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  1. An approach to conditioning that attempts to bring about peak performance while reducing injuries and overtraining is defined as
  2. What describes the time when conditioning is dedicated to unstructured recreational activities and physical restoration?
  3. If the intensity of an activity is such that sufficient oxygen can be supplied to meet the demands of working tissues, the activity is
  4. Which of the following training techniques involves alternating periods of relatively intense work and active recovery
    Interval training
  5. Which kind of strengthening excercises are used commonly in the early phase of rehab?
    Isometric excercises
  6. What kind of test is used to determine an athlete's ability to perform a specific activity?
    Functional Test
  7. Which of the following components of a rehab progam is most commonly neglected?
    Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  8. What occurs when an athlete feels an overhwleming feeling of hopelssness or loneliness?
  9. The coach should take all of the following steps if he/she recognizes overtraining in an athlete
    • 1. Modify the athlete's training sessions over a 3-5 day period
    • 2. Gradually allow the athlete to reuturn to practice once symptoms improve
    • 3. Cease the athlete's participation in ceptitions for a short period of time
  10. What components make up the major elements of a rehab program?
    • 1. Providing correct immedtate first aid and magaement following injury to limit or control swelling 
    • 2. Reducing or minimizing pain
    • 3. Restoring full range of motion
    • 4. Reestrablishing core stability
    • 5. restoring or increasing muscular strength, endurance, and power
    • 6. reestablishing neuromuscular control
    • 7. improving balance
    • 8. maintaining cardiorespiratory fitness 
    • 9. incorporating appropriate functional progressions
  11. What are some ways that the coach and athletic trainer can help prevent physiological setbacks in the rehab process?
    • The coach and athletic trainer can give the patient at home excercises to work on while not in the rehab center
    • Encouraging movement everyday will also help keep up muscle strength and joint mobility
  12. What short phrase can best describe "sports medicine"
    Different specialized areas related to performance and injury
  13. What are steps to take for an appropriate injury prevention strategy for sports team medicine
    • 1. Coordinating the adminstration of comprehensive physical examinations and pre-participation screenings of all athletes
    • 2. Implementing appropriate training and coordinating programs for all athletes
    • 3. Seleting and fitting any necessary protective equipment for all athletes
  14. What is the role of the team physcian
    The final authority in determining when an injured athlete can return to practice and competition
  15. What are the symptoms of shock?
    • Sluggish/exceptionally drowsy
    • Respirations are shallow and rapid
    • Skin is ashen and clammy
  16. When assessing an athlete, what is the first action that must be taken
    Determine the level of consciousness and unresponsiveness
  17. When transporting an athlete with a suspected spinal or pelvic injury, what techniques should be used?
    Spine board and move under medical direction
  18. In an effort to accurately assess the extenet of a musculoskeletal injury, what is the first steo that should be taken?
  19. Ater an injury, acute management should be done for how many hours
  20. What degree classification of a ligament sprain involves total tearing of tissue?
    Grade III
  21. What is the key to treating tendonitis?
    resting the injured area by eliminating the irritating activity
  22. Which of the following would be considered an acute injury?
    1. peroneal longus tenosynovitis
    2. shoulder subluxation
    3. patellar tendinitis
    4. hip osteoarthritis
    3. patellar tendinitis
  23. What is a condition characterized by pain and discomfort during and immediately following exercise?
    Acute onset muscle soreness
  24. What type of injury occurs when a bone comes partially out of its normal articulation then goes right back into place?
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