HR Test 2 Ch 8

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  1. Diversity
    exists in a group or organization when its members differ from one another along one or more important dimensions.
  2. Diversity management
    places a much heavier emphasis on recognizing and appreciating differences among people at work and attempting to provide accommodations for those differences to the extent that is feasible and possible.
  3. Diversity training
    is specifically designed to enable members of an organization to function better in a diverse workplace.
  4. Equal employment opportunity
    means treating people fairly and equitably and taking actions that do not discriminate against people in protected classes on the basis of some illegal criterion.
  5. Ethnicity
    refers to the ethnic composition of a group or organization.
  6. glass ceiling
    describes a barrier that keeps many females from advancing to top management positions in many organizations.
  7. Knowledge workers
    are employees who add value simply because of what they know.
  8. multicultural organization
    is one that has achieved high levels of diversity, can capitalize fully on the advantages of the diversity, and has few diversity–related problems.
  9. Organizational learning
    is the process by which an organization “learns” from past mistakes and adapts to its environment.
  10. Organizational memory
    is the collective, institutional record of past events.
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