GRE Advanced 2

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  1. contumacious
    insubordinate, rebellious
  2. descry
    to discriminate or discern
  3. desuetude
  4. desultory
    random aimless; marked by a lack of plan or purpose
  5. diffident
    reserved, shy, unassuming; lacking in self-confidence
  6. encomium
    glowing and enthusiastic praise
  7. excoricate
    to censure scathingly, to upbraid
  8. execrate
    to denounce, to feel loathing for, to curse to declare to be evil
  9. exegesis
    critical examination, explication
  10. expiate
    to atone or make amends for
  11. extirpate
    to destroy, to exterminate, to cut out, to exscind
  12. fatuous
    silly, inane, foolish
  13. fractious
    quarrelsome, rebellious, unruly, refractory, irritable
  14. gainsay (v)
    to deny, to dispute, to contradict, to oppose
  15. imbroglio
    difficult or embarrassing situation
  16. ineluctable
    certain, inevitable
  17. inimitable
    one of a kind, peerless
  18. insouciant
    unconcerned, carefree, heedless
  19. inveterate
    deep rooted, ingrained, habitual
  20. jejune
    vapid, uninteresting, nugatory; childish, immature, puerile
  21. lubricious
    lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery
  22. meretricious
    cheap, gaudy, tawdry, flashy, showy; attracting by false show
  23. minatory
    menacing, threatening (think of a scary minotaur)
  24. nadir
    low point, perigee
  25. panegyric (n)
    formal praise, eulogy, encomium
  26. pellucid
    transparent, easy to understand, limpid
  27. peroration
    the concluding part of a speech; flowery, rhetorical speech
  28. plangent
    pounding, thundering, resounding
  29. prolix
    longwinded, verbose
  30. propitiate
    to appease, to conciliate
  31. pusillanimous
    cowardly, craven
  32. remonstrate
    to protest, object
  33. salutary
    remedial, wholesome, causing improvement
  34. sanguine
    cheerful, confident, optimistic
  35. saturnine
    sullen, gloomy, dark, morose
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