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  1. What is Heredity?
    Its  a passing of physical charateristics, or traits , from parents to offspring.
  2. What is genetics?
    The scientific study of heredity. 
  3. What is feritization?
    The process in sexual reproduction in which an egg cell and sperm cell join to form a new cell.
  4. What is purebed?
    An offspring of many generations that have the same form of trait.
  5. What is alleles?
    The different froms of gene.
  6. What is dominat allele?
    An ellele whose trait always shows up in the organsim when the allele is present.
  7. what is recessive Allele?
    An allele that is hidden whenever the dominat allele is present.
  8. What is hybrid?
    And offspring of crosses that has two different alleles for a trait.

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