsed
  1716. come bottom
    to be in the lowest position
  1717. distant
    a long way away
  1718. distant parts of the world
  1719. from top to bottom
    going to every part of a place
  1720. get to the bottom of (sth)
    to find out the real cause of sth
  1721. ghost
    the spirit of a dead person that a living person believes they can see or hear
  1722. hillside
    the side of a hill
  1723. league
    a group of teams that compete with each other for the championship
  1724. mist
    a cloud just above the ground that makes it difficult to see
  1725. path
    a track that is made by the action of people walking
  1726. personality
    sb?s character
  1727. You may not realise it but every one of my dogs has a different personality.
  1728. pipe
    a tube with a ball-shaped part used for smoking tobacco
  1729. read on
    to continue reading
  1730. "(read
  1731. roll down
    to move by turning over
  1732. The coin fell out of his pocket and rolled down the road into the ditch.
  1733. route
    a way that you follow to get from one place to another
  1734. What?s the quickest route from here to the coast?
  1735. sharp
    having a thin and strong edge that can cut
  1736. a sharp knife
  1737. start at the bottom
    begin at the lowest position
  1738. steep
    sloping very sharply
  1739. a steep hill
  1740. the bottom has fallen out of
    people have stopped buying a company?s products
  1741. thick
    difficult to see through
  1742. The plane crashed in thick fog.
  1743. trade
    buying and selling goods
  1744. assess
    to calculate the amount or value of sth
  1745. "Our insurance assessed the damage at 1
  1746. attempt
    when you try to do sth difficult
  1747. His attempt to pass his driving test was a failure and he?ll have to sit it again next month.
  1748. bank
    the side of a river or a canal
  1749. burst
    "to break open or apart
  1750. That balloon will burst if you blow it up any more.
  1751. caravan
    "a road vehicle without an engine that is pulled by a car
  1752. coastguard
    an official organisation whose job is to watch the sea near a coast in order to help ships and people in trouble
  1753. cut off
    to prevent sb/sth from reaching a place
  1754. "(cut
  1755. dry-clean
    to clean clothes using chemicals instead of water
  1756. emergency
    a sudden and dangerous situation
  1757. escape
    the act of getting away from an unpleasant or dangerous situation
  1758. an escape from prison
  1759. fed up with
    to be bored and unhappy
  1760. I get fed up with having to do endless grammar exercises.
  1761. flood
    "if a place floods or sth floods it
  1762. Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and caused severe damage to the city.
  1763. house
    to provide sb/sth with a place to live or a place to stay permanently
  1764. The museum houses one of the finest collections of fossils in the country.
  1765. joke
    to say sth to make people laugh
  1766. Please don?t joke about such a serious matter.
  1767. livestock
    "the animals kept on a farm
  1768. lorry
    a large motor vehicle for carrying heavy loads by road
  1769. means (of)
    "an action
  1770. Emails are the best means of communication.
  1771. operation
    an organised activity that involves a lot of people
  1772. Both the police and the fire brigade took part in the rescueoperation.
  1773. overflow
    to be so full that the contents go over the sides
  1774. Look at Mandy?s plate! It?s overflowing with food!
  1775. overturn
    if sth overturns it turns upside down or on its side
  1776. The car hit a lamp post and overturned.
  1777. praise
    words of approval or admiration
  1778. My maths teacher was full of praise for my progress this term.
  1779. question
    to ask sb questions about sth officially
  1780. We were taken to the police station and questioned.
  1781. rarely
    not very often
  1782. "I rarely watch TV
  1783. redecorate
    to put new paint and/or paper on the walls of a room or house
  1784. relieved
    feeling happy because sth unpleasant has stopped or has not happened
  1785. I?m just relieved that nobody was hurt.
  1786. repair
    to mend sth that is damaged
  1787. Something?s wrong with my watch; I must have it repaired.
  1788. shatter
    to suddenly break into small pieces
  1789. The ball hit the window with force and it shattered into pieces.
  1790. soaking wet
    very wet
  1791. I?d left my raincoat at home so when I arrived at school I wassoaking wet.
  1792. spokesperson
    a person who speaks on behalf of a group or an organisation
  1793. swirl
    to move around quickly with a circular movement
  1794. The water swirled down the drain.
  1795. torrential
    (of rain) falling in large amounts
  1796. torrential rain in the tropics
  1797. trap
    to keep sb in a dangerous place or bad situation that they want to get out of but cannot
  1798. We were trapped in the lift for an hour.
  1799. win through
    to be successful in spite of difficulties
  1800. "(won
  1801. winch
    to lift sb/sth up into the air using a machine with a rope or chain
  1802. bull
    the male of any animal in the cow family
  1803. civilisation
    a place that offers you the comfortable way of life of a modern society
  1804. It?s good to be back in civilisation after two weeks in a tent!
  1805. companion
    a person who stays with you to keep you company
  1806. cover
    to travel the distance mentioned
  1807. By sunset we had covered 30 miles.
  1808. cross
    to pass from one side to the other
  1809. Be careful when you cross the road.
  1810. distance
    the amount of space between two places or things
  1811. "The distance between Athens and New York is about 9
  1812. foolish
  1813. get (sb) to
    to make sb do sth
  1814. "(got
  1815. on horseback
    sitting on a horse
  1816. The only way to reach the village is on horseback.
  1817. on reaching
    when they arrived at
  1818. pack
    to put clothes into a bag in preparation for a trip away from home
  1819. Have you packed your pyjamas along with everything else?
  1820. pour with rain
    "when it?s pouring with rain
  1821. pull off
    to succeed in doing sth
  1822. The thieves pulled off the most spectacular robbery in history when they stole the royal family?s jewels from the palace.
  1823. quicksands
    deep wet sand that you sink into if you walk on it
  1824. reach a point
    to arrive at a particular point or stage of sth after a period of time
  1825. scare
    to frighten sb
  1826. I scared her when I jumped out of the wardrobe.
  1827. set out
    to leave on a journey
  1828. "(set
  1829. sick with fear
    to be extremely worried
  1830. silly
    "showing a lack of thought
  1831. That was a silly thing to do! You should apologise at once!
  1832. stage
    a separate part that a process is divided into
  1833. The first stage of the experiment is to cool all the materials to 5 Co.
  1834. thoroughly
  1835. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the carnival on Saturday.
  1836. time off
    time spent not working
  1837. "Next week I?ll take some time off
  1838. tour guide
    a person employed to show tourists around interesting places
  1839. trust
    to have confidence in sb
  1840. Can I trust Joe to do the job well?
  1841. as a matter of fact
    "to tell the truth
  1842. bore (sb) stiff
    make sb feel terribly bored
  1843. fond (of)
    liking sth
  1844. mad about
    liking sth/sb very much
  1845. He?s always been mad about kids.
  1846. approach
    a way of dealing with sb/sth; a way of thinking about sth such as a problem
  1847. Parents should be very careful with their approach to discipline.
  1848. approved
  1849. astounded
    "very surprised or shocked by sth
  1850. backpacker
    a tourist who carries his things in a bag on his back
  1851. beyond
    further or more than sth
  1852. She didn?t have much in her life beyond her job.
  1853. bowl sb over
    to surprise or impress sb a lot
  1854. The picturesque village on the island really bowled me overwith its beauty.
  1855. carbon-copy
    a person or thing that is very similar to sb/sth else
  1856. catch my eye
    to attract my attention
  1857. "As I was walking down the high street
  1858. check out
    to look at or examine sth that seems interesting or attractive
  1859. They say Nemo serves excellent food; we should check it outourselves one day.
  1860. checklist
    a list of the things that you must remember to do
  1861. Our teacher gave us a checklist to use when we write compositions.
  1862. churn out
    to produce sth quickly and in large amounts
  1863. Some writers just churn out the same old rubbish year after year.
  1864. colonial
    connected with or belonging to a country that controls another country
  1865. a colonial power
  1866. conservatory
    a school or college at which people are trained in music
  1867. date back (to)
    to have existed since a particular time in the past or for the length of time mentioned
  1868. The castle dates back to the 12th century.
  1869. device
    an object or a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job
  1870. a voice-recording device
  1871. directory
    "a book containing lists of information
  1872. the telephone directory
  1873. early on
    at an early stage of a situation
  1874. I knew early on that Ken was very talented and would develop into an exceptional musician.
  1875. en route
    on the way
  1876. "It was a long journey from Prague to Vienna
  1877. engagement
    an arrangement to do sth at a particular time
  1878. "I?m afraid we can?t meet tomorrow; I have an importantengagement
  1879. equator
    an imaginary line around the earth at an equal distance from the North and South Poles
  1880. i Usually: the equator.
  1881. extra
    a person who is employed to play a very small part in a film
  1882. famed
    very well known
  1883. a famed painter
  1884. fellow-traveller
    used to describe sb who is the same as you in some way; here they are also a traveller
  1885. folk
    traditional and typical of the ordinary people of a country or community
  1886. Folk songs in many countries in the Balkans have similar tunes.
  1887. fresh
    having just had a particular experience
  1888. frustrated
    feeling helpless after failing to do sth although you have tried hard
  1889. Kate was frustrated because however hard she tried she couldn?t understand her Maths homework.
  1890. give way to
    to be replaced by sth
  1891. go local
    to go to a place and develop local habits
  1892. GPS
    "global positioning system (= a system by which signals are sent from satellites to a special device
  1893. hang about
    "to wait or stay near a place
  1894. "(hung
  1895. hang back
    to hesitate because you are nervous about doing or saying sth
  1896. "(hung
  1897. hang on
    1) wait for a short time
  1898. "(hung
  1899. 2) to hold sth tightly
  1900. Please hang on to the handrail while the escalator is in motion.
  1901. hang out
    to spend a lot of time in a place
  1902. "(hung
  1903. hang up
    "to put the telephone down suddenly
  1904. "(hung
  1905. head (to)
    to move in a particular direction
  1906. They?re heading to the coast for the holidays.
  1907. hostel
    a cheap hotel for students or travellers
  1908. insight (into)
    an understanding of what sth is like
  1909. This course aims at providing insight into the psychology of teenagers.
  1910. live up to (sth)
    to do as well as or be as good as other people expect you to
  1911. "They?d told us it was an excellent hotel
  1912. location
    "a place where sth happens
  1913. Rescue helicopters were sent to the location where the plane had crashed.
  1914. negotiate
    to successfully get over a difficult part on a path or route
  1915. The mountaineers had to negotiate the slippery path in front of them.
  1916. i Negotiate also means: to try to reach an agreement by formal discussion.
  1917. networking
    a system of trying to meet and talk to other people who may be useful to you in what you are trying to do
  1918. off-centre
    not exactly in the centre of sth
  1919. package tour
    "a holiday that is organised by a company at a fixed price and that includes the cost of travel
  1920. plaza
    a public outdoor square esp. in a town where Spanish is spoken
  1921. prearrange
    plan or arrange in advance
  1922. proclaim
    to declare
  1923. November 17th was recently proclaimed a national holiday in Greece.
  1924. put to the test
    to put sb/sth in a situation which will show what their true qualities are
  1925. puzzled
  1926. I am puzzled as to how Irene got the job ? she had no qualifications at all!
  1927. reduction
    how much cheaper a certain product is sold
  1928. There are massive reductions in the sales. Let?s buy those shoes you wanted now.
  1929. reel off
    to say or repeat sth quickly without having to stop or think about it
  1930. The little boy suddenly reeled off the names of all the American presidents in alphabetical order!
  1931. restricted
    limited in what you are able to do
  1932. room for manoeuvre
    chance to change or influence a situation
  1933. This project schedule is very tight ? there?s absolutely noroom for manoeuvre.
  1934. serve (as)
    to be suitable for a particular use
  1935. The kitchen table also serves as a desk for the children to do their homework on.
  1936. share
    "to use
  1937. I share a bedroom with my sister.
  1938. sidewalk
    American English for pavement
  1939. You should walk on the sidewalk; not in the street!
  1940. simultaneously
    done at the same time as sth else
  1941. The Olympic Games are broadcast simultaneously in most countries in the world.
  1942. snobby
    feeling that you are better than other people because you are more intelligent
  1943. i Also: snobbish (adj).
  1944. specific
  1945. This specific model can go as fast as 200 km per hour.
  1946. spot-on
    exactly right
  1947. His estimate of the total cost was spot-on; exactly 450 euros.
  1948. stereotypical
    happening in the usual way
  1949. surprisingly
    in a way that surprises sb
  1950. "Megan hates football; however
  1951. there?s no point in
    there is no purpose
  1952. There?s no point in trying to explain things; I?ve made up my mind.
  1953. a tight schedule
    a lot of things to do in a short time
  1954. My schedule is quite tight tomorrow. Could we meet on Monday instead?
  1955. to date
    until now
  1956. "To date
  1957. blame
    to think that sb is responsible for sth bad
  1958. Don?t blame me for the broken window. It was you who threw the ball so high!
  1959. cabin
    a small room on a ship in which you live or sleep
  1960. fascinating
    extremely innteresting and attractive
  1961. a fascinating story
  1962. flight connection
    a plane at an airport that a passenger can take soon after getting off another in order to continue their journey
  1963. make a habit of
    to do sth regularly
  1964. make all the difference
    to have an important effect on sb/sth
  1965. A good teacher makes all the difference to a course.
  1966. make do with
    to manage with sth that isn?t really satisfactory
  1967. "We haven?t got any butter left
  1968. make out
    "to understand
  1969. "(made
  1970. make the most of
    To gain the best advantage possible
  1971. It won?t be sunny for long so make the most of it and go out and play in the garden.
  1972. make up my mind
    to decide
  1973. Clara can?t make up her mind whether to wear a white or a cream wedding dress.
  1974. site
    a place where sth has happened or that is used for sth
  1975. a camping site
  1976. temple
    a building used for the worship of a god or gods
  1977. tomb
    "a large grave
  1978. "They say that the tomb of Alexander the Great is in Egypt
  1979. alternate
    to keep changing from one thing to another and back again
  1980. The music at the club alternated between rock and pop.
  1981. award
    a prize
  1982. Brad Pitt won the best actor award.
  1983. brainstorm
    to think of as many solutions to a problem as possible
  1984. break into
    to get into a house illegally in order to steal valuables
  1985. "(broke
  1986. car hire
    the act of paying to use a car for a short time
  1987. dash
    to go somewhere very quickly
  1988. He dashed along the platform and jumped onto the train.
  1989. gloom
    almost total darkness
  1990. hunger
    the state of not having enough food to eat
  1991. husky
    "a large strong dog with thick hair
  1992. log cabin
    a small house built of logs
  1993. overnight
    happening during the night
  1994. You can take the overnight train and arrive in Venice early the following morning.
  1995. set off
    to begin a journey
  1996. "(set
  1997. sled
    a vehicle for travelling over snow and ice
  1998. slide
    to move easily over a smooth or wet surface
  1999. steward
    "a man whose job is to take care of passengers on an aircraft and who brings them meals
  2000. suffer (from)
    "to be badly affected by a disease
  2001. Many small islands suffer from water shortage in the summer.
  2002. threaten
    "to say that you will cause trouble
  2003. The head teacher threatened to expel him from school if he ever hit the younger children again.
  2004. throw about
    to move sth suddenly and forcefully in different directions
  2005. "(threw
  2006. twinkle
    to shine with a light that keeps changing from bright to faint to bright again
  2007. stars twinkling in the sky
  2008. wilderness
    a large area of land that has never been developed
  2009. appreciate
    to recognise the good qualities of a person or thing
  2010. as such
    in the exact sense of the word
  2011. beneficial
  2012. the bottom line
    the most important thing
  2013. carbon dioxide
    a gas breathed out by people and animals from the lungs or produced by burning
  2014. carbon monoxide
    a poisonous gas that is formed when carbon is not burnt completely
  2015. convenience
    sth useful that makes your life easier
  2016. It is a great convenience to have so many shops near your home.
  2017. decent
    of good quality
  2018. "Martin lives alone
  2019. drone
    to make a continuous low noise
  2020. "If you live near an airport
  2021. gridlock
    too many cars in the streets so that the traffic cannot move at all
  2022. have it all ways
    to want to have the advantages of two or more different situations that are impossible to combine
  2023. You can?t have it all ways; you?ll either have to find a low-paid job in the village or move to the city and get a higher salary.
  2024. in effect
    used when you mention what really happens
  2025. "Dominic just didn?t turn up for work today which
  2026. initially
    at first
  2027. moan
    to complain about sth in a way that other people find annoying
  2028. "Stop moaning and sit down to do your homework
  2029. progress
  2030. Helen is making great progress. Her marks are much better this term.
  2031. put up with
    to allow sth to happen although you disagree
  2032. "(put
  2033. race track
    "a track for races between cars
  2034. southbound
  2035. the trouble is
    what is difficult is
  2036. I?d like to go out; the trouble is that I?ve promised to baby-sit tonight.
  2037. luggage
  2038. There?s room for one piece of luggage.
  2039. scenery
    "the natural features of an area
  2040. The scenery is magnificent.
  2041. ache
    to feel a continuous pain
  2042. My feet ache after running the marathon.
  2043. alpine
    "existing in or connected with high mountains
  2044. altitude
    the height of sth above sea level
  2045. "Aeroplanes fly above the clouds
  2046. angle
    "the space between two lines or surfaces that join
  2047. astonished
    very surprised
  2048. He was astonished to learn he?d won the competition.
  2049. awkwardly
    not using the body well
  2050. beech
    a large tree that produces small nuts
  2051. bound
    to run very quickly with long steps in an enthusiastic way
  2052. brass
    "a bright yellow metal
  2053. bubble
    air goes through a liquid and reaches the surface
  2054. bunch
    a number of things fastened together
  2055. a bunch of flowers
  2056. cafeteria
    a restaurant where people carry their own food to their tables
  2057. cattle
    cows and bulls kept as farm animals
  2058. cease
    to stop
  2059. chalet
    "a wooden house with a roof that slopes steeply down over the sides
  2060. chatter
    (of teeth) to knock together because you are cold
  2061. chill
    unpleasant coldness
  2062. chime
    to ring (of a bell or clock)
  2063. The clock chimed midnight and Cinderella found herself in her old clothes again.
  2064. crouch
    to bend your legs and body so that you are close to the ground
  2065. cuckoo clock
    a clock with a small bird inside that comes out every hour and makes a sound like a cuckoo (type of bird)
  2066. dash sb?s hopes
    to destroy sb?s hopes by making them impossible to achieve
  2067. dawn
    early in the morning when light first appears in the sky
  2068. dim
    not bright
  2069. dim light
  2070. dissolve
    to mix or be mixed with a liquid and become part of it
  2071. Salt dissolves in water.
  2072. domestic
    "kept as a pet
  2073. The most popular domestic animals in England are cats and dogs.
  2074. drizzle
    very fine rain
  2075. duvet
    "a large bag filled with feathers
  2076. faint
    not strong or clear
  2077. a faint sound in the distance
  2078. filter
    to come into a place slowly
  2079. fine
    very thin or narrow
  2080. "Nancy has the most incredibly fine hair
  2081. fling off
    to throw sth with force
  2082. "(flung
  2083. fluffy
  2084. fluffy white clouds
  2085. freeze
    to stop moving suddenly because you are frightened
  2086. "(froze
  2087. fumble
    to use your hands with difficulty when looking for sth
  2088. "When James heard a strange noise in the night
  2089. glide
    to move smoothly without making any noise
  2090. glint
    to produce flashes of light
  2091. The golden candlesticks glinted in the light of the burglar?s torch.
  2092. glow
    to produce a soft light
  2093. a cigarette glowing in the dark
  2094. haystack
    a large pile of hay
  2095. heel
    the back part of your foot
  2096. hook
    a curved piece of metal for hanging sth on
  2097. inquisitive
    interested in finding out about many different things
  2098. Don?t be so inquisitive ? it?s none of your business.
  2099. intense
    very strong
  2100. interior
    the inside part of sth
  2101. jailer
    a person in charge of a prison
  2102. jangle
    to make a harsh sound like two pieces of metal hitting each other
  2103. linger
    to stay somewhere longer than expected
  2104. lodge
    a small house in the country where people stay when they want to take part in some types of outdoor sport
  2105. log
    a thick piece of wood that has fallen from a tree
  2106. mauve
    pale purple in colour
  2107. meadow
    a field of grass and wild flowers
  2108. There were some cows standing in the meadow.
  2109. monstrous
    very large and ugly
  2110. on closer inspection
    after examining every detail
  2111. perch
    to be placed on top of sth
  2112. The parrot perched on top of the chair.
  2113. persist
    to continue to do sth despite difficulties
  2114. "If you persist in arriving late for work
  2115. pine
    a tall evergreen tree or the wood from that tree
  2116. plod
    "a kind of walk which is slow
  2117. pose
    to stand or sit in a particular way for a photograph
  2118. precious
    rare and worth a lot of money
  2119. A diamond is a precious stone.
  2120. present (with)
    to show sth
  2121. prompt
    to make sb decide to do sth
  2122. What prompted you to come and see me again after all these years?
  2123. purple
    having the colour of blue and red mixed together
  2124. rainbow
    an arch of different colours seen in the sky when the sun shines through rain
  2125. rattle
    to make a noise like hard things hitting each other
  2126. rear
    at the back of
  2127. the rear entrance of a building
  2128. rock face
    the vertical surface of a rock
  2129. set back
    to delay the progress of sth
  2130. "(set
  2131. set down
    to write sth down on paper in order to record it
  2132. "(set
  2133. set in
    "(of rain
  2134. "(set
  2135. set off
    to make an alarm start ringing
  2136. "(set
  2137. set out
    to leave a place and begin a journey
  2138. "(set
  2139. set up
    to create sth or start it
  2140. "(set
  2141. shuttered
    with closed shutters
  2142. silhouette
    the dark outline of a person or an object seen against a light background
  2143. slack
    "not very busy
  2144. solitary
    with no other people or things around
  2145. People who don?t marry often lead a solitary life when they grow old.
  2146. spot
    to notice sth suddenly and perhaps with some difficulty
  2147. Can you spot any mistakes in my composition?
  2148. squirrel
    a small animal that lives in trees and eats nuts
  2149. steady
    developing gradually and in an even and regular way
  2150. We are making slow but steady progress.
  2151. still
    not moving
  2152. Please keep still while I cut your hair.
  2153. strenuous
    "needing great effort
  2154. summit
    the top of a mountain
  2155. tank
    a large container for holding liquid or gas
  2156. a fish tank
  2157. tick away
    to mark the time
  2158. I could do nothing but listen to the clock ticking away the hours.
  2159. tiptoe
    to walk on your toes trying not to make a noise
  2160. He tiptoed into the room so as not to wake the baby up.
  2161. torch
    a small electric lamp that you carry in your hand
  2162. Once we were inside the cave we got our torches out because it was very dark.
  2163. trout
    a common freshwater fish used for food
  2164. undergrowth
    bushes and other plants growing under trees
  2165. varnish
    to paint wooden surfaces with a special liquid to protect them and make them shine
  2166. visible
    that can be seen
  2167. The house is clearly visible from the beach.
  2168. wise
    able to make sensible decisions
  2169. I think it was wise of you not to lend him that money ? you would never have got it back!
  2170. appearance
    the way that sb/sth looks on the outside
  2171. She had never been greatly concerned about her appearance.
  2172. arrest
    to take sb to a police station and keep them there because they may be guilty of a crime
  2173. block
    to stop sb from going somewhere by standing in front of them or in their way
  2174. briefcase
    a flat case used for carrying papers and documents
  2175. direction
    the general position a person or thing moves or points towards
  2176. We can sail as soon as the wind changes direction.
  2177. don?t like the look of (sth)
    be worried by the appearance of sth
  2178. "I don?t like the look of that fish; don?t eat it
  2179. headline
    "the title of a newspaper article printed in large letters
  2180. The scandal was in the headlines for days.
  2181. hurriedly
    done too quickly because you do not have enough time
  2182. "When I saw the time
  2183. identification
    official papers or a document that can prove who you are
  2184. We do not accept credit cards without some kind ofidentification.
  2185. lean
    to bend or move from an upright position
  2186. Please don?t lean out of the windows when the car is moving.
  2187. look ahead
    to think about what is going to happen in the future
  2188. Madison is a successful businessman because he has alwayslooked ahead.
  2189. look around
    to turn your head so that you can see sth
  2190. I heard a sudden noise and looked around to see what it was.
  2191. look your age
    to seem as old as you really are and not younger or older
  2192. Fay certainly doesn?t look her age; she?s only 16 and looks like a university student.
  2193. middle-aged
    (of a person) neither young nor old
  2194. not much to look at
    not attractive
  2195. suspicious
    "feeling that sb has done sth wrong
  2196. a suspicious look
  2197. theft
    the crime of stealing sth from a person or place
  2198. car theft
  2199. tracksuit
    a warm loose pair of trousers and matching jacket worn for sports practice
  2200. barrier
    a problem or situation that prevents sb from doing sth
  2201. expert
    "a person with special knowledge
  2202. a computer expert
  2203. give away
    to give sth as a gift
  2204. "(gave
  2205. hiccup
    a repeated sound in the throat that you cannot control
  2206. keep sth to yourself
    to not tell other people about sth
  2207. key
    most important
  2208. the key issue
  2209. luxury
    "very great comfort
  2210. pace
    "the speed at which sb/sth walks
  2211. We set off for the beach at a leisurely pace.
  2212. perception
    the way you notice things
  2213. one?s perception of different colours
  2214. pillar
    a column which supports a building or part of a building
  2215. proud (of)
    feeling pleased and satisfied about sth that you own or have done
  2216. I was really proud of my son?s good progress at school.
  2217. sound
    to give a particular impression when heard or read about
  2218. "You make cooking sound so easy
  2219. speculate
    to make a guess about sth
  2220. steam
    the hot gas that is produce by boiling water
  2221. synchronise
    to happen at the same time or to move at the same speed as sth
  2222. tune
  2223. artificial
    made or produced to copy sth natural
  2224. artificial flowers
  2225. authorities
    people who have the power to give orders
  2226. bleak
  2227. a bleak view of bare mountains and dark clouds
  2228. catch
    to capture a person or animal that tries or would try to escape
  2229. "(caught
  2230. clear
    to get official approval for sth
  2231. for a good cause
    to help other people
  2232. glass-fronted
    to have the front covered with glass
  2233. go about
    to start working on sth
  2234. "(went
  2235. hammer
    to hit a nail into a surface
  2236. hand hold
    sth on the surface of a steep slope that a climber can hold
  2237. mentality
    a way of thinking
  2238. mountaineering
    the sport or activity of climbing mountains
  2239. permission
    the act of allowing sb to do sth
  2240. resist
    to stop yourself from having sth you like or want
  2241. I just can?t resist having another piece of that delicious chocolate cake.
  2242. rope
    "very string thick string made by twisting thinner strings
  2243. The rope broke and she fell 50 metres onto the rocks.
  2244. security
    the state of feeling safe
  2245. set your heart on
    to want sth very much
  2246. tie
    "to attach or hold two things or more things together using string
  2247. They tied him to a chair with a rope.
  2248. track
  2249. a train track
  2250. view
    to consider; to think about sb/sth in a particular way
  2251. The Oscar award is viewed by most artists as a great honour.
  2252. compulsory
    that must be done because of a law or a rule
  2253. Education for children up to 16 years old is compulsory in England.
  2254. acquaintance
    a person that you know but who is not a close friend
  2255. Fran is not a friend; she?s just an acquaintance from the language school I go to.
  2256. affairs
    events that are of public interest or political importance
  2257. Business affairs bore me to death.
  2258. be at odds
    to disagree with sb about sth
  2259. I?ve always been at odds with my mother over clothes; we have entirely different taste.
  2260. break up
    to end a relationship
  2261. (with)
    Sarah broke up with Darren after she found out that he had been lying to her.
  2262. "(broke
  2263. catch up (with sb)
    "to find out about things that have happened
  2264. "(caught
  2265. i Also: catch up on sth.
  2266. clean up after (sb)
    to remove dirt or tidy up when sb has made the place dirty or untidy
  2267. Kevin never tidies up his room because his mum alwayscleans up after him.
  2268. come down with
    to become ill
  2269. "(came
  2270. compromise
    to do sth that is against your principles
  2271. consistently
    always in the same way and continuing for a period of time
  2272. Pam annoys me by consistently asking me personal questions.
  2273. cut all ties
    to end all communication or have no connection with sb/sth
  2274. "(cut
  2275. cutlery
  2276. drift apart
    to become less friendly or close to sb
  2277. "I used to be very close to a lot of friends at university
  2278. evade
    to find a way of not doing sth
  2279. People who evade payment of taxes should be given heavy fines.
  2280. existence
    a way of living
  2281. The locals lead a simple but happy existence in their quiet little village.
  2282. i Existence also means: the state or fact of being real or living.
  2283. face up to
    to accept and deal with sth that is difficult or unpleasant
  2284. "We had to face up to the fact that our shop wasn?t doing well
  2285. fall out with
    to stop being friendly with sb because of a fight
  2286. "(fell
  2287. fixed
    "(of ideas
  2288. for fear of
    to avoid the danger of sth happening
  2289. I closed the door gently for fear of waking up the baby.
  2290. force (sth) on (sb)
    to make sb accept sth that they do not want
  2291. I strongly object to people forcing their opinions on others.
  2292. gathering
    a meeting of people for a particular purpose
  2293. a family gathering
  2294. global
    of all the world
  2295. grow out of
    to stop doing sth as you become older
  2296. "(grew
  2297. grown-up
    (of a person) mentally and physically an adult
  2298. She has a grown-up son.
  2299. housemate
    a person that you share a house with
  2300. inclination (to do sth)
    a feeling that makes you want to do sth
  2301. He didn?t show the slightest inclination to leave.
  2302. inconvenience
    trouble or problems
  2303. British Airways announces the delay of flight BA127 and regrets any inconvenience caused.
  2304. inferior
    not as good as sb/sth else
  2305. products of inferior quality
  2306. justify
    to give an explanation or excuse for sth or for doing sth
  2307. Nothing can justify his rude behaviour last night.
  2308. mature
    to develop emotionally and start to behave like a sensible adult
  2309. Janet has matured a lot; she?s certainly not the radical teenager she used to be.
  2310. merely
  2311. "I?m sorry
  2312. move on
    to start doing or discussing sth new
  2313. Can we move on to the next item on the agenda?
  2314. mutual
    shared by two or more people
  2315. mutual interest in sport
  2316. not see eye to eye
    to not share the same views as sb about sth
  2317. (weeks) on end
    "for the stated length of time
  2318. He would disappear for weeks on end.
  2319. open-minded
    "willing to listen to
  2320. Dan is very open-minded; I?m sure he?ll understand you.
  2321. pile
    a number of things that are one on top of the other
  2322. prove yourself
    to show other people how good you are at doing sth
  2323. You don?t have to prove yourself to your friends; they know who you are.
  2324. rationally
    based on reason
  2325. Please try to think rationally; you are not making any sense!
  2326. resolve
    to find a satisfactory solution to a problem or difficulty
  2327. Parents ought to resolve their differences when their children are not present.
  2328. respond
    to do sth as a reaction to sth that sb has said or done
  2329. How did mum respond when you told her about the party?
  2330. retreat
    to escape to a place that is quieter or safer
  2331. Children often retreat to their bedroom when something serious troubles them.
  2332. row
    a noisy argument
  2333. I had a row with my sister and we aren?t speaking now.
  2334. shy
    nervous or embarrassed about meeting and speaking to other people
  2335. superficial
    not serious or important and lacking any depth of understanding or feeling
  2336. superficial friendship
  2337. trivial
    not important or serious
  2338. "We should focus on serious matters
  2339. trustworthy
    "that you can rely on to be good
  2340. A trustworthy friend is hard to find; people are not as loyal as they used to be.
  2341. verbally
    in spoken words and not in writing or actions
  2342. withdrawn
    extremely quiet and shy
  2343. catering
    the work of providing food and drinks for meetings or social events
  2344. "Sean?s birthday party cost a small fortune
  2345. confirm
    to state or show that sth is definitely true or correct
  2346. "The airline has just confirmed our tickets to Paris
  2347. estimate
    "to form an idea of the cost
  2348. Estimate the number of words you have written.
  2349. in reply to
    the act of answering sb
  2350. match
    to find sb/sth that goes together with or is connected with another person or thing
  2351. The students are asked to match the words with the corresponding pictures.
  2352. membership
    "the state of belonging to a group
  2353. part-time
    for only part of the working day or week
  2354. Amy got a part-time job working in the supermarket on Saturdays.
  2355. penfriend
    a person that you make friends with by writing letters
  2356. position
  2357. I?d like to get a position in Sales; I find work there more interesting.
  2358. regarding
    concerning sb/sth
  2359. She has said nothing regarding your request.
  2360. abroad
    in or to a foreign country
  2361. Diane worked abroad for a couple of years and then moved back to England.
  2362. at the turn of the century
    the time when a new century starts
  2363. autumn
    "the season of the year between summer and winter
  2364. the Bering Sea
    "(name) part of the North Pacific between Siberia and Alaska
  2365. break down
    (of a machine or vehicle ) to stop working because of a fault
  2366. The telephone system has broken down.
  2367. brutal
    "violent and cruel
  2368. a brutal dictator
  2369. by rail
    by train
  2370. travelling around Europe by rail
  2371. by relay
    carrying sth over a long distance using sets of people and animals that replace the others who are tired
  2372. citizen
    a person who lives in a particular place
  2373. the citizens of New York
  2374. courageous
  2375. cut back
    to do or have less of sth
  2376. "(cut
  2377. cut out
    "to block sth
  2378. "(cut
  2379. cut through
    to go across sth in order to make your route shorter
  2380. "(cut
  2381. diphtheria
    a serious infectious disease of the throat that causes difficulty in breathing
  2382. dogsled
    "a vehicle without wheels for travelling on snow
  2383. epidemic
    a large number of cases of a particular disease happening at the same time in a particular community
  2384. gale
    an extremely strong wind
  2385. gather
    "to pick
  2386. Our grandfather gathers flowers and dries them.
  2387. gold rush
    when a lot of people suddenly go to a place where gold has been found
  2388. handler
    "a person who trains and controls animals
  2389. harbour
  2390. heap
    to put things in an untidy pile
  2391. Mum heaps dirty clothes next to the washing machine.
  2392. junk email
    advertising material that is sent via email to people who have not asked for it
  2393. lift
    to remove or end restrictions
  2394. The government has decided to lift the ban on imported fruits.
  2395. merciless
    showing no kindness or pity
  2396. the merciless heat of the sun
  2397. nursing
    the job of caring for sick people
  2398. oppose
    "to disagree strongly with sb?s plan
  2399. The staff opposed the management?s plan to change working hours.
  2400. outburst
    a sudden strong expression of emotion
  2401. output
    the amount that a machine produces
  2402. quarantine
    a period of time when an animal or a person that has a disease is kept away from others in order to prevent the disease from spreading
  2403. remote
    far away from where people live
  2404. resolution
    a firm decision to do or not to do sth
  2405. Lillian?s resolution to give up her job took us by surprise.
  2406. scream
    "to give a loud
  2407. "The woman screamed when she saw the mouse
  2408. split up (with)
    to stop having a relationship with sb
  2409. "(split
  2410. work out
    to develop in a successful way
  2411. "Diane?s first business idea didn?t work out
  2412. as luck would have it
    in such a way that chance decides what will happen
  2413. ballet
    a style of dancing that tells a dramatic story with music but no talking or singing
  2414. She wants to be a ballet dancer.
  2415. critic
    "a person who expresses disapproval of sb/sth
  2416. dedicate
    to give all your energy and time to sth
  2417. Mozart dedicated his life to classical music.
  2418. deep down
    "if you know sth deep down
  2419. "She made an effort to get used to her new life
  2420. essential
  2421. (not) get (sb) wrong
    to not understand correctly what sb means
  2422. Alex shouldn?t have got married so young. Don?t get me wrong ? his wife is adorable.
  2423. in a way
    to some extent
  2424. "In a way
  2425. lead a ? life
    to have a particular type of life
  2426. to lead a quiet life
  2427. miss out on
    to fail to benefit from sth useful or enjoyable by not taking part in it
  2428. "Don?t miss out on visiting Versailles
  2429. pastime
    sth that you enjoy doing
  2430. persuade
    to give sb good reasons for doing sth
  2431. I couldn?t persuade my father to buy me the new computer game.
  2432. reckon
    "to suppose
  2433. "Well
  2434. regret
    to feel sorry about sth you have done or about sth you have not been able to do
  2435. "If you don?t do it now
  2436. set your heart on sth
    to want sth very much
  2437. I have set my heart on becoming a vet.
  2438. tour
    "to travel around a place
  2439. She toured the country promoting her book.
  2440. typical
    "having the usual qualities or features of a particular type of person
  2441. A typical athlete trains for between six and eight hours a day.
  2442. close
    knowing sb very well and liking them very much
  2443. Fran was very close to Uncle Martin; that?s why she missed him so much when he moved.
  2444. acclaimed
  2445. a highly acclaimed author
  2446. acre
    a unit for measuring an area of land; 4050 square metres
  2447. admission
    the act of accepting sb into an institution
  2448. admission to the European Union
  2449. boom
    to have a period of rapid growth
  2450. Internet sales are currently booming and e-shops are making huge profits.
  2451. breeding ground
    "a place where sth
  2452. bright
    giving reason to believe that good things will happen; likely to be successful
  2453. This young musician has a bright future.
  2454. campus
    the buildings of a university or college and the land around them
  2455. The university campus is so big that there is a bus service from one building to another.
  2456. canvas
    a piece of strong heavy rough fabric used for painting on
  2457. commercial
    connected with the buying and selling of goods and services
  2458. Each company is fighting to protect its own commercialinterests.
  2459. consumer
    a person who buys things and uses services
  2460. Consumers spend millions of pounds every year on sports clothes and equipment.
  2461. contemporary
  2462. cure
    to make a person or an animal healthy again after an illness
  2463. We believe that this new drug will cure the boy very fast.
  2464. dealer
    a person whose business is buying and selling works of art
  2465. dean
    a person in a university who is in charge of a department of studies
  2466. decline
    gradual loss of strength
  2467. demand
    the need of customers for goods or services
  2468. There is a huge demand for ice cream and soft drinks at the cafe during the summer months.
  2469. depict
    to show an image of sth in a picture
  2470. "In my bedroom
  2471. digital
    "using an electronic signal
  2472. disciplined
    trained to obey rules
  2473. a well-disciplined sports team
  2474. disillusioned
    disappointed because the person you admired or the idea you believed to be good and true now seems without value
  2475. I soon became disillusioned with the job.
  2476. draw
    a person or thing that attracts a lot of people
  2477. He?s the biggest draw in Hollywood at the moment; his films sell millions of tickets.
  2478. elite
    "that belongs to a group that has a lot of power or influence
  2479. "In many African countries
  2480. exhibition
    "a collection of things
  2481. a school painting exhibition
  2482. expressive
    showing or able to show your thoughts and feelings
  2483. faculty
    all the teachers in a department of a college or university
  2484. fiercely
  2485. fiercely competitive
  2486. Fine Arts
    "forms of art
  2487. flowering
    the time when sth reaches its most complete and successful stage of development
  2488. former
    of an earlier time
  2489. Her former husband often visits to see the children.
  2490. gesture
    to move your hands in order to express what you mean or want
  2491. "?What happened?? she said
  2492. graduate
    "to get a degree
  2493. I graduated from the School of Civil Engineering in 2006.
  2494. hot
  2495. This is one of the hottest clubs in town.
  2496. idealistic
    "having a strong belief in perfect standards and trying to achieve them
  2497. It?s only natural for teenagers to be idealistic and believe they can change the world.
  2498. identity
    "the characteristics that distinguish a group of people
  2499. in search of
    looking for
  2500. She went to Hollywood in search of a career in the film industry.
  2501. label
    to fix a piece of paper on sth with information on it
  2502. All cigarette packs are labelled with a health warning.
  2503. lacking (in sth)
    having none or not enough of sth
  2504. She?s not usually lacking in confidence.
  2505. major
    the main subject or course of a student at college or university (usually in the US)
  2506. "We are both students at the same university
  2507. materialistic
    caring more about money and possessions than anything else
  2508. medium
    "the material or the form that an artist
  2509. the medium of paint
  2510. might as well
    the situation is the same or almost the same as if it were true
  2511. You shouldn?t have asked Beth how she got the money; youmight as well have called her a thief!
  2512. modest
    "not very large
  2513. "Tracy was an excellent teacher and
  2514. motivated
    to make sb want to do sth
  2515. motive
    a reason for doing sth
  2516. Money should not be the only motive in your life.
  2517. nightmare
    "an experience that is very frightening and unpleasant
  2518. Nobody knows what is going on; it?s a nightmare!
  2519. nowadays
    at the present time
  2520. open (to sb)
    to be available and ready to use
  2521. What options are open to us?
  2522. i Not before a noun.
  2523. passion (for sb/sth)
    a very strong feeling of liking sth
  2524. The English have a passion for gardens.
  2525. place
    used to express the attitude sb has towards sb/sth
  2526. We place great value on our teaching methods.
  2527. plot
    a piece of land that is used or intended for a special purpose
  2528. practical
    connected with real situations rather than with ideas or theories
  2529. practical advice
  2530. present-day
    "existing in the world now
  2531. present-day fashions
  2532. prestige
    the respect and admiration that sb/sth has because of what they have done
  2533. printmaking
    the technique of making a picture that is first carved into metal or wood and then covered with ink and printed onto paper
  2534. prosperous
    rich and successful
  2535. I don?t understand why there are more homeless people inprosperous countries than in poor ones.
  2536. range
    a variety of things of a particular type
  2537. The complex offers a wide range of sports facilities.
  2538. reduce
    to make less
  2539. I want to lose weight so I?m trying to reduce the amount of food I eat.
  2540. reflect
    to show or to express
  2541. Adam?s dislike of Mrs Green doesn?t reflect my opinion of her. I think she?s really nice.
  2542. reshape
    to change the shape or structure of sth
  2543. The government is reshaping the educational system in an attempt to make it more functional.
  2544. sculptor
    a person who makes figures by carving wood or stone
  2545. selective
    tending to be careful about what or who you choose
  2546. Karen is very selective about what she wears; she only buys designer clothes.
  2547. shield
    to protect sb/sth from danger
  2548. The tent shielded us from the hot sun.
  2549. shift
    a change in position or way of thinking
  2550. show up
    to arrive
  2551. "(showed
  2552. snap up
    to obtain sth quickly because it is cheap or you want it very much
  2553. Our best bargains are snapped up one the first day of sales.
  2554. society
    the people in a country with their customs and laws
  2555. sophisticated
    clever and complicated in the way that it works
  2556. NASA use highly sophisticated computer systems.
  2557. spacious
    large and with plenty of room for people to move around in
  2558. state-run
    managed by the government
  2559. struggle
    "a hard fight in which people try to obtain or achieve sth
  2560. a power struggle
  2561. sum
    an amount of money
  2562. You will be fined the sum of œ200.
  2563. sweep
    "to move over an area
  2564. "(swept
  2565. talented
    having a natural ability to so sth well
  2566. a talented player
  2567. transform
    to completely change the appearance or character of sth
  2568. The new posters have completely transformed our classroom.
  2569. trendy
  2570. turn away
    to refuse to allow sb to enter a place
  2571. The man at the bar entrance turned us away because we were under 18.
  2572. turn back
    to return the way you have come
  2573. "The road was blocked by a fallen tree
  2574. turn down
    1) to reject or refuse to consider an offer
  2575. "We decided not to sell our house after all
  2576. 2) to reduce the noise of a piece of equipment by moving its controls
  2577. You?ve turned down the radio so much that I can?t hear a thing!
  2578. turn into
    "to transform
  2579. At the end of the story the frog turns into a handsome prince.
  2580. turn out (to be)
    to prove to be
  2581. The job turned out to be more interesting that I had thought.
  2582. turn over
    to make sth change position so that the other side is facing outwards or upwards
  2583. I think you?d better turn the omelette over before you burn this side.
  2584. unease
    the feeling of being worried or unhappy about sth
  2585. There was growing unease as the time passed and we had no news of them.
  2586. worth
    having a certain value
  2587. "If I?m on my own
  2588. 10 WRITING (Student's Book pp98?99)
  2589. account
    written or spoken description of sth that has happened
  2590. The judge asked the witness for a detailed account of what had happened.
  2591. change money
    change an amount of one currency for another
  2592. change the subject
    to talk about sth else
  2593. change your mind
    to change a decision or an opinion
  2594. Nothing will make me change my mind.
  2595. come about
    to happen
  2596. "(came
  2597. come down
    to lower
  2598. "(came
  2599. come up against
    to face difficulties
  2600. "(came
  2601. come up with
    to find an answer
  2602. "(came
  2603. damaged
    "physically spoilt
  2604. disinterested
    not interested
  2605. leather
    material made by removing the hair or fur from animal skins
  2606. overpriced
    costing more than it is worth
  2607. I believe designer clothes are overpriced; why pay double the price for a simple suit?
  2608. receipt
    piece of paper that shows that goods or services have been paid for
  2609. refund
    an amount of money paid back to you for sth that you have bought but you are not happy with
  2610. reserved
    that has been booked in advance
  2611. a table reserved at the best restaurant
  2612. shop window
    the glass at the front of a shop and the area behind it where goods are shown to the public
  2613. sketch
    a simple picture that is drawn quickly and does not have many details
  2614. strap
    a flat piece of leather or cloth for fastening things
  2615. A leather watch strap can be expensive.
  2616. zoom lens
    the part of a camera which contains a curved piece of glass that makes things look larger when you look through it
  2617. 10 USE OF ENGLISH (Student's Book pp 100?101)
  2618. alternative
    a thing that you can choose to do or have out of two or more possibilities
  2619. You can be paid in cash weekly or by cheque monthly; those are the two alternatives.
  2620. biro
    a plastic pen with a metal ball at the top that rolls ink onto the paper
  2621. castle
    "a large strong building with thick high walls and towers
  2622. compass
    instrument for finding direction
  2623. dispose (of)
    to get rid of sb/sth that you do not want or cannot keep
  2624. Many people dispose of old newspapers by burning them in their fireplaces.
  2625. i Disposable (adj) means: made to be thrown away after use.
  2626. dynamo
    a device for turning energy from movement into electricity
  2627. experiment
    a scientific test that is carried out in order to gain new knowledge
  2628. I am against carrying out experiments on animals.
  2629. extraction
    the act or process of removing or obtaining sth from sth else
  2630. the extraction of salt from the sea
  2631. fashion show
    an event organised in order to present the new fashion in clothes
  2632. graphite
    a soft black mineral that is a form of carbon
  2633. harm
    to hurt sb or damage sth
  2634. Air pollution can harm people as well as animals.
  2635. ink
    "coloured liquid for writing
  2636. instead of
    in the place of sth
  2637. Can I use oil instead of butter in this recipe?
  2638. internal combustion engine
    a type of engine used in most cars that produces power by burning petrol inside
  2639. invention
    a thing made for the first time
  2640. lead
    the thin black part of a pencil that marks paper
  2641. light bulb
    the glass part that fits into an electric lamp and gives light
  2642. manufacture
    to make goods in large quantities
  2643. Toyota manufactures cars.
  2644. mine
    "a deep hole or holes under the ground where minerals such as coal
  2645. a diamond mine in South Africa
  2646. monument
    "a building
  2647. A monument to him was erected in St Paul?s Cathedral.
  2648. motor
    a device that uses electricity or gas to produce movement and makes a machine work
  2649. The the boat?s motor needs to be serviced; it?s not working properly.
  2650. politician
    "a person whose job is concerned with politics
  2651. recycled
    used to describe things that have been treated so they can be used again
  2652. recycled paper
  2653. situated
    which is in a particular place
  2654. The hotel is situated near a beautiful sandy beach.
  2655. statue
    "a figure of a person or an animal in stone
  2656. the golden statue of goddess Athena
  2657. ton
    "a unit for measuring weight
  2658. worthwhile
  2659. It was in aid of a worthwhile cause.
  2660. 10 LISTENING (Student's Book p102)
  2661. arrangement
    the way things are done or organised
  2662. living arrangements
  2663. bargain
    sth that is cheaper than usual
  2664. The coat I bought in the sales was a real bargain. It only cost 40 euros!
  2665. be one for
    to be a person who enjoys sth
  2666. "I?m not one for travelling abroad
  2667. brand
    the name of a product that a company produces
  2668. ?Lindt? is a well-known brand of chocolate from Switzerland.
  2669. buzz
    a strong feeling of pleasure or excitement
  2670. Flying gives me a real buzz.
  2671. can?t hear myself think
    can?t think clearly because it?s so noisy and distracting
  2672. drag
    to persuade sb to go somewhere they do not really want to go to
  2673. "It?s difficult to go shopping
  2674. expenditure
    the amount of money that is spent
  2675. faulty
    not working properly
  2676. I returned my iPod to the shop because it was faulty.
  2677. goods
    things that are produced to be sold
  2678. have an eye for (sth)
    "to be able to judge if things are valuable
  2679. She?s always very elegantly dressed; she certainly has an eye for stylish clothes.
  2680. inclined
    likely to do sth
  2681. Children are more inclined to listen to you if you speak loudly.
  2682. let?s face it
    let?s accept reality
  2683. "The new Ferrari is an amazing car; but
  2684. merchandise
    things for sale
  2685. mind you
    used to add sth to what you have just said esp. sth that makes it less strong
  2686. "Did you know Josh has resigned? Mind you
  2687. part with
    to give sth away that you would prefer to keep
  2688. You should check that that computer has a guarantee before you part with any of your hard-earned money.
  2689. reasonable
    (of prices) not too expensive
  2690. This shop sells French perfume at very reasonable prices.
  2691. right
    a moral or legal claim to have or do sth
  2692. All children have a right to basic education.
  2693. stock
    to keep a supply of a particular type of goods to sell
  2694. Do you stock umbrellas?
  2695. what really gets me
    what annoys me the most
  2696. "Mandy is never on time for lunch
  2697. silent
    (of a person) not speaking
  2698. "As the curtain rose
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