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  1. To multiply cells, you would use this symbol:
  2. When you see the ###### in a column, this means that:
    The column needs to be wider
  3. Which button allows you to quickly add columns or rows of numbers?
  4. Which feature makes everything in a workbook appear larger or smaller?
  5. Which key should you press to move down one cell in a worksheet?
  6. Which group would you use to insert and delete rows and columns?
  7. Which of the following is a function? (list)
    Average, maximum (max.), sum, minimum (min.), count, autosum
  8. The ______ function is a function used to determine the highest number in a range.
  9. By ______ the worksheet, you see exactly how it will look without generating a printout.
  10. ______ means the printout is printed horizontally on the page.
    Landscape Orientation
  11. Which bar displays the contents of a cell?
    Formula bar
  12. When more than one arithmetic operator is involved in a formula, Excel follows the same basic ______ that is used in algebra.
    Order of operations
  13. A ______ takes a value or values, performs an operation, and returns a result to the cell.
  14. How do you select a cell that you want to edit?
    Double-click the cell
  15. Which would you use to center your table's heading across columns A, B, and C?
    Merge and center
  16. After adding a header and/or footer, you would press this button to return to the default view:
    Normal view
  17. You would go to the ______ tab to find the chart group.
  18. Headers and footers are separated into ______ section(s).
  19. When you Autofit a column, you ______ border of the column heading.
    Double click the right
  20. The button used to change the direction of text is called:
  21. To save a saved document using a new name:
    Click SAVE AS on the Office Button
  22. When changing the row height, you would use the cell's ______ border.
  23. When Excel starts and the blank spreadsheet displays on the screen, all of the columns have a default width of ______.
    8.43 characters
  24. To rename sheets, double-click the sheet tab in the lower-left corner of the window, type the new sheet name, then ______.
    Press the ENTER key
  25. The ______ preceding a formula is important because it alerts Excel that a formula or function is being entered and not text.
    Equal sign
  26. A blank cell in Excel has a numerical value of ______.
  27. The ______ function is a function that sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of non-zero cells in the range.
  28. When a floating dollar sign appears, you are using ______ style.
  29. The formula that tells you how many numbers are in your cell range is:
  30. When a fixed dollar sign appears you are using ______ style.
    Accounting style format
  31. Reduces the amount of decimal places.
    Decrease Decimal
  32. Holding down this keyboard button will allow you to select more than one cell, row, or column at one time.
  33. Contains a letter and a number.
    Cell Reference
  34. You can view contents of a cell in this bar.
  35. The function that allows you to add together values in rows and columns.
  36. Creates a single cell by combining two or more selected cells.
    Merging Cells
  37. Means that the width of a column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fit in the column.
  38. Creates a graphic to represent something.
  39. You can ______ new rows between existing rows.
  40. A key that is used for charts.
  41. Contains buttons such as center, merge, and wrap text.
    Alignment Group
  42. This allows your text to all fit into one cell by changing the height of the row and allowing the text to appear on multiple lines.
    Text Wrap
  43. Button allowing more decimal places.
    Increase Decimal
  44. The tab you would go to in order to insert a function.
  45. What you always need to do before you print.
  46. You use this feature to fill in a series of numbers instead of typing all of them.
  47. The group with the drop-down arrow that allows you to format numbers and text to formats such as percentage, currency, and general.
  48. The area behind the columns on a column chart.
    Plot Area
  49. Section in page setup that allows you to fit a spreadsheet to one page.
  50. A type of graph that can be exploded.
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