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  1. Describe what occurs in the female body during menstruation
    An egg is released from one of the ovaries

    The egg goes into the Fallopian tube

    If it is not fertilised, the egg travels down into the womb and out of the body

    If it is fertilised, the egg goes down to the womb and attaches itself.  The egg grows into a baby
  2. List hygiene points that should be followed during menstruation
    Change pads or tampons regularly

    Wash your pubic area every day

    Wash your hands before and after changing a pad or tampon

    Wear tight fitting underwear with pads to prevent leaking

    Buy dark coloured underwear to wear during periods 
  3. What are the functions of testosterone in males?
    Testes start to make sperm

    It causes puberty eg. facial hair
  4. What is the function of the placenta?
    It attaches the embryo to the womb
  5. What is the function of the umbilical cord?
    It gives food and oxygen to the baby
  6. Outline the risks associated with casual sex
    Unplanned pregnancy

    Sexually transmitted infections

    Can develop cervical cancer

  7. Identify the part labelled A

  8. Identify the part labelled B
    Sperm duct

  9. Identify the part labelled C

  10. Identify the part labelled D

  11. Identify the part labelled E
    Fallopian tube

  12. Identify the part labelled F

  13. Identify the part labelled G

  14. Identify the part labelled H
  15. State the function of the bladder
    To make urine
  16. State the function of the testis
    To make sperm
  17. State the function of the ovary
    To make eggs
  18. State the function of the uterus (womb)
    To hold the baby for 9 months

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Home Economics - Human Reproduction
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Human Reproduction

Human Reproduction
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