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  1. Cell Respiration
    The process in which cells turn oxygen and other materials and turn them into energy/food for the cell.
  2. Photosynthesis
    The process in which plant cells turn carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water into energy/food for the cell.
  3. Passive Transport
    Movement of materials in and out of a cell without using energy/diffusion
  4. Active Transport
    Movement of materials in and out of a cell requiring the use of energy
  5. Diffusion
    Moving from high to low concentration
  6. Osmosis
    The movement of water in and out of the cell membrane
  7. Fungi
    A kingdom that includes eukaryotic cells which live off of decomposing and absorbing the material
  8. Parasite
    An organism that lives off of another organism, called a host
  9. Bacteria
    Single celled organisms that are responsible for diseases.
  10. Virus
    A non-living organism that can only reproduce inside a living organism.
  11. Pathogen
    Any disease creating agent
  12. Antibiotic
    A group of chemical substances that destroy bacteria that aren't supposed to be present
  13. Resistance
    An organism that can resist the affects of a harmful agent
  14. Vector
    An organism that transmits a virus, carries it
  15. Carrier
    An organism that has a virus but doesn't show symptoms/is immuned to it

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