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  1. advantages of HDTV over SDTV
    improved picture quality-if digitally mapped, analog NTSC video is 704 active pixels wide by 480 active pixels high, HDTV is as much as 1920 x 1080. picture detail survives to home, displays can use i or p scanning. wider aspect ratio.
  2. advantages of SDTV over HDTV
    multichannel broadcasting capability of SDTV (due to smaller information load each channel has), 4 to 6 signals can fit into same bandwidth of 1 HD-shows have secondary channels supporting main channel
  3. 96- Advanced Television Systems Committee
    no single standard mandated by government, able to choose what type of DTV signal to send over their airwaves, menu of signal options (18 types) called Table 3
  4. progressive is ___ as much resolution as interlace
    2 times
  5. best quality HDTV info
    1080 x 1920. 16:9. 30 Hz scan rate. Progressive scanning
  6. HDTV is used mostly for
    prime time, movies, sports and special events
  7. SDTV is used mainly for
    daytime (soap operas, game shows, talk shows, news)
  8. old tv sets need
    set-top box to receive ATSC signals and convert them into analog NTSC to be displayed with 4:3 or letterboxed image
  9. tv PTD
    Production-long defined by each network, Transmission-defined by FCC in Table 3, and Display- TV set manufacturers agreed to sell sets that can display all ATSC types. Production format and Display formats don't have to be the same.
  10. NBC and CBS
  11. ABC and FOX
    720 p
  12. ATSC
    DTV system in USA
  13. DVB-T
    DTV system in Europe
  14. ISDB-T
    DTV system in Japan
  15. DMB-T
    DTV system in China
  16. analog TV production was
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