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  1. to thank
  2. to save (rescue)
    proteger, salvar
  3. to save (keep)
  4. to sign
  5. signature
    firma, signatura
  6. to hold a wake over
  7. the wake
    velatorio, velorio
  8. grief
    dolor, duelo
  9. suffering
    sufrimiento, padecimiento
  10. the soul
    la alma
  11. the spirit
    el espi`ritu
  12. life
    la vida
  13. death
    la muerte
  14. to live
  15. to die
  16. to be alive/dead
    estar vivo/muerto
  17. funeral rites
    ritos funerarios
  18. to spend money
    gastar (dinero)
  19. expenses
    gastos, expensas
  20. to spend time
    pasar el tiempo
  21. characteristic/trait
    rasgo, caracteri`stico
  22. saying, proverb
    refra`n, dicho
  23. widower
  24. single
    soltero, individual
  25. married
  26. the will (spirit)
  27. the will (document)
  28. the will (desire)
  29. delicious, tasty
    rico(a), sabroso, etc
  30. stingy
  31. selfish
  32. I feel at ease.
    Me siento contento/ a gusto
  33. to fulfill
    cumplir con
  34. to meet the requirements
    cumplir con los requisitos, aceptar exigencias
  35. the truth
    la verdad
  36. true
  37. never in my life...
    nunca en mi vida
  38. May he rest in peace.
    Que Dios le tenga en paz, que descanse en paz
  39. war
  40. obituary notice
  41. to have a drink
  42. deep
    profundo (phil), hondo/ancho (deep)
  43. to regret
    lamentar, sentirse, arrepentirese de
  44. to accompany
  45. company
    la compan~ia
  46. classmate
    compan~ero(a) de clase
  47. to feel
    sentir(se), palpar, tocar
  48. feeling
    sensacion, sentimiento, emocion
  49. to forgive
    perdonar, disculpar
  50. forgiveness
  51. to promise
  52. to leave behind
    dejar atras
  53. to complain about
    quejarse de
  54. to fill up
    llenar, colmar
  55. to empty
  56. as if
    como si
  57. to say goodbye
  58. to pray
  59. to become (goal over time)
    llegar a ser
  60. to arrive on time
    llegar a tiempo
  61. to arrive late
    llegar atrasado, con atraso/retraso, tarde
  62. to arrive early
    llegar temprano
  63. to agree, to come to agreement (not estar)
    ponerse de acuerdo
  64. to stand
    ponerse de pie
  65. to kneel (down)
    ponerse de rodillas
  66. to be... years old
    tener... an~os
  67. to look good/bad
    tener buena/mala cara
  68. to be (very) calm
    tener mucha calma
  69. to be/feel hot
    tener calor
  70. to be jealous of
    tener muchos celos de
  71. to be careful
    tener cuidado
  72. to feel like, to have an urge
    tener deseos/ganas de
  73. to have a sore...
    tener dolor de...
  74. to take into account
    tener en cuenta
  75. to be envious of
    tener envidia de
  76. to be successful
    tener e`xito
  77. to be/feel cold
    tener frio
  78. to be hungry
    tener hambre
  79. to be to blame, to be one's fault
    tener la culpa de
  80. to have the floor
    tener la palabra
  81. to feel sorry for
    tener la`stima de
  82. to take place
    tener lugar
  83. to be afraid (of)
    tener miedo (de)
  84. to be pleased to
    tener mucho gusto en
  85. to keep in mind, to take into account (not tener en cuenta)
    tener presente
  86. to be in a hurry
    tener prisa
  87. to have to
    tener que + inf
  88. to have to do with
    tener que ver con
  89. to be right/wrong
    (no) tener razo`n
  90. to be thirsty
    tener sed
  91. to be sleepy
    tener suen~o
  92. to be lucky
    tener suerte
  93. to be ashamed (of)
    tener verguenza (de)
  94. to be sick, broke, etc
    andar mal (de salud, de dinero, etc)
  95. to memorize
    aprender de memoria
  96. to make a good/bad impression
    caerle bien/mal a alguien
  97. to drop dead
    caerse muerto
  98. to change one's mind
    cambiar de idea
  99. to rely on
    contar con
  100. to be difficult for someone
    costarle trabajo
  101. (not) to think so
    (no) creer que si`
  102. to turn... years old
  103. to be due to
    deberse a
  104. to talk nonsense
    decir disparates
  105. to say yes (no)
    decir que si` (no)
  106. to drop
    dejar caer
  107. to sleep soundly
    dormir a pierna suelta
  108. to earn one's living
    ganarse la vida
  109. to knock on the door
    tocar a la puerta
  110. to carry out, to accomplish
    llevar a cabo
  111. to (not) get along with
    llevarse bien/mal con
  112. to hold one's interest
    manterer el intere`s
  113. to die laughing
    morirse de risa
  114. to be good for nothing
    no servir para nada
  115. to pay cash
    pagar al contado (en efectivo)
  116. to call the roll
    pasar lista
  117. to have a good/bad time
    pasarlo bien/mal
  118. to borrow
    pedir prestado
  119. to waste time
    perder el tiempo
  120. to stand
    ponerse de pie
  121. to (mis)behave
    portarse bien/mal
  122. to pay attention
    prestar atencio`n
  123. to look good on someone
    quedar(le) bien
  124. to mean
    querer decir
  125. to taste like
    saber a
  126. to get a grade
    sacar una nota
  127. to take a picture
    sacar una foto
  128. to agree with/suit one
    sentarle bien
  129. to be a fan of
    ser aficionado a
  130. to be time to
    ser hora de
  131. to be one's turn
    tocarle a uno
  132. to sunbathe
    tomar el sol
  133. to pull one's leg, to fool
    tomarle el pelo a alguien
  134. to be worth it (the trouble)
    valer la pena
  135. to go crazy
    volverse loco

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