Grief and Death

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  1. someone other than the patient commits an action with the intent to end the patient's life, for example, injecting him/her with a lethal dose of a drug
    active euthanasia
  2. loss that can be recognized by others as well as by the person sustaining the loss, such as loss of limb or a spouse
    actual loss
  3. written directive that allows people to state in advance what their choices for healthcare would be if certain circumstances should develop
    advance directive
  4. condition in which a person displays loss and grief behaviors for a loss that has yet to take place
    anticipatory loss
  5. state of grieving from loss of a loved one
  6. an order written to indicate that the goal of treatment is a comfortable, dignified death and that further life-sustaining measures are no longer indicated
    comfort-measures-only order
  7. termination of life
  8. an order specifying that there be no attempt to resuscitate a patient in the event of cardiopulmonary arrest
    do-not-resuscitate  order
  9. abnormal or distorted grief that may be either unresolved or inhibited
    dysfunctional grief
  10. mercy killing; the deliberate termination of the life of a person
  11. emotional response to loss
  12. inaccessibility or change in a valued person,object, or situation
  13. a type of end-of-life care for persons who are terminally ill
  14. period during which a person learns to accept grief
  15. (hospice care) taking care of the whole person - body,mind, spirit, heart and soul - with the goal of giving patients with life-threatening illnesses the best quality of life they can have through the aggressive management of symptoms
    palliative care
  16. loss of youth, of financial independence,and of a valued environment experienced by a person, but intangible to others
    perceived loss
  17. illness from which there is no reasonable expectation of recovery or cure
    terminal illness
  18. withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy with the understanding that death may result, generally after a decision is made that the therapy in question is medically futile or disproportionately burdensome
    terminal weaning
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