ANSC 311 - Thermoregulation

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  1. What is the difference btwn a homeotherm and a poikilotherm?
    • Homeotherm: stable internal temp regardless of external temp
    • Poikilotherm: internal temp varies with external temp
  2. How is heat produced in the body?
    • Metablolism
    • Shivering
    • Nonshivering thermogenesis (oxidize fats to produce heat)
  3. How is heat transferred in body?
    • Blood - capillaries = high SA
    • Countercurrent - warm blood ran beside cold blood
  4. How is heat exchanged with the environment?
    • Convection - body warms surrounding air/water
    • Conduction - body contacts cooler surface
    • Radiation- IR rad absorbed by cooler objects
    • Evaporation - sweat, saliva, secretions
  5. What characterizes heat stroke?
    • Peripheral vasodilation
    • Increased evaporative cooling
  6. What characterizes cold stress?
    • Peripheral vasoconstriction
    • Shivering & nonshivering thermogenesis
  7. What characterizes fever?
    Increased body temp due to increase in thermoregulatory set point
  8. What is the shivering pathway?
    • Central thermoreceptors (CNS)
    • Peripheral thermoreceptors (Skin)
    • Integration (Hypothalamus)
    • Effectors (motor neurons)
  9. What are 2 consequences of heat stress in cows?
    • Acidosis-related troubles
    • Reduced milk yield
  10. What does temperature humidity index NOT account for?
    • Milk yield
    • Solar radiation
    • Air movement
    • Acculumation of heat load over time (several hot days)

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