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  1. lidocaine causes what in mi?
    • asystole
    • prevents v fib
  2. cause of normal pressure hydrocephalus/
    decreased csf absorption
  3. rx for asymptomatic pagets/.
  4. which eye pathology presents with loss of peripheral vision?
    open angle glaucoma
  5. what pathology has straight lines bent?
    macular degeneration
  6. most effective way to lower bp in obese pt?
    normal weight pts?
    • loose weight
    • eat fruits and vegetables
  7. pneumonia caused by legionella?
    • hyponatremia
    • gi disturbance
    • elderly
  8. conn's vs pheo?
    • conns--tumor of adrenal cortex
    • pheo--tumor of adrenal medulla
  9. cause of hypochloremic, saline sensitive metabolic alkalosis?
    volume contraction as in a hypovolemic state
  10. rx for acute pancreatitis?
    when are antibiotics used?
    • npo
    • fluids
    • analgesics

    in necrotic pancreas- >30% necrosis
  11. how is rotator cuff impigement differentiated from rotator cuff tear and adhesive capsulitis?
    lidocaine makes impigement better
  12. rx for actinomyces infection of the skin of neck/face?
  13. patients after a renal transplant should receive what prophylactic antiobitics/antivirals?
    • tmp-smx
    • gancyclovir
  14. what can cause proximal muscle weakness?
    • thyroid disorders
    • myesthenia gravis
    • lambert eaton
    • duchene
    • polymyositis
  15. Most effective therapy for hairy cell leukemia?
  16. best therapy for maltoma without metastasis?
    antibiotic rx
  17. drugs that cause pancreatitis?
    • furosemide, thiazide
    • sulfasalazine, 5 asa
    • valproate
    • azathioprine, l asparginase
    • didanosine
    • metro
    • tetracycline
  18. causes of siadh?
    • cyclophosphamide
    • carbamezapine
    • nsaids
  19. causes of di?
    • lithium
    • demeclocycline
  20. definitive rx for closed angle glaucoma?
  21. do you treat hcv with normal lft and no evidence of hepatic involvement
  22. loss to follow up is what type of bias?
    selection bias
  23. best indication of heart fialure?
  24. when do you give hypertonic saline for hyponatremia?
    when Na <120 otherwise fluid restriction
  25. defects with cerebellum?
    • ataxia
    • nystagmus
    • facial muscle weakness
  26. dx of dka?
    • glucose >250
    • ph <7.3
    • HCO3<15
  27. rx for cholangitis?
    • fluids
    • antibiotics
    • if refractory
    • ERCP
  28. when is transhepatic cholangiography done?
    when ercp fails
  29. which antipsychotic gives the most eps effectgs?
  30. how do you treat eps?
  31. rx for cholelithiasis ?
    • surgery
    • ursodeoxycholic acid
  32. which one has loss of vision from periphery to center?
    center to periphery?
    • glaucoma
    • macular degeneration
  33. the only cause of loss of vision that is painful?
    closed angle glaucoma
  34. what is postpericardiotomy syndrome?
    pericardial effusion after surgery for congenital disorders
  35. how long does
    permanent afib last?
    • <7days
    • >7 days
    • >1 year
  36. how is confounding bias controlled?
    matching pts to their peers
  37. what is the only testicular tumor that increases testosterone and estrogen
  38. what testicular tumors have afp?
    • teratoma --afp and beta hcg
    • yolk sac--afp
    • seminoma--beta hcg
  39. differential for kaposi sarcoma in an HIV pt?
    bacillary angiomatosis
  40. what 2 conditions make a study statistically signicicial?
    • CI doesnt contain the null'
    • p value <0.005
  41. initial hematurai, rx?
    throughot voiding hematuria
    terminal hematuria?
    • urethritis
    • glomuerular disease
    • bladder or prostate
  42. differences between infant of diabetic mother and beckwith wiedman syndorme?
    • iodm---cuadal regression
    • TOGV
    • DUodenal atresia

    beckwith--macroglassia, prominent occiput, omphalocele
  43. behcet disease?
    • recurrent oral and genital ulcers
    • erythema nodosum
    • uveitis
  44. most common pituitary tumor?
    prolactin producing
  45. 3 causes of dorsal column demyelinazation?
    • b12 deficiency
    • friedreich's ataxia
    • syphilis
  46. rx for inpatient pneumonia?
    levo or moxifloxacin

  47. what causes erythema induratum?
  48. rx of mild allergic reactions to drugs?
    rx to anaphylactic reactions to drugs?
    • antihistamines
    • epinephrine
  49. rx for dermatitis herpetiformis?
  50. what are the only rhythms you shock in pea?
    • vfib
    • vtach
    • torsaides
  51. how is confounding controlled?
    • randomization
    • matching
    • restriction
  52. how is observers bias controlled?
    blinding technique
  53. how is selection bias controlled
    • picking a representative portion of the population 
    • achieving high rates of follow up
  54. persistent st elevations are suggestive of ?
    ventricular aneurysm
  55. any kind of brain pathology can cause what electrolyte disturbance?
    hyponatemia via SIADH
  56. effects of hyperkalemia on ekg?
    flat p wave, prolonged pr, wide qrs, peaked t wave
  57. amphotericin is used for what two fungi?
    • mucomycosis
    • cryptococcus
  58. antibiotics for pregnant woman?
    • nitrofurantoin
    • penicillin
    • 1st gen cephalosporin
  59. most common cause of congenital hypothyrodism?
    thyroid agenesis
  60. muscle fatigue in arm, vertigo and blurry vision with the exercising arm?
    subclavian steal syndrome
  61. best initial study for aaa?
  62. after reestablishing blood flow to an ischemic part limb, what must be done also?
    fasiotomy to prevent compartment syndrome
  63. rx for stanford a vs stanfor b aortic dissection?
    • a--surgery
    • b-- medical management
  64. management of cystocele?
    • observation 
    • after 1 year--surgery
    • surgery if symptomatic
  65. rx for acyclovir resistant herpes?
  66. how many bacteria needs to be present for asymptomatic bacteuria?
  67. definition of mild preecclampsia vs severe preecclampsia?
    • mild                severe
    • 140/90              160/110
    • 1+, 2+ or           3 + or 5grams/24hrs
    • 0.3 mg/24hrs
    • no mental           mental status change
    • no liver enzymes         liver enzymes
    • no vision changes          vision changes
  68. types of urinary incontinenece?
    and rx
    • total--surgery
    • stress--kegell and pelvic floor exercises
    • urge-- anticholinergics
    • overflow--intermittent catherer
  69. for all nephrotoxic drugs like vanco, aminoglycosides, acyclovir, cyclosporine what is done to prevent toxicity?
  70. mostcommon cause of anemia in prematurity?
    anemia of prematurity..low iron, high turnove..immature bone marrow

    rx is iron
  71. what gets damaged with a supracondylar fracture of humerus?
    • median nerve
    • brachial artery
  72. after a screening 50 grams of glucose is positive for gestational diabetes, what 2 values of glucose have to be found in order to diagnose gestational diabetes?
    during the 3 hours, any value over 140
  73. what vitamin reduces morbidity and mortality in patients with measles?
    vitamin a
  74. what is the attrituable risk percent formula?
    arp= rr-1/rr
  75. 4 antipseudomonal drugs?
    • cipro
    • amino
    • carbapenems
    • pseudomonal penicillins
  76. what kind of biopsy is done for melanoma?
    excisional with narrow margins
  77. when is meningococcal or pneumococcal vaccines give?
    if asplenic--2 years old
  78. 2 causes of hypomagnesemia?
    • diuretics
    • alcoholism
  79. serum electrolyte abnormalties in alcoholics?
    • hypokalemia
    • hypomagnesemia
    • hypophosphatemia
  80. what electrolytes disturbances are seen with rta?
    • low k with distal and proximal
    • type IV--high K
  81. mutliple ulcers and ulcers in the jejunum mean what disease?
    zollinger ellision
  82. best test for zollinger ellison syndrome?
    • somatostatin receptor scintigraphy
    • rx--local surgery
    • metastatic--lifelong ppi
  83. in a normally distributed standard curve, what is the relationship of mean, median and mode?
    they are all equal
  84. what cancers metastesize to the liver?
    cancer sometimes penetrates benign liver
    • colon
    • stomach
    • pancreas
    • breast
    • lung
  85. difference between heat exhaustion/cramp and heat stroke?
    • exhaustion--ams, + rhabdo, high K and H+
    • stroke--
  86. what is the male equivalent developmental disorder of rett's?
    Childhood disintegrative disorder
  87. what kind of acid base abnormality is seen in pregnancy?
    compensated respiratory alkalosis
  88. what extra colonic malignancy is seen with hnpcc?
  89. biggest complication of post term pregnancy?
  90. what is the only cause of muscle pain does that does not cause muscle weakness and doesnt elevate ck?
  91. fibromyaliga has pain points where?
    • buttocks, trapesious
    • knees
    • sternocleidomastoid
  92. rx for asymptomatic congenital qt prolongation?
    symptomatic congenital qt prolongation?
    • bb
    • bb + pacemaker
  93. two risk factors for nenatal respiratory distress sydnrome?
    • prematurity
    • infant of a diabetic mother
  94. best screening test for diabetic nephropathy?
    microalbumin/cr ratio
  95. most accurate test for a vipoma?
    blood vip level
  96. most common arrhythmia due to digitalis?
    atrial tachy with av block
  97. most accurate test for ze?
    • high serum gastrin levels of h1 blockers or ppi
    • high gastrin despite injection of secretin
  98. what is chromogranin a used for?
    confirming of neuroendocrine tumos
  99. how does a thalamic stroke present?
    • anesthesia
    • hyperesthesia
    • athetosis
  100. emergency contraception drug?
  101. ascaris vs trichinella infection
    both gi symptoms and eosinophilia but trichinella has systemic effects and periorbital edema
  102. what is cardiac index?
  103. vitreous hemorrhage vs retinal detachemnt
    both present the same but on opthalmosocpoe with retinal detachment you see the teach and fundus is visible
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