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  1. Formula
    An equation in a worksheet that calculates a results.
  2. Ribbon
    contains the word tabs each tab on the ribbon includes buttons for command related to editing and formatting documents.
  3. Worksheet
    is contained in a file called a workbook
  4. Organize Data
    Sorting data in ascending or descending order; list products or customer names, or prioritizing orders by date.
  5. Analyze Data
    Creating data summaries and short lists using Pivot tables or Auto-filters Exam: making a list of customers based on their income.
  6. Templates
    Predesigned  formatted files.
  7. Name Box
    Displays the active Cell address...A 1
  8. Formula Bar
    This is were you enter or edit data in a worksheet
  9. Cell Pointer
    is a dark rectangle the outlines the cell you are working in this is also called the active cell
  10. Sheet Tabs
    located below the worksheet grid, lets you switch from sheet to sheet in a workbook
  11. Status Bar
    is located at the bottom of the Excel window. A brief description of the active command or task.
  12. Range
    A selection of two or more cells such as B:5 B:14
  13. Labels
    Are entries that contain text and numerical information not used in calculation. Helps you identify data in worksheet rows and columns.
  14. Function
    is a built in formula; it includes the argument.
  15. Arguements
    The information necessary to calculate an answer, as well as a cell reference and other unique information.
  16. Page Layout Review
    Provides a more accurate view of how a worksheet will look when printed.
  17. Fill Handle
    copy cell contents to adjacent cells +
  18. Normal
    select a cell range; indicates ready mode.
  19. Formula Prefix
    starts with a equal sign
  20. Cell
    In intersection of a column and a row
  21. Workbook
    File consisting of one or more worksheets
  22. Normal View
    Direction in which contents of page will print.
  23. Orientation
    Default in which contents of page will print.
  24. Complex Formula
    Is one that uses more than one arithmetic operator. It uses a formula that can calculate addition,multiplication and division.
  25. Conditional Formatting
    A type of cell formatting that changes based on the cell's value or the outcome.
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