Sublist 1 Definitions

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  1. to look at or think about the different parts or details of sth carefully in order to
    understand or explain it
    analyse (verb)
  2. 1. the careful examination of the different parts or details of sth
    analysis (noun)
  3. using careful examination in order to understand or explain sth
    analytical (adj.), also analytic
  4. a person whose job is to examine sth carefully as an expert
    analyst (noun)
  5. 1. to come near or nearer to sb/ sth
    • approach (verb)
    • - erreichen, nähern
  6. 2. to deal with a problem, a situation, etc
    • approach (verb)
    • - herangehen
  7. 3. to speak to sb usually in order to ask for sth
    • approach (verb)
    • - nach etw. fragen
  8. friendly and easy to talk to
    • approachable (adj.)    
    • - zugänglich
  9. 1. a part of a town, a country, the world, subject or activity
    area (noun)
  10. 2. the size of a surface that you can calculate by multiplying the length by the width
    area (noun)
  11. 3. a space used for a particular activity
    area (noun)
  12. to judge, appraise or evaluate somebody or something.
    • assess (verb)
    • - beurteilen, bewerten, Wert bestimmen
  13. to regard something as true
    • assume (verb)
    • - vermuten, annehmen
  14. to adopt a certain attitude
    • assume (verb)
    • - eine Haltung annehmen
  15. persons, esp. in government, having the power or right to enforce orders, laws, etc.,
    a government agency that administers a project
    • authority (noun)
    • - Behörde
  16. a person with much knowledge or experience in some field, whose information or
    opinion is hence reliable
    • authority (noun)
    • - Kompetenz
  17. reliable because coming from one who is an expert or properly qualified
    • authoritative (adj.)    
    • - autoritativ, bestimmt
  18. accessible, obtainable, free for use
    • available (adj.)
    • - erhältlich
  19. an available person or thing, the quality or state of being available
    • availability (noun)
    • - Vorhandensein
  20. something that promotes well-being, useful aid
    • benefit (noun)
    • - Vorteil, Nutzen
  21. to receive benefit, to be useful or profitable
    • benefit (verb)
    • - begünstigen
  22. receiving or entitling one to receive advantage, use or benefit
    • beneficial (adj.)
    • - vorteilhaft
  23. something conceived (ausgedachtes) in the mind, idea
    • concept (noun)
    • - Konzept
  24. Auffassung, Vorstellung
  25. In Begriffe fassen, begrifflich denken
    conceptualise, conceptualize
  26. relating to or consisting of concepts
    • conceptual (adj.)
    • - konzeptionell
  27. To be composed or made up
    consist of (verb)
  28. The state or quality of holding or sticking together and retaining shape
    • consistency (noun)
    • - Konsistenz
  29. Conformity with previous attitudes, behaviour, practice, etc.
    • consistent (adj)
    • - übereinstimmen, entsprechen
  30. continually occurring or recurring
    • constant (adj.)
    • - beständig
  31. something invariable or unchanging
    • constant (noun)
    • - Konstante
  32. to form or make up (aufstellen), to compose, to represent, to set up (an institution)
    • constitute (verb)
    • - darstellen, begründen
  33. the principles on which a state is governed, a person’s state of health
    • constitution (noun)
    • - Verfassung
  34. a body of citizens entitled to elect a representative, an electoral district,
    a group or body that patronizes, supports, or offers representation
    • constituency (noun)
    • - Wählerschaft
  35. to force by imposed stricture, restriction, or limitation; confine
    • constrain (verb)
    • - behindern, beschränken
  36. the part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning, the circumstances in which an event occurs, a setting
    • context (noun)
    • - Kontext
  37. to make or become shorter, narrower or generally smaller.
    • contract (verb)
    • - kürzen, schrumpfen
  38. slightly formal to catch or become ill with a disease.
    • contract (verb)
    • - erkranken, infizieren
  39. - Vertrag, Abkommen, Auftrag
    (- beauftragen lassen)
    • - contract
    • (- to contract)
  40. vertraglich
  41. to make something new, especially to invent something.
    • create (verb)
    • - schaffen (zb. Stellen schaffen)
    • - erschaffen
  42. information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered and used to help decision-making, or information in an electronic form that can be stored and
    processed by a computer.
    data (noun)
  43. To state the precise meaning of word; to describe the nature or basic qualities
    • define (verb)
    • - definieren
  44. A definition is a formal passage describing the meaning of a term (a word
    or phrase).
    definition (noun)
  45. formed or developed from something else; not original
    • derived (adj.)
    • - abgeleitet
    • - kommt von, ableiten
  46. Make available
    • distribute (verb)
    • - verteilen, verbreiten
  47. The commercial activity of transporting and selling goods from a producer
    to a consumer
    • distribution (noun)
    • - Vertrieb
  48. the management of the resources of a community, the prosperity or earnings of a
    • economy (noun)
    • - Wirtschaft
  49. pertaining to the producion, distribution, use of income, wealth and
    commodities or to the science of economics
    • economic (adj.)
    • - wirtschaftlich
  50. avoiding waste or extravagance, thrifty, saving, provident, sparing,parsimonious, careful and saving use of resources, implies prudent planning
    • economical (adj.)
    • - ökonomisch
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