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  1. Bacteria
    • Small number cause plant disease
    • rod-shaped
    • volume is 1000 times smaller than plant cell
  2. Agrobacterium
    • Rod-shaped, motile, gram-negative
    • smooth and white
    • associated with plant roots & soil
    • tumor like growth
  3. Clavibacter
    • irrgualarly rod-shaped, club end
    • most non-motile
    • gram-positive
    • white then become orange/yellow
    • develop slowly
  4. Erwinia
    • rod-shaped, motile, gram negative
    • mostly paracitic
    • cream colored some yellow
    • facilitative anerobes- can live w/ or w/o O2
    • Some divided into brenneria, Pantoea, Pectobecterium
  5. Pseudomonas
    • rod-shaped, motile, gram negative
    • white, pigments fluoresces under UV light
    • broken into- Acidovaorax, burkholderia, ralstonia
  6. Xanthomonas
    • rod-shaped, motile, gram negative
    • yellow
    • only plant pathogens not saprophytes
  7. Streptomyces
    • filamentous bacteria
    • produce aerial conidia chains
    • gram positive
    • dry granular/powdery
    • most soil inhabiting and few cause scab disease
  8. Gram Reaction
    • Staining: + stay blue, - decolorise red
    • KOH
    • - premeable = stringy, viscous b/c cell wall break
    • + not premeable = not viscus
  9. Soft rot bacteria on potatoes
    • Cuts heal faster b/c suburbanization
    • if covered with water the O2 is depeated & can't heal
    • if it is below 20 C it can't heal
    • 95-90% humidity and cool
  10. Soft Rot of Veg caused by Erwinia carotovora
    • very wide spread
    • starts as water soaked, then collapes, discolored, cracks and oozing
    • Likes wet and cool
    • maggots spread the bacteria
    • Management: crop rotation, remove infected produce, clean, seed treatment, keep in dry cool place
    • can make the plant a host to salmonella
  11. Fire Blight of apple, pear, cause by erwinia amylovora
    • Symptoms: flowers discolor and drop, hooked twigs, wilting leaves
    • Signs: milky bacterial ooze under humid conditions
    • Likes: humid and wet
    • Management: resistant trees, control incest to spread, remove infected
  12. Crown gall caused by agrobacterium tumefaciens
    • Symptoms: Overgrowth, galls, near soil line, stunted plants
    • Signs: none
    • Likes: wooden plants
    • Management: resistance, reduce root chewing insects, crop rotation, don't plant there
    • Mess with the T1 plasmid

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