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  1. What is the main advantage of home baking?
    The person knows exactly what goes into them
  2. Outline the guidelines for home baking
    1.Collect all ingredients, equipment and prepare tins

    2. Weigh ingredients accurately

    3. Preheat oven

    4. Follow recipe step by step

    5. Time cooking accurately

    6. Do not open the oven doors

    7. Cool baked product on a wire tray

    8. Wash and dry equipment and table
  3. How does air work as a raising agent in home baking?
    Air is introduced by sieving, rubbing in, creaming or whisking

    Once the mixture is heated, the hot air in the mixture rises, pushing the mixture up

    A crust forms on top, which stops the mixture from collapsing when cool
  4. What is gluten?
    This is a protein found in wheat

    It allows the bread to rise in the oven
  5. How does baking powder work as a raising agent in home baking?
    When it is mixed with a liquid carbon dioxide is made

    The carbon dioxide pushes the mixture up

    In the oven, a crust forms, which keeps the mixture risen
  6. Why is gluten important in home baking?
    It allows the bread to rise and when heated it also sets to form a crust and keep the bread risen
  7. Name different methods of making bread and cakes and given an example of each
    Rubbing in eg. scones

    Creaming eg. queencakes

    Whisking eg. sponge cake

    Melting eg. gingerbread

    All-in-one eg. All-in-one Madeira cake
  8. List different types of pastry and suggest one use for each one
    Shortcrust eg. pies, quiches and sausage rolls

    Rich shortcrust eg. Mince pies

    Cheese pastry eg. Quiche

    Choux pastry eg. Eclairs and profiteroles

    Rough puff pastry eg. Vol-au-vents and sausage rolls

    Filo pastry eg. Spring rolls
  9. Outline four pastry making guidelines
    1. Weigh accurately

    2. Keep everything cold

    3. Handle pastry as little as possible

    4. Roll pastry lightly in one direction

    5. Allow pastry to relax in the fridge before rolling

    6. Bake first in a hot oven and then reduce heat to finish baking
  10. State an advantage of using commercial cake and bread mixes
    Quick and easy to use

    Useful for beginners

    No waste
  11. State a disadvantage of using commercial cake and bread mixes

    Usually do not taste as a good as home baked products

    Often high in sugar and salt

    May contain additives
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