psychology 310

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  1. Somatoform Disorder
    Pathological concern of individuals with the appearance of functioning or their bodies, usually in the absence of any identifiable medical condition
  2. Dissociative Disorder
    Disorder in which individuals feel detached form themselves or their surroundings and feel reality, experience, and identity may disintegrate
  3. Hypochondriasis
    Somatoform disorder involving severe anxiety over belief in having a disease process without any evident physical cause.
  4. Somatization Disorder
    Somatoform disorder involving extreme and long-lasting focus on multiple physical symptoms for which no medical cause is evident.
  5. Pain Disorder
    Somatoform disorder featuring true pain but for which psychological factors play an important role in onset, severity, or maintenance.
  6. Conversion Disorder
    Physical malfunctioning, such as blindness or paralysis, suggesting neurological impairment but with no organic pathology to account for it.
  7. Malingering
    Deliberate faking of a physical or psychological disorder motivated by gain.
  8. Factitious Disorder
    Nonexistent physical or psychological disorder deliberately for no apparent gain except, possibly, sympathy and attention
  9. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
    Somatoform disorder featuring a disruptive preoccupation with some imagined defect in appearance (imagined ugliness)
  10. Derealization
    Saturation in which the individual loses a sense of the reality of the external world.
  11. Depersonalization Disorder
    Dissociative disorder in which feeling of depersonalization are so severe they dominate the individual's life and prevent normal functioning
  12. Diassociative Amnesia
    Diassociative disorder featuring the inability to recall personal information;usually of a stressful or traumatic nature
  13. Generalized Amnesia
    Loss of memory of all personal information, including identity
  14. Localized or Selective Amnesia
    Memory loss limited to specific times and events, particularly traumatic events
  15. Dissociative Fugue
    Dissociative disorder featuring sudden, unexpected travel away from home, along with an inability to recall the past, sometimes with assumption of a new identity
  16. Dissociative Trace Disorder (DTD)
    Altered state of consciousness in which people firmly believe they are possessed by spirits;considered  disorder only where there is distress and dysfunction
  17. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
    Disorder in which as many as 100 personalities or fragments of personalities coexist within one body and mind. Formerly known as multiple personality disorder.
  18. Alters
    Shorthand term for alter ego, one of the different personalities or identities in dissociative identity disorder.
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