Gender test 2 readings

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  1. Jaggar

    Objectivity and validation
    • Objectivity is an honorific concept. 
    • Hard to define because its hard to explain 

    Some feminists have abandoned this idea because it is impossible to be completely objective.
  2. Jaggar

    Love and Knowledge: Emotions in feminist epistemology
    Truth without emotions (the physical feelings and physiological response). 

    Reason has direction, emotions does not and is involuntary

    • Emotional hegemony
    •      The way society supports the subjugation of of emotions based on gender.
  3. Longino

    Values and Objectivity
    • 2 intended ascriptions of objectivity to scientific method
    •   1. willingness to let facts rule
    •   2. Impartial criteria not our own wishes

    Most objective when seeking knowledge not the solution of the truth.
  4. Hill Collins

    Learning from outsider within: The sociological significance of black feminist thought
    • Outsider within is within our homes but not really part of that society. 
    •      The occupy a special place because they see things insiders cannot.

    • Self definition is defining who you are.
    • Self valuation is valuing who you are
  5. Mies

    The need for a new vision: The subsistence perspective

    Need for qualitative change. 

    Schizophrenia of commodity producing societies is the people are both consumers and producers.

    It is possible to live within our means (live off nature).
  6. Harding

    Borderland epistomologies
    Major themes in standpoint approach are those at the top dictate our roles.

    The weak provide resources for growth by guiding the new questions about nature, science and society.
  7. Maquire

    Feminist participatory research
    Participatory research is designed to create change.

    It is assumed that everything is a power display.

    It is hard to do because it is time consuming.
  8. Shiva

    Democratizing biology: reinventing biology form a feminist, ecologica and third world perspective
    Dominant biological paradigm needs reinvented because it reinforces bias.

    Patriarchal world views lets us rape the world for our own benefit not looking at what the world needs. 

    Does not like Locke.
  9. Wietzer and Kubin

    Misogeny in rap music: A content analysis of prevalence and meaning
    Looked at lyric in rap for misogyny. 

    • 5 distinct misogynistic lyric traits
    •   1. Naming and shaming
    •      Status degridation
    •   2. Sexual objectification
    •      Women only good for sex
    •   3. Cant trust em
    •      Distrust of women
    •   4. Legitimating violence
    •      Condoning violence against women
    •   5. Women as prostitutes, men as pimps
    •      self explanatory
  10. Gillam and Wooden

    Post-princess models of gender: The new man in Disney/Pixar
    • They looked at movies leading characters to see how men are represented.
    •   More tender now. 

    Alpha males take a more feminine quality now, emasculated. 

    Still instilling normative heterosexual relations.
  11. Cohn

    Wars, wimps and women: Talking about gender and thinking war.
    Gender is how a culture assigns meaning to sex difference. 

    Gender discorse is how we think about gender. 

    National security discourse is gendered because it is a display of strength.
  12. Pascoe

    Dude you're a fag: Adolecent masculinity and the fag discourse
    Definition is contradictory because it is mostly used to describe heterosexual boys. 

    Fag is the opposite of masculine. 

    An example of gendered homophobia because it is mostly boys who use it and are described by it.
  13. Reay

    Spice girls, nice girls, girlies and tomboys: Gender discourses, girls' cultures and femininities in the primary classroom
    These girls identify themselves differently.

    Tomboys are more accepted by boys.

    Girlies are more heteronomative group

    Examined how girls talked about each other.
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