Chapter Two Project Management Framework

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  1. Which of the following statements best describes how stakeholders are involved in a project?
    A.  They determine the project schedule, deliverables, and requirements.
    B.  They help to determine the project constraints and deliverables.
    C.  They determine the resource needs and resource constraints on the project.
    D.  They help provide assumptions, the WBS, and the management plans.
    • Answer: B.
    • The project manager determines the project schedule development.  
    • The team and other stakeholders provide the inputs.
    • Since it is also the project manager's role to determine the resource needs and create management plans, the choices including those roles cannot be best.
    • Stakeholders are generally not involved in WBS creation either.
    • They do, however, help in determining the project constraints and project deliverables.
  2. Two project managers have just realized that they are in a weak matrix organization and that their power as project managers is quite limited.  One figures out that he is really a project expediter, and the other realizes that he is really a project coordinator.  How is a project expediter different from a project coordinator?
    A.  The project expediter cannot make decisions.
    B.  The project expediter can make more decisions.
    C.  The project expediter reports to a higher-level manager.
    D.  The project expediter has some authority.
    • Answer: A
    • The project coordinator reports to a higher-level manager and has authority to make some decisions.  The project expediter has no authority to make decisions.
  3. In a projectized organization, the project team
    A.  Reports to many bosses.
    B.  Has no loyalty to the project.
    C.  Reports to the functional manager.
    D.  Will not always have a "home."
    • Answer: A
    • The main drawback of a projectized organization is that at the end of the project when the team is dispersed, they do not have a functional department ("home") to which to return.
  4. A project manager is trying to complete a software development project, but cannot get enough attention for the project. Resources are focused on completing process-related work, and the project manager has little authority to assign resources.  What form of organization must the project manager be working in?
    A.  Functional.
    B.  Matrix.
    C.  Expediter.
    D.  Coordinator.
    • Answer: A
    • In a functional organization, the project manager has the least support for the project and has little authority to assign resources.  Project expediter and project coordinator are roles in a weak matrix organization.
  5. A project manager has very little project experience, but he has been assigned as the project manager of a new project.  Because he will be working in a matrix organization to complete his project, he can expect communications to be.
    A.  Simple.
    B.  Open and accurate.
    C.  Complex.
    D.  Hard to automate.
    • Answer: C
    • Because a project done in a matrix organization involves people from across the organization, communications are more complex.
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