Current Issue Quiz for 3/13

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  1. What was the Fiscal cliff deal?
    • Made some of the Bush Tax cuts permanent
    • raised taxes on people making over 40000
    • almost no spending cuts
    • most americans will pay more taxes
  2. Who was nominated for the secretary of defense?
    Chuck Hagel
  3. Who were the national champions (football)?
    Alabama beat Notre Dame
  4. Who was nominated to be secretary of the treasury?
    Jack Lew
  5. Which senator from GA is not running for re election in 2014?
    Saxby Chambliss
  6. Who is now being allowed in combat units?
  7. What did Clinton give a testimony on?
  8. What kind of law is in congress?
    gun control
  9. Union membership is the lowest it has been since when?
    the great depression
  10. Who is confirmed as new Secretary of state?
    John Kerry
  11. What hit its five year high?
    stock market
  12. Where did  suicide bomber kill two?
    US embassy in turkey
  13. Who won the super bowl?
  14. Which pope is resigning?
    Pope Benedict XVI
  15. What are unnmaned drone strikes susspected of being?
    Al-quida allies
  16. Where did a meteorite hit? How many were injured?
    • Russia
    • 900
  17. What movie won acadamey award for best picture?
  18. Who won state tradtional wrestling championship?
  19. Who is the woman president of South Korea?
    Park Guen-hye
  20. What cuts went into effect on march 1?
    Sequester cuts
  21. Who died of cancer?
    Hugo Chavez president of Venezuela
  22. Who held a 13 hour filibuster during confirmation of CIA Director over administration's use of drones?
    KY Senator Rand Paul
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