Rad Review Easy Part 2

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  1. What is best demonstrated in 45 degree RAO?
    Left axillary ribs
  2. Congruence of the x-ray beam with the light
    field is tested using?
    Radiopaque objects
  3. What is demonstrated in a 25 degree RPO position with the CR entering 1” medial to the elevated ASIS?
    Left SI joint
  4. Conditions in which there is a lack of normal
    bone calcification include?
    Rickets & Osteomalacia
  5. What technical change would BEST remedy the
    effect of very dissimilar tissue densities?
    High kV factors
  6. Which x-ray circuit devices are between the
    incoming power supply and the primary coil of the high-voltage transformer?
    Timer, kV meter & autotransformer
  7. AP oblique, lateral rotation, of the elbow
    demonstrates what?
    • Radial head free from superimposition
    • Capitulum of the humerus
  8. Dorsal decubitus demonstrates what?
    • Fluid in posterior chest
    • Air in anterior chest
  9. Caldwell image (ethmoid/frontal sinus image)
    formed by?
    Patient erect PA, chin extended OML forming 15 degree angle
  10. As the image intensifier’s FOV is reduced, how
    is the resulting image affected?
    • Magnification increased
    • Brightness decreased
    • Quality increased
  11. In 45 degree medial oblique of ankle:
    Tibiofibular joint is visualized & plantar surface should be vertical
  12. List in order of proximal to distal:
    Sigmoid colon
    Ascending colon
    Splenic flexure
    • Cecum
    • ascending colon
    • splenic flexure
    • sigmoid colon
  13. Patient PA, MSP parallel with grid, OML 37
    degrees to IR, CR perpendicular and exiting the acanthion, what’s best demonstrated?
    Facial bones
  14. Which quantity of filtration is used in mammo?
    0.5 mm Al (smallest one)
  15. What terms are used to express resolution?
    Line – spread function & line pairs per millimeter
  16. Use of a portion of the input phosphor during
    fluoro, rather than the entire input phosphor will result in:
    Magnified image and improved spatial resolution
  17. Secondary center of ossification in long bones
    is the:
  18. AP projection of the scapula:
    • Patient arm is abducted at RT angle to body
    • Patient elbow is flexed with hand supinated
    • Exposure is made during quiet breathing
  19. A spontaneous fracture most likely would be associated with
  20. A flat and upright abdomen is requested on an acutely ill patient, to demonstrate the presence of air-fluid levels. Because of the patient's condition, the x-ray table can be tilted upright only 70° (rather than the desired 90°). How should the central ray be directed?
    Parallel to the floor
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