Songwriting Midterm

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  1. Da Capo Arias
  2. Losing My Mind
    Stephen Sondheim
  3. Send in the Clowns
    Stephen Sondheim
  4. A Day in the Life
    Lennon/McCartney (The Beatles)
  5. Happiness is a Warm Gun
    Lennon/McCartney (The Beatles); Through-composed
  6. The Soft Parade
    The Doors
  7. Puttin’ on the Ritz
    Irving Berlin
  8. I Got Rhythm
    George Gershwin
  9. He Hit Me (And it Felt Like A Kiss)
    Carole King
  10. Superstition
    Stevie Wonder
  11. Livin’ For the City
    Stevie Wonder
  12. Set Fire to the Rain
    Frasier Smith & Adele
  13. National Anthem
    Lana del Rey
  14. Ease on Down the Road
    Charlie Smalls (The Wiz)
  15. No Bad News
    Charlie Smalls (The Wiz)
  16. Hallelujah
    Leonard Cohen
  17. Hook
    Short musical idea/riff to catch the listener’s ear; repeats in order to be memorable; often includes catchy distillation of lyrics & active rhythm
  18. Chorus
    Greater intensity (register, volume, melodic contour, meaning of lyrics) than verse
  19. Bridge
    Contrasting section that prepares for return of earlier melodic material (also called pre-chorus or link)
  20. Solo Section
    Instrumental version of vocal melody and/or improvisation
  21. Rhythm Section
    Drums, bass (electric or double), rhythm guitar, keys
  22. Horn Section
    Saxophones, trumpets, trombones
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