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  1. se démarquer de
    to stand out from/set oneself apart from (in disagreement of views)
  2. pédagogique
  3. agir en concertation avec
    to act in consultation with
  4. en matière de
    in terms of
  5. radars fixes
    speed cameras
  6. ne prendre rien allant de soi
    to take nothing for granted
  7. socle
    base, pedestal, plinth/basis (fig.)
  8. s'engager à
    to pledge to
  9. se mourir
    to be in the process of dying
  10. lancer un défi
    to challenge
  11. entamer
    to start (activity, day)/to enter into (battle, interview)/to open (negotiation)/to undermine (credibility, moral)/to eat into (economies)/to cut into/open/start eating (consumption of food, etc.)
  12. chargé
    busy (lifestyle, etc.)
  13. à côté de la plaque
    wide of the mark
  14. dégager le sens de quelquechose
    work something out
  15. chavirer
    to lose balance
  16. feindre
    to feign (movement, deceptive body language)
  17. la niaque
    fighting spirit
  18. au grand dam de
    to the great displeasure of
  19. endosser
    to put on/take on, shoulder (responsibility, etc.)
  20. embrigadement
  21. saccager
    to wreck, devastate
  22. benjamin(e)
    youngest (family)
  23. machisme
    male chauvinism
  24. viscéral
  25. renâcler
    to show reluctance for
  26. jalonner
    to punctuate (life, history)/to line (road)
  27. démissioner
    to resign
  28. canarder
    to snipe at
  29. épargner
    to save (money)/to spare (person, effort)
  30. épargner quelquechose à quelqu'un
    to spare somebody something
  31. s'épargner de
    to save oneself (effort)
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