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  1. coherent (adj)
    Sticking together; cleaving; logical
  2. Decipher (verb)
    To decode; to reveal; to unfold
  3. stagnant (adj)
    not flowing or running; lacking development or advancement; unchanging
  4. satiety (noun)
    the state of being gratified; appetite satisfied.  Overly full; glutted
  5. immerse (verb)
    to drop (usually into liquid); to plunge.  To absorb one's attention completely
  6. infallible (adj)
    not liable to fail, deceive; sure; certain; unerring 
  7. verbatim (adj)
    copied exactly, word by word
  8. supplant (verb)
    to take the place of
  9. raconteur (noun)
    someone skilled at storytelling
  10. polyglot (noun)
    one who speaks a number of languages
  11. malapropism (noun)
    misuse of a word due to similarity with another, often with humorous results
  12. assuage (transitive verb)
    to lessen, to calm, pacify, to satisfy (to comfort these victims and assuage their anger)
  13. abject (adj)
    to throw away; lower degree; miserable, lacking self-respect; degraded (abject despair)
  14. barren (adj)
    sterile; not bearing or pregnant at the regular time (the barren eyes of children starving...)
  15. admission (noun)
    power or permission to enter; a fact; point
  16. deference (noun)
    an attitude of yielding one's opinion to another's wishes
  17. saturnine (adj)
    heavy, gloomy, dull
  18. sluice (noun)
    an opening or channel through which anything flows
  19. fulsome (adj)
    offending or disgusting by overfullness, excess, or grossness; cloxing
  20. demagogue (noun)
    someone who appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the people in an attempt to gain power
  21. decrepitude (noun)
    the broken state produced by decay and the infirmities of age
  22. disencumber (verb)
    remove an impediment; free from a burden
  23. ineligible (adj)
    not qualified; not worthy
  24. ligneous (adj)
    made of wood; like or resembling wood, woody
  25. tensile (adj)
    capable of extension
  26. hardy (adj)
    sturdy; resistant; having fortitude or endurance
  27. obstinate (adj)
    stubborn; unyielding; fixed & unchanging
  28. irresolute (adj)
    not decided or determined; wavering; given to doubt
  29. extant (adj)
    still existing; not destroyed or lost
  30. extraneous (adj)
    not belonging to; or dependent upon a thing
  31. continual (adj)
    without pause or break
  32. gibberish (noun)
    nonsense; unintelligible language
  33. hedonist (noun)
    one who indulges in pleasure
  34. encomium (noun)
    a statement of high; glowing, enthusiastic praise
  35. spartant (adj)
    hardy; stoic; warlike
  36. dispassionate (adj)
    lacking emotion or passion
  37. misrepresent (verb)
    to present in an inaccurate, false, or unfair fashion
  38. ferment (noun)
    heat, tumult, agitation
  39. ruminate (verb)
    to meditate on; to turn a matter over and over in the mind
  40. inopportune (adj)
    inconvenient; happening at wrong time
  41. match (verb)
    to make equal, proportionate; suitable, to adapt, fit, or suit
  42. tarnish (verb)
    to diminish; to cause to lose luster, to dull
  43. abstinent (adj)
    refraining from indulgence, especially from indulgence of apetite
  44. winnow (verb)
    to sift as for the purpose of separating falsehood from truth; to separate as bad from good
  45. astound (verb)
    surprise greatly fill with wonder and confusion or be wilderment
  46. cursory (adj)
    performed rapidly without attention to details; hasty
  47. incontrovertible (adj)
    impossible to contradict or disprove
  48. sever (verb)
    to cut off
  49. expurgate (verb)
    to purify; to clear from anything noxious, offensive or erroneous
  50. preamble (noun)
    an introductory portion; a preface, as to a book
  51. outmoded (adj)
    no longer fashionable; obsolete
  52. purge (verb)
    to cleanse, clear, or purify by separating and carrying off whatever is impure
  53. currency (noun)
    general acceptance or reception; a passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulation
  54. finale (noun)
    the closing part, piece, or scene in any public performance or exhibition
  55. afford (verb)
    provide, furnish, allow
  56. paucity (noun)
    a lack of something
  57. witticism (noun)
    a clever or funny remark
  58. sybarite (noun)
    person devoted to luxury and pleasure
  59. constituent (adj)
    a person who is represented by another in a legistalive assembly
  60. vitreous (adj)
    made of glass
  61. usurp (verb)
    to seize, and holding possession, by force, or without right
  62. cantankerous (adj)
    bad-tempered; per verse; contentious; ugly
  63. sententious (adj)
    full of meaning, terse and energetic in expression
  64. static (adj)
    not moving; stationary
  65. confine (verb)
    to restrain within limits; to restrict, to shut away
  66. empirical (adj)
    based on observations and measurement
  67. brash (adj)
    impetuous, agressively self-assertive, rash
  68. compunction (noun)
    remorse for wrongdoing
  69. flatter (verb)
    to compliment or praise excessively and insincerely
  70. formality (noun)
    a social custom, rule or ceremony; the observance of these
  71. dormant (adj)
    sleeping, in an inactive state, but with the potential to awaken
  72. orthodox (adj)
    conventional; sound in opinion or doctrine
  73. opaque (adj)
    lacking transparency; impervious to light
  74. extricate (verb)
    to untangle or release from difficult situation
  75. renunciation (noun)
    disownment, disavowal
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