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  1. What is : in health care is "an approach to the continous study  and improvement of the process of providing healthcare services to meet the needs of patients and others.
    Quality Improvement
  2. Continous Quality Improvement (CQI)
    Continous Improvement (CI) and
    Total Quality Management (TQM)
    are synonymous terms for :
    Quality Improvement
  3. What is a generic term used to describe all types of groups that provide health care services?
    Health Care Organizations
  4. TJC stands for
    The Joint Commission
  5. JCAHO stands for
    Joint Commission on the Accrediation of Healthcare Organizations
  6. Who is the not for profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of care in health care settings
    TJC (the joint commission)
  7. What is the result of the performance or lack of performance of a process
  8. ____provides standards of measurement
    Quality control
  9. _____ involvesthe systematic collection and review of quality assurance data
    Quality assessment
  10. NOTE CARD:
    Quality assurance focuses on performance measurement, which is based on the comparrision of processes with outcomes to quality indicators, the measurable dimension of quality that defines what is to be monitored
  11. A ___ plan integrates quality assurance quality control, and assessment into a complex, system wide improvement program revolving around the healthcare organizations missions and goals
    CQI (continuous quality improvement)
  12. What does ACR stand for?
    American College of Radiology
  13. What does AAPM stand for?
    American Association fo Physicist in Medicine
  14. A ____ is an audit mechanism is an integral part of the plan
    peer review
  15. NOTE CARD:
    Before the process of quality improvement can be implemented standards must be developed by which one can compare, evaluate, and establish quality control
  16. WHat does NRC stand for?
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  17. What Federal Agency was created ina s a result of Congress passing legislation to divide the Atomic Energy Commission that since 1954, had been managing the nations
    NRC _ nuclear regulatory commission
  18. The mission of the ___ is to ensure adequate protection of the public health and safety, the common defense and security, and the enviroment in the use of nuclear materials in the US
  19. The use of radioisotopes in brachytherapy and the cobalt for external treatments fell under the regualtion of the
  20. What agency was established to consolidate into one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard setting, and enforcement activitys to guarantee protection of the enviroment
  21. THe ___ mission is to protect human health and safeguard the natural envirment - air, water, and land - upon which life depends
  22. The ___ is involved with regualtion of the disposal, storage, and handling of nuclear waste materials as it relates to enviromental protections issues (seed implants, sources, etc)
  23. What does OHM stand for?
    Office of Hazardous material
  24. ____ mission is to save lifes, prevent injuries, and protect the health of American workers
  25. To ensure safe & healthful working conditions for working conditions for working men & women the US Congress passed the ______ Act of 1970
    Occupational SAfety & Health Act
  26. _____also sets standards for exposure to cadium & lead which primarly covers industrial work enviroments, but these standards apply to mold rooms, where Cerrobend (Shielding) block is constructed in radiation oncology
  27. What is another name for Cadmium?
    Lipowitz alloy
  28. THe first agreement state was established in _____
    Section 274b of the atomic energy act of 1954 provides a basis for the NRC to relinish to the states portions of it regulatory by-product materials (radioisotopes), souce materials (uranium, thorium) an certian quantities of special nuclear materials
  30. Currently there are ____ states in agreement
  31. 34
  32. The Professional Practice standards are divideded into 3 sections:

    which one defines activites related to the care of patients and the delivery of procedures and treatments
    Clinical Performance Standards
  33. The Professional Practice Standards are divivded into 3 sections:

    which one includes the activities of the practioner inthe technical area of performance involving equipment safety and TQM
    Quality Performance Standards
  34. THe Professional practice standards are divided into 3 sections:

    which one defines activites in the areas of education,  interpersonal relationships personal and professional self-assessment, and ethical behavior
    Professional Performance standards
  35. What is the totality of features and characterics of a radiation therapy process that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs of the patient
  36. What is the all those planned or systematic actions neccessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality
    Quality Assurance
  37. All aspects of the radiation therapy process must be routinely and continously measured, the results analyzed, and corrective action taken as required to ensure quality patient care.
    This tpye of review is referred to as a:
    Quality Audit
  38. _____ is defined as the operational techniques and activites used to fulfill requirements for quality
    Quality Control
  39. Measurements of the patient outcomes is required by the ___?
  40. An ____ ____ measurement tool used to evaluate an organization's performance.
    Quality Indicator
  41. The TJC has replaced the term quality assurance with terms such as ______ or ______.
    • Quality Assessment
    •           or
    • Quality Improvment
  42. What does TQm stand for?
    Total Quality Management
  43. What is a group consisting of all staff employees in radiation oncology who come in contact with the patient and/or family members throughout the course of radiation treatments
    Radiation Oncology Team
  44. What is a pictorial representation of the steps necessary in a process.
    Flow Chart
  45. What are those activites considered to be of the most importance in providing healthcare services
    Aspect of Care
  46. _____ is a system wide set of methods and tools for improving a process by emphasizing speed and efficiency
  47. _____ focuses on improving the process through precision and accurancy, with the elimination of defects
    Six Sigma
  48. QA Simulator             Tolerances

    Gantry / Collimator
    1 degree
  49. QA Tolerances

          Table Verticles & Longitudinal motion
  50. QA of Medical Accelerators

          xray output constancy
          Electron out put constancy
    • 3%
    • 3%
  51. Mechical Checks

    Gantry/Collimator angle
    1 degree
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