Rad Review Easy Part 3

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  1. The interaction between x-ray photons and matter shown in Figure 3–1 is associated with
    Total energy transfer from photon to electron
  2. Examples of late effects of ionizing radiation on humans include
    Leukemia, local tissue damage, malignant disease
  3. Which of the following projections or positions will best demonstrate subacromial or subcoracoid dislocation?
    PA oblique scapular Y
  4. Which of the following positions is used to
    demonstrate vertical patellar fractures and the patellofemoral articulation?
    Tangential patella
  5. That ossified portion of a long bone where cartilage has been replaced by bone is known as the
  6. Which of the following is most likely to permit the greatest decrease in patient exposure?
    Changing from an 8:1 grid technique to nongrid
  7. To demonstrate the mandibular body in the PA position,the
    CR is directed perpendicular to the IR
  8. Any images obtained using dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) bone densitometry
    are used to evaluate accuracy of the region of interest (ROI)
  9. Types of secondary radiation barriers include
    • The control booth
    • Lead aprons
    • The x-ray tube housing
  10. What is the intensity of scattered radiation
    perpendicular to and 1 m from a patient compared with the useful beam at the
    patient's surface?
  11. The total number of x-ray photons produced at the target is contingent on the
    • tube current
    • target material
    • square of the kilovoltage
  12. The esophagus commences at about the level of
  13. A radiograph made with a parallel grid demonstrates decreased density on its lateral edges. This is most likely due to
    decreased SID
  14. The type of x-ray tube designed to turn on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise
    exposures, is
  15. With which of the following does the trapezium articulate?
    First metacarpal
  16. When an image intensifier's magnification mode is used,
    • resolution increases
    • patient dose increases
  17. If a radiograph exhibits insufficient density, this might be attributed to
    • inadequate kVp
    • grid cutoff
  18. The effect described as differential absorption is
    • Responsible for radiographic contrast
    • A result of attenuating characteristics of tissue
    • Minimized by the use of a high peak kilovoltage
  19. Which of the following could be used to improve recorded detail?
    • Slower screen/film combination
    • Smaller focal-spot size
  20. In radiography of a large abdomen, which of the following is (are) effective way(s) to minimize the amount of scattered radiation reaching the image receptor (IR)?
    Use of close collimation
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