The Race Against Death

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  1. antitoxin (an-tahy-TOK-sin)
    • noun; a substance that stops or reduces the effect of a poison
    • example: After a rattlesnake bit him, Clarence was rushed to the hospital and given an antitoxin.
  2. epidemic (ep-ih-DEM-ik)
    • noun; a widespread occurrence of a negative event, especially an infectious disease;
    • 2. adjective ; affecting a large number of people; widespread
    • example 1: The flu epidemic has now hit all 50 states.
    • example 2: By 1985, the number of AIDS cases in America had risen to epidemic proportions.
  3. frostbite (FRAWST-bahyt)
    • noun; the freezing of the skin or deeper layers of tissue in some part of the body; an injury caused by severe cold, often to the nose, cheeks, chin, fingers, toes, or ears
    • example: Frostbite is a serious condition, so be sure to wear warm clothes when you go outside
  4. neutralize (NOO-truh-lahyz)
    • verb; to make something ineffective or harmless
    • example: Placing a box of baking soda in the refrigerator will neutralize bad smells.
  5. outpost (OWT-pohst)
    • noun; 1. a military camp apart from the main group of soldiers, which guards against a surprise attack; 2. a settlement or station on a frontier or in a faraway place
    • example 1: The army prepared for battle after the outpost sent word of an an approaching enemy.
    • example 2: The people at the outpost were shocked to see us approaching. Largely cut off from the rest of the world, they didn’t get many visitors.
  6. serum (SEER-uhm)
    • noun; 1. the clear, thin, liquid part of the blood; it separates from blood when blood clots; 2. a liquid used to prevent or cure a disease; it is usually taken from the blood of an animal that has had the disease and is immune to it (also called antiserum)
    • example 1: The doctor took a blood-serum sample to check Elliott’s dad’s cholesterol level.
    • example 2: Jasper was saved by the serum he received at the hospital.
  7. windchill (WIND-chil)
    • noun; a measurement given in degrees that reports the combined effect of low temperature and the wind speed on exposed skin
    • example: It was 40 degrees outside, but the windchill made it feel much colder.
  8. windpipe (WIND-pahyp)
    • noun; the tube that links the lungs and the throat and that carries air for breathing; the trachea
    • example: Janet started coughing after a bit of food went down her windpipe.
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