feagai exam 2

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  1. the most common cause of illness is infant and child is?
    respiratory alterations
  2. why are children under 3 most affected by respiratory alterations?
    immune system, smaller upper and lower airways, underdeveloped supporting cartilage.
  3. what is otitis media (OM)?
    effusion/infection of the middle ear
  4. what is otitis media with effusion (OME)?
    there's fluid behind TM w/o signs of infection
  5. what does the TM look like with otitis media with effusion?
    opaque, retracted. dull grey to amber color.
  6. the child has strep. how long do they take penicillin?
    10 days
  7. what are the contraindications for penicillin?
    liver disease
  8. when do children mostly get tonsilitis and pharyngitis?
  9. what is croup?
    harsh cough, hoarseness, degree of respiratory distress.
  10. acute lanryngotrachobronchitis is viral.
  11. epiglottitis a medical emergency?
  12. when is a common age to have epiglottitis?
  13. What are the 6Ds for epiglottits?
    • Drooling
    • Dysphagia
    • Dysphonia
    • Distress inspiratory
    • Do not get a culture from throat
    • Do no leave unattended
  14. what is a classic sign of epiglottitis?
  15. which one's symptoms is worse at night, but better during the day?
  16. albuterol is a beta-2 agonist?
  17. child reports wheezing, dry mouth and salty skin. what is that?
    cystic fibrosis
  18. what is gonna happen with fibrotic pancreas?
  19. what is apnea?
    no breathe 20 seconds followed by cyanosis
  20. what is first degree airway obstruction? what is second degree?
    first is air can move both ways. second is air can move only one way
  21. what is the leading casue of death in children younger than 1 year?
    airway obstruction
  22. what is most common bone cancer?
    osteogenic sarcoma
  23. what is the 2nd most common bone cancer?
  24. ewing
  25. what is most common type of kidney cancer?
  26. what is the baby scared of?
    sepration strangers
  27. what is the todd scared of?
    loss of control
  28. what is the preschooler scared of?
    body harm, dark, unknown
  29. what is the school age csared of?
    live up to expectations
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