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  1. which level of mental retardation can reach 6th grade level of education and function on their own?
    mild iq- 50-70
  2. which level of mental retardation can reach 2nd grade level of education and needs supervision?
    • moderale- 
    • iq-- 30-55
  3. which level of retardation can has little speech?
    • severe
    • iq-- 20-35
  4. which level of retardation needs continuous care and supervision?
    • profound
    • iq <20
  5. which of the childhood disorders is more common in girls?
  6. how does retts present?
    normal develeopment and then congnitive and motor retardation
  7. what is the equivalent of retts disorder in boys/? where normal development is proceeded by psychosocial and motor retardation?
    childhood disintigrative disorder
  8. which of teh childhood developmental disorders has aggression?
  9. difference between asperger and autism?
    • autism--retarded social, intellect,  language and fixation with objects
    • asperger--normal language and intellect  but retarded social skills
  10. criteria for adhd?
    • at least for 6 months, at school and home
    • <7 years of age
  11. rx for adhd?
    • 1st line--methylphenidate, dextroamphetamine
    • 2nd line- atomoxetine
  12. on the usmle, what is used as first line rx for adhd?
    • atomoxetine
    • bc of decreased side effects associated with it
  13. what behavioral disorder, oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder goes on to anti social disorder?
    conduct disorder/.
  14. difference between oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder?
    • oppositional defiant disorder--defiant to authorities but not cruel or violent
    • conduct--defiant to authorities and cruel and violent
  15. rx for tourettes?
    dopamine antagonis--risperidode
  16. rx for depression with neuropathic pain?
  17. rx for depression with no weight gain or sexual side effects?
  18. 1st line rx for depression?
  19. major depression symptoms must last how long at least?
    2 weeks
  20. bipolar disorder symptoms must last at least how long?
    one week
  21. difference between mania and hypomania?
    • mania--functioning affected serious
    • hypomania--functioning not affected seriously
  22. rx for acute mania?
    • lithium
    • valproate
    • antipsychotics
  23. what is used for sedation for any psychiatric disorder?
  24. dysthymia needs to last how long?
    • depressed mood for 2 years
    • ssri and psychotherapy
  25. cyclothymia
    • depression and hypomania for 2 years
    • lithium, valproate and psychotherapy
  26. atypical depression?
    • increased appetite, sleep, weight
    • ssri or maoi
  27. rx for seasonal affective disorder?
    phototherapy and bupropion
  28. post partum disordrs?
    • post partum blues up to 2 weeks-support
    • post partum depression-up to 3 months--ssri
    • post partum psychosis up to 3 weeks-antipsychotics
  29. when is medical therapy for bereavement the answer?
  30. rx for bereavement/
  31. when is bearevement a diagnosis of major depression?
    if you have thoughts of suicide and severe impairment in functioning for at least 2 months
  32. side effect of mirtazapine?
    weight gain and sedation
  33. side effects of bupropion?
    lowers seizure threshold
  34. side effects of tca?
    • coma
    • convulsions
    • cardiotoxicity
    • anti-cholinergic
  35. side effects of lithium
  36. side effects of lithium?
    • movement
    • nephrogenic di
    • hypOthryoid
    • Pregnancy--ebsterin abnormality
  37. rx of serotonin syndrome?
  38. rx for depression patients who are refractory to treatment or who may have depression?
    electroconvulsive therapy
  39. duration of brief psychotic disorder?
    • <1 month
    • between 1 month and 6 months
    • more than 6 months
  40. what must be rules out in apt with hallucinations and psychotic behavior?
    cocaine and meth use
  41. which subtype of schizophrenia has negative symptoms such as social withdrawal, poor grooming, flat affect?
  42. rx for shizo?
    atypical antipsychotics
  43. when is clozapine used?
    when typical and atypical antipsychotics fail
  44. what two antipsychotics have the least chance of giving a metabolic syndrome including weight gain?
    • aripiprazole
    • ziprasidone
  45. which antipsychotic increases qt?
  46. which antipsychotic causes weight gain?
    movement disorder
    less movment disorder
    qt prolongation
    • olanzapine and clozapine
    • risperidone
    • quetiapine
    • ziprasidone
    • clozapine
  47. rx for dystonia?
    tardive dyskinesia
    neuroleptic malignant
    • antimuscarininc
    • bb, switch to atypica
    • switch to atypical
    • dantrolene
  48. rx for delusional disorder?
    atypical antipsychotics
  49. rx for panic disorder?
    rx for panic attack
    • ssri
    • alprazolam
  50. how long do symptoms last for a delusional disorder?
    1 month
  51. rx for phobias?
    • desensitization
    • relaxation techniques
  52. rx for ocd?
  53. rx for depression, panic disorder, ocd, ptsd, gad?
  54. symptoms need to last how long for ptsd?
    acute stress disorder?
    • 1month
    • <1 month
  55. GAD needs to last how long to be diagnosed?
    6 months
  56. what gaba agonist is used for alcohol withdrawal?
    chlordiazepoxide , oxazepam
  57. gaba agonist used in panic attack
  58. gaba agonist used in emergency situations for IM injections?
  59. gaba used if addiction is a concern?
  60. when is flumazenil used?
    • overdose of gaba is acute
    • no chronic dependance
  61. treatment of intoxication with
    meth and cocaine
    anabolic steroids
    • mechanical ventilation
    • antipsychotics
    • none
    • antipsychotics
    • antipsychotics
    • naloxone
    • antipsychotis
    • antipsychotics
  62. when is a cage questionare positive?
    2 positive responses
  63. rx of withdrawal from
    meth and cocaine
    anabolic steroids
    • benzo thiamine glucose
    • bupropion/bromocriptine
    • none
    • none
    • none
    • methadone, clonidine, buprenorphine
    • none
    • ssri
  64. pharmacologic rx for alcoholism?
    acamprosate, disulfiram, nalexone
  65. what is a somatization disorder?
    • 4 pain
    • 2 gi
    • 1 sexual
    • 1 psuedoneurological
  66. rx for somatization disorder?
  67. what is the goal of  person with a facticous disorder?
    goal of a person whoc is malingering?
    • to get the sick role
    • to get an obvious gain
  68. rx for adjustement disorder?
  69. a lack of cooperation is characteristic of people with what syndrome?
  70. what is the work up for a facticious disorder?
    rule out organic causes for pain
  71. what is conversion disorder?
    some neurological deficit that the pt does not really care about
  72. rx for personality disorders?
  73. which of the personality disorders have been associated with psychotic positive symptoms?
    • borderline
    • schizotypal
  74. rx for anorexia nervosa?
    when are ssri used?
    • psychotherapy
    • to promote weight gain
  75. rx for bulimia?
    • psychotherapy
    • SSRI
  76. which one requires hospitalization , anorexia or bulimia?
  77. rx for narcolepsy?
    • daytime naps
    • modafinil
  78. rx for insomnia?
    • sleep hygiene technique
    • rx-zolpidem
  79. rx for gender identity disorder/?
    • sex reassignment
    • psychotherapy
  80. are there any symptoms in subclinical hypothyrodism?
  81. cause of osteitis fibrosis cystica?
  82. rx of cap for inpatient?
  83. ataxic hemiparesis, clumsy hand/ataxia, pure sensory stroke, pure motor stroke are all a part of what infact?
    lacunar infarct
  84. contraindication to succinylcholine?
  85. nystagmus can be caused
    • demyalination of extraocular nerves
    • cerebellum
  86. what does dipyrimadole do?
    • vasodilates
    • inhibits platelet aggregation
  87. in terms of malignant potential, how are these
    • fap
    • villouw
    • adenomatous
  88. next best step in bph management?
    • urinalysis
    • creatinine
  89. two types of vertigo?
    • central--brainstem and cerebellum
    • peripheral ear
  90. meniere disease symptoms?
    • vertigo
    • fullness of ear
  91. in dementia, pts typically loose orientation first to what?
    • 1- time
    • 2- place
    • 3- person
  92. rx for enuresis?
    most effective?
    bell pad apparatus

    • desmopressin
    • imipramine
  93. when is enuresis diagnoxed?
    after age 5
  94. what class of psychiatric drugs are contraindicated in kids/
  95. tourettes are associated with?
    • ocd
    • adhd
  96. hypochondriasis must last how long to be diagnosed?
    6 months
  97. rx for body dysmorphic ?
  98. which of the somatoform disorders is treated with ssri?
    body dysmorphic
  99. rx for pain disorder?
  100. rx for facticious?
  101. rx for somatization disorder/
    schedule regular visits with patient
  102. drugs that cause pancreatitis?
    • diuretics--furosemide, thiazide
    • IBD--sulfasalazine, 5ASA
    • AIDS--pentamidine, didanosine
    • immunosuppressive-azathioprine L asparginase
    • seizures--valproate
    • antibiotics--metro, tetracycline
  103. atrophy of brain in picks occurs where?
    frontal temporal lobes
  104. how is vascular dementia different from other dementias?
    only vascular dementia has focal neurological deficits
  105. rx for delusions, agitation, halluciantions?
  106. cause of dissociative amnesia?
    psychological stress
  107. what is multiple personality disorder called now?
    dissociative identity disorder
  108. adjustement disorder has to occur within what period?
    3 month period and has to last at least a month
  109. how does dependance start?
    from abuse
  110. what drug gives flashbacks years after use?
  111. date rape drugs?
    • flunitrazepam
    • gamma-hydroxybutyrate
  112. what is intermittent explosive disorder?
    aggression dissporportionate to the cause for it
  113. rx for pathologic gambling?
    gamblers anonymous
  114. Bulimia nervosa is associated with what disorder?
  115. definition for annorexia?
    • body imagine disturbance
    • low bmi
    • amenorrhea for 3 cycles
  116. 2 personality disorders that have psychotic symptoms?
    • schizotypal
    • borderline
  117. rx for premature ejaculation?
    behavioral therapy
  118. most common cause of erectile dysfunction in men?
  119. paraphilias need to last how long?
    6 months
  120. types of paraphilias?
    • exhibitiosnism
    • voyerism
    • froteurrism
    • fetishism
    • pedophilia
    • masichism
    • sadi
  121. rx for gender identity disorder
    sexual reassignement
  122. which antipsychotics treat negative symptoms?
    atypical antipsychotics
  123. what antipsychotics causes?
    retinal deposits?
    conduction defects
    retrograde ejacualtion
  124. when is haloperidol still used?
    acute agitation via IM route
  125. how do you augment antidepreesant medications?
    • stimulants
    • thyroxine
    • lithium
  126. when is trazodone used?
    for sedation
  127. anorgasmia and decreased libido? with antidepressant
  128. depression + neuropathic pain?
    snri--desvenafaxine, duloxetine
  129. rx for ocd/?
    rx for enuresis?
    • clomipramine
    • imipramine
  130. rx for atypical depression
    • ssri
    • maoi
  131. benzos that arent metabolized by the liver and cytp450?
    • olanzepam
    • terazepam
    • lorazepam
  132. when can you breach confidentiality?
    suicide treatment

    • when patient okays it
    • tarasoff
  133. criteria for depression?
    • sleep disturbance
    • interest loss
    • guilt
    • energy level off
    • concentration problem
    • apeitite changes
    • psychomotor retardation
    • suicidal ideation
  134. difference between depression with psychosis and psychoaffective disorder?
    depression with psychosis--depression and then psychosis..psychosis does not occur unless there is depression

    schizoaffective--psychosis and then mood disorder..mood disorder doesnt occur unless there is psychosis
  135. what endocrine disroder cause depressiin?
    • hypothyroid
    • cushings
    • hyperparathyroid
  136. when is trazodone used for depression?
    what is the off label use for it?
    when is mirtazipine used?
    • never
    • insomnia

    elderly--stimulates sleep and appetite
  137. ?what neurotransmitter has sexual side effects?
  138. what antibiotic can cause serotonin syndrome?
  139. difference between serotoning syndrome and nms?
    • nms--lead pipe rigidity, slow
    • serotonin--dyskinesia, fast onset
  140. when do you give bicarb for tca overdose?
    if qt interval ?100msec
  141. contraindication to bupropion?
    • weight issues
    • low seizure threshold
  142. depression+ neuropathic pain?
  143. mania vs hypomania?
    • mania symptoms-->1 week--hospitalization
    • hypomania >3 days no hospitalization
  144. rapid cyclin in bipolar?
    normal cycling?
    • more than 4 episodes in a year
    • more than 4 in 10 years
  145. does cyclothymia ever end?
    no..there cannot be normal mood for more than 2 months
  146. adjustement disorder cannot last longer than ?
    6 months
  147. what supercedes, mdd or adjustement disordeR?
  148. patients with anxiety are at risk for developing?
  149. difference between adjustment disorder and bereavent?
    adjustement disorder has impair of functionality
  150. drugs that have short or long half lives are better at decreasing withdrawal?
  151. gad must last how long?
    6 months
  152. stage fright is part of what?
    social phobia, specific phobia, panic disorder?
    social phobia--rx is bb
  153. patients with ocd are likely to get what neurological disorder?
    tic disorder
  154. diff between manic and hypomanic?
    • manic--affects life functionality
    • hypomaniac--doesnt affect life functionality
  155. do you add antidepressant to lithium for bipolar?
    no you add antipsychotics
  156. rx for anthrax
  157. which hernia strangulates often
  158. rx for stress incontinenece?
    • kegel
    • estrogen
  159. cradle cap?
    seborrheaic dermatitis
  160. high potency antipsychotics?
    hell freaking tardive diskinesia
    • thiothexine
    • fluphenazine
    • haloperidol
  161. purpura fulminans occurs secondary to what?
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