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  1. competence
    cont attempt by nrs to gain knowledge and skills allowing them to effectively provide care for pts of different cultures.
  2. sensitivity
    awareness of different cultures
  3. sensitivity entails
    knowledge, assessment, mutual respect, and negotiation
  4. knowledge means
    learning abt diff cultures
  5. assessment means
    talking to pts abt their ind beliefs
  6. mutual respect
    respectful of their customs, rites, rituals, behaviors and beliefs. develops trust
  7. negotiation
    giving quality care w/o compromising pts beliefs and values
  8. diversity
    the many differences in the elements of culture in groups of ppl in society (melting pot)
    all persons are unique but have similarities
  10. bias
    interpreting a word/action according to some cult-derived meaning assigned to it, leads to danger
  11. ethnocentrism
    attitude that one groups way of doing things is better than that of groups w diff cultures
  12. stereotype
    inaccurate generalization used to describe all members of a spec group wo exception; making false assumptions and ignorance involved
  13. prejudice
    intolerance of a cult group; hostile attitude
  14. discrimination
    withholding rights and privileges from a person/group because of their cultural/religious beliefs
  15. summarize philosophy of ind worth
    unique value each human for care and their right to beliefs
  16. areas of cultural diversity
    family structure, food preference, religious beliefs
  17. family diversity
    • child rearing practices
    • nuclear fam vs ext fam struct
  18. food preferences
    what, when. and how
  19. relig beliefs
    personal to ind, imp aspect of culture
  20. diversity concept of time
    clock or linear time
  21. diversity communication
    speak dif lang, different view of reality
  22. diversity education
    adapt you explanation to a level of their understanding
  23. diversity economic level
    related to education
  24. diversity wellness/illness belief
    good health to one may be sickness to another
  25. pregnancy and birth
    welcome new babies in dif ways
  26. terminal illness and death
    special taboos and prohibitions
  27. year 2050
    50% Americans ethnic minority
  28. stigmas
    ageism and sexism
  29. assess pts beliefs/needs
    • data on adls and beliefs
    • fact sheet
    • reference guides
  30. when pts are not following plan of care
    suspect cultural dif
  31. spiritual careĀ help pt develop awareness to maintain
    inner strength, self-awareness, lifes purpose, relationships, relationship higher power
  32. needs for additional spiritual care
    • hospitalization
    • pain
    • incurable dis
    • dying
    • familys of deceased
    • facing undesirable illness
    • lost control
  33. meeting thier needs
    • ask
    • show interest
    • listen
    • respond natural
    • face reality
    • encourage involvement
    • families participation
    • no false reassurance
    • supportive and empathetic
  34. interventions spiritual
    • open-ended qs
    • active listening
    • eye contact
    • nonjudemental
    • dont give advice
    • dont change pt belief
    • nonverbal messages
    • empathy
  35. pastoral care team
    ministers, priests, rabbis, laypersons
  36. religious self refers to
    specific beliefs held by an individual in regard to a higher power
  37. person may feel comfort and solace
    in refuge of God,, passing into another life after death
  38. denomination
    organized group of ppl who share a philosophy that supports their particular concept of God or higher power, worship experiences
  39. agnostics
    hold the belief that the existance of God neither proved or disproved
  40. atheist
    do not beleive in God or supernatural existance
  41. rituals are
    a series of actions w religious meaning
  42. rituals provide
    • comfort during crisis
    • symbols
  43. symbols importance valued by
    their faith
  44. respect rituals and
    incorporate them into care plan
  45. prayer is a
    • spiritual practice
    • puts pt in touch w god
    • decrease anxiety
    • cope
  46. do not assume
    • all individuals are religious
    • same organization - same belief
    • indiv differences
    • clarify w pt
  47. church of god
    • no alcohol/caffeine
    • lacto-ova vegans - avoid pork
    • no overeating
  48. buddhism
    • no alcohol
    • lacto-ovo
    • eat fish, avoid beeg
  49. roman catholic
    • no meat ash wed and fri during lent
    • optional fasting lenten
    • exempt are children, pregnant and ill
  50. latter day saints - mormom
    • no alcohol, coffee, or tea
    • limited meat
    • first sun of mo optional fasting
  51. hinduism
    • many vegans - no beef or pork
    • fasting varies but not kids
  52. islam
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