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  1. Obese
    having excess of body fat that adversely affects health
  2. Morbid obesity (2)
    -body weight exceeding 100% of normal

    -creates a very high risk for serious health complications
  3. 3 ways to check weight is healthful
    -determining the BMI

    -measuring body composition

    -asessing pattern of fat distribution
  4. 4 limitations of BMI
    -no indication of how much of persons body mass is composed of fat


    -ethnic background

    -individuals with high lean mass
  5. what is body composition?
    -measurement of body fat and lean muscle mass

    ***body fat test
  6. How is fat distribution pattern? (2)
    measured by waist to hip ratio and waist circumference

    *apple shaped or pear-shaped?
  7. Apple-shaped fat patterning (2)
    -upper body

    -increased risk for chronic diseases
  8. Pear-shaped fat patterning (2)
    -lower body

    -no significant increased risk for chronic diseases
  9. Energy balance
    occurs when energy intake= energy expenditure
  10. What is basal metabolic rate? (BMR)
    -energy expended to maintain resting functions of the body
  11. LEan tissue AND BMR
    More lean tissue increases your BMR
  12. BMR AND Aging
    BMR decreases with age
  13. Stress AND BMR
    Stress increases BMR
  14. Thermic effect of food
    energy expended to process food
  15. Which macro takes the most to process?
  16. What organ uses the most energy at rest?

    *26 percent
  17. HOw much does physical activity cost?
    15-35% of total energy output
  18. How much does genetic factors account for towards body fat?
    25% of a persons body fat
  19. Thrifty gene theory (3)
    -proposes that a gene causes people to be energetically thrifty

    -proposes that people with this gene expend less energy than other people and therefore gain weight

    -has not been identified
  20. Set point theory (2)
    • -proposes that each persons weight stays within a small range
    • *set point

    -body compensates for changes in energy balance and keeps a persons weight at their set point
  21. What does leptin do? (4)
    it is produced by fat cells causes

    -reduced food intke

    -reduced weight

    -decreased body fat
  22. Mutation in leptin gene
    it causes reduced levels of leptin leading to increased food intake and reduced enrgy output
  23. What gene controls leptin?
    ob gene
  24. 3 environmental factors in childhood can influence..
    -food choices

    -activity levels

    -later adult behaviors
  25. 3 strategies that a healthgul weight requires
    -gradual change in energy intake

    -regular and appropriate physical exercise

    -application of behavior modification techniques
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