VOCAB-- Medical Transcription Case Study 3

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  1. acute hepatic failure
    the sudden onset of liver failure
  2. advanced cardiac life support
    a set of interventions for urgent treatment of cardiac arrest (include meds, CPR, and defibrillation)
  3. alveolitis
    inflammation of the alveoli (air sacs in lungs)
  4. amphoric
    describing a hollow sound resulting from percussion over a lung cavity
  5. ancillary
  6. asystolic
    pertaining to asystole (absence of cardiac contraction)
  7. atrial fibrillation
    rapid, irregular contractions of the atria (upper chambers of the heart)
  8. atrial flutter
    rapid contractions of the atria, more regular than fibrillation
  9. axial sections
    referring to cross sections obtained in a horizontal plane of a structure of the body, either by slicing or by imaging techniques
  10. axillary
    pertaining to the armpit
  11. basal ganglia calcifications
    deposits of calcium in basal ganglia (groups of nerve cells in the brain)
  12. bilateral
    occurring on both sides
  13. bleb
    an abnormal air-filled or fluid-filled sac
  14. bronchoscopy
    visual examination of the bronchial passages of the lungs through a bronchoscope; a surgical procedure
  15. brushings
    cell samples that are obtained with a brush; this material is sent for examination of the cells for carcinoma or other disease processes, such as TB
  16. carina
    a downward and backward projection of the lowest tracheal cartilage, forming a ridge between the openings of the right and left main broncho
  17. cavitary lesions
    abnormal tissue areas containing cavities
  18. cerebral edema
    excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain substance that causes swelling
  19. Code Blue
    medical jargon meaning a pt's heartbeat and/or respirations have ceased, calling for immediate resuscitation procedures (CPR)
  20. congestion
    swelling of blood vessels due to engorgement with blood
  21. cords
    referring to the vocal cords, 2 small bands of muscle within the larynx; the vocal cords vibrate to produce the voice
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VOCAB-- Medical Transcription Case Study 3
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