Bone Surface markings

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  1. Condyle
    • description:
    • smooth, rounded, articular process, extemely large.  is the round prominence at the end of a bone, most often part of a joint - an articulation with another bone.

    Function: articulation
  2. crest
    • description:
    • A crest is a prominent ridge of a bone

    • Function:
    • attachment for skeletal muscles
  3. Epicondyle
    • Description :
    • A rounded projection at the end of a bone, located on or above a condyle and usually serving as a place of attachment for ligaments and tendons.

    function: attachment for skeletal muscles
  4. Foramen
    • D: opening, hole
    • F: passageway fro blood vessels and nerves
  5. Fossa
    • D: shallow depression, basin
    • F: attachment for muscles or articulations
  6. line or spine
    line of demarcation; narrow slit or furrow; doesn't indent too much and is normally long; think of it as a boarder
  7. Trochanter
    • D:very large projection
    • F:attachment for muscles
  8. tubercle
    • D:nodule or small eminence, small rounded projection
    • F:attachment for muscles
  9. tuberosity
    • D: large roughened projection, roughened part of bone
    • F: attachment for muscles
  10. Fissue
    • D:narrow slit between adjacent bones
    • F: passageway for blood vessels and nerves
  11. Foramen
    • D:opening through which blood vessels and nerves pass
    • F:Passageway for blood vessels and nerves
  12. Meatus
    • D:canal or passageway, tube like opening
    • F:passageway for blood vessels and nerves
  13. Facet
    • D:found on the vertebra; smooth flat articular surface
    • F: articulation
  14. Ramus
    • D: Arm-like bar of bone, smooth rounded articular process
    • F: Articulation
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