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  1. Upright, oval-shaped. Has nice green summer foliage that turns a brilliant scarlet in the fall. It is drought resistant but may require supplemental iron.
    Autumn Blaze Maple (Zone 3)

  2. Small, rounded maple. Grown with a single trunk or with multi-trunks. It is a hardy, fast growing tree that is well-known for its red fall color.
    Flame Maple (Zone 2)

  3. Dense, rounded form with dark green leaves. The leaves turn a bright yellow in the fall. Also tolerant of alkaline soils
    Queen Elizabeth Hedge Maple (Zone 4)

  4. This Utah native is a slow growing tree with a nice oval shape and dark green leaves. It turns an intense orange and red in the fall.
    Bigtooth Maple (Zone 3)

  5. This tree has an oval shape with dark green foliage with intense yellow to orange-red fall color. A native to the Rocky Mountains. "Show stopper" for fall color.
    Rocky Mountain Glow Maple (Zone 4)

  6. Small but beautiful, upright spreading branches with delicate texture. A tree that provides year round interest with its green foliage, orange-brown to cinnamon-brown bark and long lasting red fall color.
    Paperbark Maple (Zone 5)

  7. A great, under-utilized tree for park strips or smaller yards. It is a seedless form of boxelder that does not attract insects. Themedium green leaves change to a brilliant display of fall color. Great for areas with periodic soggy soils.
    Sensation Box Elder (Zone 4)

  8. Has an ornamental arching habit that becomes more rounded with age. It requires afternoon shade in the Utah area. North or east exposure is the best placement.
    Green Japanese Maple (Zone 4)

  9. One of the most popular of its kind. Deep, reddish-purple color. It is one of the most cold hardy varieties and it adds great color to the landscape. North or east placement is best for afternoon shade.
    Bloodgood Japanese Maple (Zone 5)

  10. Small, weeping nature. The new growth is bright red, fading to deep burgundy. Best if placed in a shady location.
    Crimson Queen Japanese Maple (Zone 5)

  11. This is considered one of the best cutleaf Japanese maples. It is an heirloom variety with a slight weeping habit. It is a stately addition to the landscape. Dark purple foliage. It will grow best in a shaded area.
    Tamukeyama Japanese Maple (Zone 5)

  12. This is a great green weeping specimen tree that is often used in small spaces or in containers. The autumn color is a goldenyellow with orange highlights. It requires afternoon shade.
    Green Lace Leaf Japanese Maple (Zone 5)

  13. A great shade tree for smaller yards and park strips. Maintains a strong central leader and a fairly symmetrical shape. Leaves change from green to yellow in the autumn.
    Parkway Maple (Zone 4)

  14. This tree with broad, dark green leaves works great in tight areas around buildings, as a park strip tree or as a screen. The leaves change to a golden yellow in the autumn.
    Columnar Norway Maple (Zone 4)

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