southeast asia geography

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  1. includes the nations of india, pakistan, bangladesh, nepal, bhutan, sri lanka and the maldives
    south asia
  2. another term for india?
  3. includes the nations of myanmar, thailand, malaysia, singapore, laos, cambodia, vietnam, indonesia, brunei and the phillippines
    southeast asia
  4. the people of southeast asia have used the ______ ______  of their lands to create great civilizations
    physcial features
  5. how many independent nations?
  6. how many people live in south and southeast asia?
    1.5 billion people
  7. what two religions originated in asia?
    • hinduium
    • buddhism
  8. what did religion help to shape?
    the customs and traditions of the people
  9. what do most people earn their living through?
  10. what are many nations in the process of?
    modernizing their agricultural practices and industrializing their economies
  11. the subcontinent of south asia is usually known as?
    the indian subcontinent
  12. where does south asia extend into ?
    the indian ocean
  13. the subcontinent has 3 district regions?
    • mountain wall
    • indo-gangetic plain
    • the decan plateau and coastal rim
  14. "places of snow"?
  15. the highest of the three ranges that form the wall of mountains
  16. ______ is part of the himalayas and is over 29,000 ft above sea level
  17. khyber pass?
    • openings through the mountain wall
    • *provides a gateway to the subcontinent
  18. what did these passes represent?
    conquering invaders moved into the subcontinent and also contributed to the culture of south asia and its people
  19. a cast lowland?
    indo gangetic plain
  20. what is the indogangetic plain drained by?
    the indus and gangetic rivers
  21. brahmaputra river?
    flows through bangladesh
  22. where is the largest delta in the world?
    where the ganges and brahmaputra meet
  23. how many countries does southeast asia include?
  24. where is southeast asia located?
    on the malay and indochina peninsula and partly on the malay archipelago
  25. what is an archipelago?
    a chain of islands
  26. how many islands does the malay archipelago contain?
  27. what are the malay archipelago a part of?
    the pacific ring of fire
  28. what is the ring of fire a direct result of?
    plate tectonics and the movement of collisions of crustal plates
  29. monsoon?
    a heavy rain season which lasts for several months
  30. monsoons give much of south asia a distinct ?
    wet and dry season
  31. rely on _____ for agriculture
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