Anth Section 2

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  1. Charnel House
    A building designed to hold remains of the deceased
  2. Chunky
    An Eastern Woodlands game played with stone disks and Javelins
  3. Circumscription
    Constraint on population growth imposed by surrounding populations of similar type
  4. Entrada
    A Spanish word used to describe an overland expedition
  5. Oxbow Lake
    A lake formed from a segment of a river left isolated when the river changes course
  6. Phytoliths
    Silica grains that form in plant cells
  7. Palisade
    A defensive wall of large posts, also called a stockade
  8. Swidden
    A form of shifting agriculture involving field rotation and long fallow periods
  9. Woodhenge
    A circle of large posts used for astrological study
  10. What caused the Mississippian polities to arise and grow to critical size?
    The addition of Maize to economic systems
  11. What prevented many local populations from responding to the pressures of population increase by fission and relocating?
    Circumscription and a shortage of prime land
  12. Where did the earliest, and eventually the largest, polities develop?
    The American Bottom portion of the Mississippi Valley
  13. What development came before the secondary versions known as South Appalachian, Plaquemine, and Caddoan Mississippian?
    The Middle Mississippian
  14. What was the largest Middle Mississippian site and what was its population?
    Cahokia/ around 6,000
  15. What are the characteristics of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex?
    A set of symbols and artifact types that are found across the variants of Mississippian
  16. Which Mississippian Version arose in part because of the migration of Siouan-speaking groups from the Midwest?
    South Appalachian Mississippian
  17. What did the Mississippian polities leave behind after their decline in the fifteenth century?
    A vacant area at the core of Middle Mississippian territory and thinned population elsewhere in the Midwest
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