EMT 2/11

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  1. ABC's
    airway, breathing, and circulation
  2. AVPU
    a memory aid for classifying a patient's level of responsiveness or mental status. The letters stand for alert, verbal response, painful response, unresponsive
  3. chief complaint
    in emergency medicine, the reason EMS was called, usually in the patient's own words
  4. general impression
    impression of the patient's condition that is formed on first approaching the patient, base on the patient's environment, chief complaint, and appearance
  5. interventions
    actions taken to correct or manage a patient's problems
  6. mental status
    level of responsiveness
  7. primary assessment
    the first element in a patient's assessment; steps taken for the purpose of discovering and dealing with any life-threatening problems. the six parts of primary assessments are: forming a general impression, assessing mental status, assessing airway, assessing breathing, assessing circulation, and determining the priority of the patient for treatment and transport to the hospital
  8. priority
    the decision regarding the need for immediate transport of the patient versus further assessment and care at the scene
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