Chem 191

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  1. Name the 4 quantization numbers in order
    • N - Principle Quantum number
    • L - Azimuthal (shape) number
    • M - Magnetic number
    • S, or spin - quantum number
  2. What is the electron configuration.
    1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p6 5s2 4d10
  3. What are the valence electrons.
    Valence electrons are the ones in the the orbitals largest principle principle quantum number, or the 2outer most valence shells.
  4. What is the stable octet rule?
    Based on principle that atoms in a molecule like to have or share 8 electrons, making them stable or happy.
  5. What is VSEPR theory?
    The theory that electrons will always be repelled by other pairs of electrons, into a shape where the electron pair repulsion are best minimized.
  6. shapes of VSEPR molecules
    • 2 sets of bond pairs
    • Linear, 180*
    • 3 sets of bond pairs
    • Trigonal planar, 120*
    • 4 sets of bond pairs
    • Tetrahedral, 109*
    • 2 sets bond, 1 lone pair
    • Bent
    • 3 sets bond pairs, 1 lone pair
    • Trigonal pyrimidal
  7. n = m

    Number of moles = mass of substance (g) divided by the Molar Mass (g mol)

    Answer given in mol
  8. c = n
    Concentration (mol per L) = number of mol divided by volume (in litres)
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