American Government Test

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  1. What are the functions of political parties?
    Provide moderation for opposing or extreme views. Nominate candidates. Spread their platform.
  2. What are the stereotypes of the political parties?
    Hollywood elite and poor people tend to be democratic. Middle class people tend to be Republican
  3. What are the ideologies of the Republican and Democratic?
    Republicans favor conservative, limited government, having a good defense, and prolife.

    Democrats favor liberal, large government, welfare, abortion, government services.
  4. what are the characteristics of conservative and liberal?
    Conservative- destiny, humans are corrupt, tradition, separation of powers, indirect democracy, favor states rights, autonomy branches, strict constructionists, decentralize government, favor businesses, individual, congress over executive

    Liberal- rational science, man is unlimited, no tradition, no separation of powers, direct democracy, no states rights, no autonomy of branches, no limited government, loose constructionist, expand government programs, executive over Congress.
  5. Changes from Jacksonian period?
    higher voter turnout, use of convention, political campaigns, spoils system.
  6. Characteristics of Public Opinion?
    does not mean opinion of all americans, may or may not result in government action, public opinion helps to shape public policy, minority states counts.
  7. What are some changes from the 1968 Democratic National Committee?
    Nominating process more open, involvement by special interest groups, longer campaigns, less participation by americans, growth of independent voters, ticket splitting, tv.
  8. What are drawbacks from primaries?
    takes away power of party boss to choose candidate, creates divisions within party.
  9. what is the use of public opinion to politicians?
    they want to know what the majority of Americans think at the time, see where they are lacking in their campaign.
  10. What are problems with Public opinion?
    it only counts for that moment, wording of questions, when and how people ask
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