Quiz 7

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  1. NSAIDS work at a molecular level by inhibiting the enzyme COX which stands for:
  2. This (Cyclooxygenase) enzyme synthesizes the inflammatory molecules:
  3. Celebrex was claimed to only inhibit the isozyme:
  4. The most common adverse effect of this (Celebrex) family of drugs:
    Mi & Strokes
  5. The potent prescription NSAID that should not be used for more than 5 days:
  6. The common OTC NSAID with a 6-8 hour half life:
  7. A major advantage of Tylenol over the NSAIDs:
    It does not cause gastric ulcers
  8. A drug  that is prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis as well as cancer:
  9. An injectable drug that inhibits tumor necrosis factor that is used for a variety of auto-immune diseases:
    Enbrel / Humira
  10. The life threatening adverse effect from an opiate overdose:
    Respiratory depression
  11. A more potent opiate than morphine which has lower incidence of nausea:
  12. About %7 of the American population do not get very good pain relief from codeine because:
    They lack the metabolizing enzyme CYP 2D6
  13. ___ is a morphine derivative that was the most commonly prescribed drug in the country in 2005
  14. It (Hydrocodone) is almost always combined with ____________
  15. Another common derivative of morphine available in a long acting form that has become a popular street drug and was publicized by Rush Limbaugh
  16. It (oxycontin) was reformulated in fall 2011 because:
    people were crushing or chewing them to get a faster high
  17. An opiate that is currently drug of choice for the pain associated with childbirth:
  18. An antitussive with mild hallucinogenic properties:
  19. ___was originally developed as an alternative to heroin that did not require use of needles, but has been used increasingly as a pain medication in its own right which has a __ onset.
    Methadone & slow
  20. An opiate that is commonly prescribed for cancer patients and those with frequent vomiting:
  21. The antidote for opioid overdose:
  22. An opioid that is used for treating diarrhea:
  23. There is very little likelihood of this drug (Imodium) being abused because :
    it doesn't get absorbed out of the GI tract
  24. A common local anesthetic in the dental office:
  25. Cocaine causes major damage to the noses of people snorting regularly due to its ___ properties.
  26. Tagamet, Pepcid and Axid are examples for the _____ family of drugs which are used to reduce the pain of uclers.
    Histamine 2 Antagonists
  27. The family name of the other major family of drugs used to reduce the pain of ulcers:
    Proton Pump Inhibitors
  28. All generic names of the above (Proton Pump Inhibitors) family end in:
  29. A commonly prescribed PPI:
    Prilosec / Nexium
  30. The ARB family of antihypertensives have generic names that all end in :
  31. Prior to 1970's most medical research was funded by____
    Federal Government
  32. What alternatives to an implated defibrillator are suggested by Dr. Abramson?
    Diet and Exercise
  33. How did the drug makers make sure that Nexium appeared more efficacious than Prilosec?
    They gave twice the dosage of Nexium
  34. In what way is the list of authors on a medical article sometimes misleading?
    Medical articles can be written by ghostwriters who were not involved in the research process.
  35. The most commonly prescribed drug in the ACE inhibitor family:
  36. a common adverse effect to this family (ACE Inhibitor):
  37. A related family (to ACE inhibitors) which does not have the above problem (cough) has the generic names that end in:
  38. ___ family of antiHTN commonly can cause edema.
    Calcium Channel Blockers
  39. An angina drug that is commonly taken sublingually:
  40. The actual active molecule produced from Nitroglyceride:
    nitric oxide
  41. Potassium sparing diuretics such as _____ work on the ____ portion of the kidney nephron.
    Spirinolactone & last distal convoluted tubules
  42. An anticoagulant from pig intestines that is given by injection:
  43. An injection anticoagulant with more reproducible activity than the above drug:
  44. An anticoagulant with a very short half life:
  45. The activity of the anticoagulant ________ is measured with an INR number which stands for ______.
    Warfarin & International Normalized Ratio
  46. A patient with an INR= 1.2 is at risk of having __
    heart attack
  47. Plavix is used to inhibit :
    Platelet aggregation
  48. The naturally occurring enzyme which dissolves clots:
  49. Name the most commonly prescribed generic statin:
  50. Name the best selling statin drug still under patent:
  51. The statin drugs can have adverse effects on:___ and _____
    muscle tissue & liver organ
  52. A drug which inhibits the absorption of dietary cholesterol:
  53. Sales of the above drug dropped after a trail which showed that Zetia:
    Did not reduce risk of MI and Stroke
  54. A vitamin which lowers cholesterol when taken in megadoses:
  55. NSAID stands for:
    Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  56. Large doses of NSAIDs may cause _______ of renal arteries
  57. NSAIDs are also often used to treat menstrual cramps, medically referred to as:
  58. An OTC NSAID that advertises it lasts the "whole day" (8 hrs):
  59. Golilocks has a total cholesterol of 200 mg/dL and LDL of 180 mg/dL. What is her total/HDL ratio? She is at ____ risk of MI or ischemic stroke.
    10   (200/20=10) & high
  60. Goldilocks goes on Vytorin and her lab results come with a total cholesterol = 160 mg/dL and her LDL= 120 mg/dL. Her total/HDL ratio is ____. She is now at ____ risk of MI or ischemic stroke.
    4 & average
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