Home Economics - Food Processing and Leftovers

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  1. What is food processing?
    This is treating foods in some way to make them easier to use
  2. List the advantages of food processing
    1. Lasts longer

    2. Saves time in preparing

    3.Easier to transport

    4. Easier to store

    5. Seasonal foods are available all year round
  3. List the disadvantages of food processing
    1. Expensive

    2. Not as tasty as fresh foods

    3. Nutritional value is often reduced
  4. What is food preservation?
    This is a type of food processing that slows down food going bad
  5. List the conditions micro-organisms need to grow
    1. Food

    2. Time

    3. Oxygen

    4. Warmth

    5. Moisture

    6. Correct pH
  6. List the advantages of food preservation
    1. Prevents waste so it saves money

    2. Seasonal foods are available all year round

    3. Adds variety to the diet

    4. Easy to prepare
  7. List the different methods of preserving food



    Canning and bottling

    Adding chemical preservatives

  8. What is the purpose of blanching foods before freezing?
    It destroys enzymes that can reduce the quality of frozen vegetables
  9. Describe how blanching is done
    Plunge vegetables into boiling water for 1 - 4 minutes and then plunge them into ice cold water
  10. Suggest guidelines for buying frozen foods
    1. Packaging should not be torn

    2. Food should be frozen solid

    3. Check that freezer reads -18 degrees or less

    4. Check that food is below load line in freezer
  11. Name different types of packaging suitable for freezing
    Freezer bags

    Plastic boxes

    Waxed cartons with lids
  12. Name foods that are not suitable for freezing
    Vegetables with a high water content


  13. Briefly describe a method of preserving food in detail

    The food is brought to a temperature of -18 degrees or below

    The enzymes and micro-organisms are not killed at this temperature but become inactive
  14. List different items of information that must appear on a food label under EU law
    Name of food

    List of ingredients

    Net quantity

    Best before date

    Storage instructions

    Name and address of manufacturer

    Country of origin

    Instructions for use

    Nutritional information
  15. What are EU numbers?
    These are additives that are considered to be safe by the EU
  16. List an advantage of food additives
    1. They make food last longer

    2. Reduce the chance of food poisoning

    3. Wider choice of foods available

    4. Improve the appearance, texture and flavour of foods
  17. List a disadvantage of food additives
    1. Some people can suffer from rashes and hyperactivity

    2. It can deceive comsumers about food quality eg. colourings
  18. What is the purpose of antioxidants?
    To stop fat from reacting with the air and going off
  19. What is the purpose of colourings?
    To make food look more appetising
  20. What is the purpose of emulsifiers?
    To allow oil and water to mix
  21. What is the purpose of flavour enhancers?
    To strengthen the flavour of food
  22. What is the purpose of preservatives?
    To stop food from going off
  23. Name a leftover dish that could be made using bread

    French toast

    Bread and butter pudding
  24. Name a leftover dish that could be made using chicken


  25. NameĀ a leftover dish that could be made using eggs



    Bread and butter pudding
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