Visual Basic Chapter 1

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  1. What is the difference between Main Memory and Secondary Storage?
    Main memory (RAM) is usually a volatile type of memory, used only fortemporary storage. When the computer is turned off, the contents of main memoryare erased. Secondary storage is a type of memory that can hold data for longperiods of time – even when there is no power to the computer. Frequently usedprograms are stored in secondary memory, and loaded into main memory asneeded.
  2. What is the difference between Operating System Software and Application Software?
    An operating system is a set of programs that manages the computer's hardwaredevices and controls their processes. Application software refers to programs thatmake the computer useful to the user. These programs solve specific problems, orperform general operations that satisfy the needs of the user. Word processing,spreadsheet, and database packages are all examples of application software.
  3. What is an object?
    An object is an item in a program that contains data and has the ability to performoperations.
  4. What is a control?
    A control is a specific type of object that usually appears in a program's graphicaluser interface.
  5. Briefly describe what an event-driven program is.
    Event-driven programs respond to events. An event is an action that takes place,such as the clicking of a button with the mouse. When an event occurs, theapplication responds by executing a special type of method known as an eventhandler.
  6. From what you have read in this chapter, describe the difference between a Label control and a TextBox control. When is it appropriate to use one or the other?
    A Label control is used to display text information. The user cannot enter a valueinto a Label control, or change the value it displays. The user can, however, enterinformation into a TextBox control. It is appropriate to use a Label control whendisplaying data that the user cannot change. It is appropriate to use a TextBoxcontrol when the user must enter data.
  7. When creating a Visual Basic application, you will spend much of your time doing what three things?
    • *Creating the GUI elements that make up the application’s user interface
    • *setting the properties of the GUI elements
    •  *writing programming language statements
  8. What is a form?
    A form is a window, onto which other controls may be placed.
  9. Summarize the mandatory rules that you must follow when naming a control.
    Control names must start with a letter. The remaining characters may be letters,digits, or underscore characters only. You cannot use spaces, special symbols, orpunctuation characters in a control name.
  10. What is a keyword?
    Words that have a special meaning in a programming language. Keywords mayonly be used for their intended purpose.
  11. What is the purpose of inserting comments in a program?
    Comments, or remarks, are notes that explain the purpose of statements orsections of code. Although comments, or remarks, are part of an application’scode, they are ignored by the compiler. They are intended for the programmer orothers who might read the application’s code.
  12. What is language syntax?
    Rules that must be followed when constructing a method. Syntax dictates howkeywords, operators, and programmer-defined names may be used.
  13. What is syntax error?
    A syntax error is the incorrect use of a programming language element, such as akeyword, operator, or programmer-defined name.
  14. What is a runtime error?
    A runtime error is an error that occurs while running the program. Runtime errorsdo not prevent an application from executing but cause it to produce incorrectresults.
  15. What is an operator?
    Operators perform operations on one or more operands. An operand is usually apiece of data, such as a number. Examples of operators include +, –, *, and /.
  16. What is a flowchart?
    A flowchart is a diagram that graphically depicts the flow of a method. It usesboxes and other symbols to represent each step.
  17. What is pseudocode?
    Pseudocode is a cross between human language and a programming language.Although the computer can’t understand pseudocode, programmers often find ithelpful to plan an algorithm in a language that’s almost a programming languagebut still very readable by humans.
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